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  1. What Wild Kraata do you have? Looking for the last three for my collection... >SO<
  2. Mask Hunter Lewa, to me it looks like the injection pressure of the sand blue portion of the kraata was probably on the lower end of it's tolerance. I've noticed a few of the kraata I've collected are similar to this , where one of the two colors was vastly overpowered by the other, or the metallic content was abnormally low. The result is as you depict above, where the kraata is predominately one color and barely has any trace of the other. I have a stave 2 confusion kraata that is basically black except for a little blip of pearl gold at the tip of it's tail. Same story, different colors. >SO< Edit: For those interested I did pick up one of BGP's Yellow Huna. I took some higher res pictures of it compared to a regular orange Huna (left in images) and the Prototype Huna (right in images) from my Prototype turaga vakama set i bough from caszutphen a while back. You will notice the mold mill markings are identical between the yellow Huna and the prototype huna I have. This means at a minimum the same CNC program cut the mask mold for both my prototype vakama and the yellow huna I got from BGP. More likely they came off the same exact prototype mold. Pictures are here for those interested once they become public. >SO<
  3. Guess I got it? Let me know your paypal address so i can send you the money. >SO<
  4. I'll offer $50+ shipping for the Kraahkan if nobody else is biting >SO<
  5. Well I know my Vakama set is a genuine prototype, as I bought it from someone who had gotten it directly from Lego themselves. And the mold mill markings in the images you posted of your Huna's match those of the Huna I have. The offer I PM'ed you still stands btw if you are interested. >SO<
  6. Based on the Pics you sent me, they look just like the prototype huna from my Prototype Turaga vakama set. Minus the color of course >SO<
  7. I would be interested in knowing which Kraata you have available, if they are up for individual sale. >SO<
  8. I would be interested in buying any of the specific Wild Kraata below if you have them: Confusion (Black/Pearl Gold): Stage 6 Sonics (Black/Yellow): Stage 6 Rahi Control (Flat Dark Gold/Black): Stage 6 (qty 2 if you have them) Sleep (Pearl Gold/Flat Dark Gold): Stage 6 Cyclone (Metallic Blue/Pearl Light Grey): Stage 3, Stage 6 Accuracy (Red/Blue): Stage 6 Dodge (Yellow/Flat Dark Gold): Stage 6 Thanks, >SO<
  9. I want the following Kraata (also trying to finish off my collection) Cyclone (Metallic Blue/Pearl Light Gray): S3, S6 Sleep (Pearl Gold/Flat Dark Gold): S6 I'll trade you two for the price of one (I'll even be willing to cover the international shipping from my end): Fragmentation (Bronze/Tan): S6 Fear (Copper/Red): S5, S6 Disintegration (Metallic Blue/Medium Blue): S2, S5, S6(this one is free) Confusion (Black/Copper): S2 And a White Pakari Nuva Thanks, >SO<
  10. Which Wild Kraata do you have? I'd be interested in buying those if you have any I need.' >SO<
  11. I would wager which ever user had better concentration and mastery of their mask power. mask powers are concentration based afterall (Tahu when using the Vahi, Matoro when using the Tryna, ect...). >SO<
  12. Do you have any images or lists of the kraata you have? I am very interested in those (see my separate topic in B/S/T for the list of kraata I need). Not interested in 10201 or 10204 without boxes. thanks! >SO<
  13. Are sets 10201 and 10204 complete with instructions and box? Do you have any Kraata? >SO<
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