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    I used to have the longest interests list on BZPower. Not anymore. Feel free to claim that title, if you wish.

    Video games by Bethesda, Bioware and Black Isle. House Telvanni, salarians and the NCR. The female heterosexual love interests that everyone else hates.

    Anthropology and entomology. The only animals that matter. North American archaeology. Bees. My god. Oh, and aquatic mammals are universally adorable, though I don't study them in any way besides being all "MANATEEEEE BABY SEALLLLL WHAAAAALES SO CUTE SQUEEEEE!"

    Comic books. The pretentious kinds and the really silly kinds. I like and hate both DC and Marvel, depending on how stupid they happen to be with which titles at what time. Also Dark Horse. And independent self published shlock that no one's heard of, unless they have way too much.

    Pony. Yes, more pony. So much more pony. Twilight Sparkle needs to stop copying me exactly.

    Music. Hipster nonsense. Folk. Country. Blues. Jazz. Bossa Nova. IDM. Shibuya-kei. But mostly hipster nonsense.

    Roleplaying games. Tabletop. LARP. Yes.

    Linguistics. Japanese. Ojibwe. I don't screw around with languages that share anything in common, aside from awesome.

    Science fiction. Fantasy. "SF" works. Star Wars. Star Trek. Margret Atwood. Kurt Vonnegut. A Song of Ice and Fire. Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    Anime. I am a weeaboo deeply in denial. I'm not a weeaboo. I'm not! I'm not! Osamu Tezuka. Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. Urasawa Naoki. CLAMP. Rumiko Takahashi. Hetalia. Cromartie High School. Death Note. Fullmetal Alchemist. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

    Creeping. That can define 90% of my activities.

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About Me

Okay my previous about me page was giving me nightmares so here's my Bionicle shipping wall.


  • Takanuva/Gali: OTP since '01.

  • Nuju/Nokama: Mostly if they find love as Turaga.

  • Lesovikk/Nikila: Because COME ON IT'S SO OBVIOUS

  • Krahka/Onewa: Because it's so bloody cute and awesome.


  • Onewa/Whenua: Don't tell me that all those "friendship" speeches weren't really romantic.

  • Mavrah/Whenua: His ex-boyfriend.

  • Matau/Vakama: The obvious answer to the Nokama/Matau/Vakama love triangle. Also, "friendship" speeches.

  • Lewa/Onua: All those times he saved his life? It's so sweet!

  • Taipu/Onepu/Nuparu: Can't decide on which one I ship with which, so OT3 it is.

  • Nuju/Whenua/Onewa: What's better than Onewa/Whenua? More Nuju.

  • Tahu/Kopaka: WELL DUH.

  • Helryx/Gali: Wise and experienced ladies.

  • Roodaka/Tuyet: Evil empresses.

  • Nuparu/Mutran: I don't care that this is crack, they'd be mad scientists together!

  • Lariska/Krahka: Anti-hero ladies who kill everything together? Yaaaaay.

  • Lariska/Krahka/Johmak: MORE LADIESSSS

  • Helryx/Teridax: Foe yay!

  • Vhisola/Nokama: I hope sensei will notice me this year!

  • Lewa/Takanuva: This is just too much fun to ignore.

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