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    Currently considering a career in the Deep Eyes Squadron<br />Bionicle (duh)<br />Anime (Hayao Miyazaki is a classic)<br />big guns<br />large guns<br />larger guns<br />even bigger guns<br />extremely big guns<br />...did I say big guns?<br />and blowing badly drawn ducks to pieces.<br />-----------------<br />
  1. Good lord, I almost forgot about your existence at all, and I'm usually well-versed about that! xD

  2. if you're coming back more often (say, every other day), I'd be glad to have you back in the Bleach RPG, Pilak-san. You're a goo dRPer, and... well... I'm closing my curerent Bleach RPG, and I'm gonna make a chatroom for collaboraters out of my profile page. If you have any suggestions, please just post a comment in my profile.

  3. I've been reading your epics and I think you should become a professional writer.

  4. Actually I nvr left pe-say...I just needed to settle some real life business first and I couldn't get distracted by staff benefits (despite how inactive or dead most of the pioneer RKs are)

  5. Why did you decide to go back?

  6. well who doesn't love having their name in a funky colour?

  7. Couldn't stay away, could you? :P

  8. Congrats on your re-promotion :P

  9. I would if the PM system wasn't down...I guess this is one of those days I regretted stepping down as a RK *sigh*

  10. You should ask the staff maybe they forgotten.

  11. your comment box is all clogged up bones but I suppose that goes to show how famous my ex-boss is... anyway belated grats on the 10k posts :)

  12. That is one mystery we'll all probably never figure out *shrugs*

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