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  1. That actually makes a whole tonne of sense, imo. I know, as a kid, I just assumed they were tools he was holding, and only started to reconsider that assumption some years afterwards. But even then, I was never completely sure; the way they went from dark blue and limb-like to silver and weapon-like was never something I could quite reconcile in my head. In the end, it was mostly the fact that, if they were weapons, it made his actual arms unreasonably short that sold me on the idea of them being his hands. But now that you mention it, the idea of them being prosthetics looks perfect to me. It explains their varying design, while at the same time keeping them as part of him... I really like that theory ^^
  2. Oh WOW that's cool to see! Thanks so much for the link
  3. Not sure if this is the place to ask it, but it seemed the most likely... Is there any likelihood of another BZPower fanfic exchange being run this year? I really enjoyed taking part in last year's, getting to stretch my writing muscles in an unusual direction, and have been hopeful that the event was going to be repeated again this year. So far, however, I've seen no mention of it in the library forum; and so I'm starting to wonder if perhaps it's just not happening this time around? No worries if not, of course! I know this is a busy time of year, and something like a fanfic exchange is pretty low priority. I just thought it was best to ask, rather than to keep on wondering ^^
  4. MNOG concept art? I hadn't heard anything about that before; where might I be able to see it? ^^
  5. Oh WOW that's neat The amount of detail achieved with mostly System bricks is wild, especially around the mask / face, and it just looks so... REAL, I could totally imagine it existing in this form within canon. I also only just noticed they said the model stands over two metres tall... that is INSANE in all the best ways. It's, like... the kind of model you'd expect to see in a Legoland park at that size, except even more epic.
  6. I feel like I maybe went through a phase of that in 2005. Granted, for the most part, it was the Revenge of the Sith hype that dragged me away; but at the same time? Even after that died down, I felt a reluctance to come back to Bionicle that, I think in hindsight, tied in with the fact that it currently wasn't what I wanted or expected Bionicle to be; though I can't place a finger on what part of it, exactly, made me feel that way. I remember playing MNOG 2 a lot during that summer holiday, despite feeling detached from Bionicle as a whole otherwise (and I did buy the Visorak Battle Ram playset, because the concept of system Bionicle sets had a novelty that appealed to me); but I remember clearly that I didn't return to the fandom until the Web of Shadows trailer dropped. Web of Shadows, of course, being a link back to something about Bionicle that I had loved - the movies and their style - which showed me that the rest of 2005 wasn't going to be as far removed from my expectations as I had imagined. Otherwise... I can't say I felt that in 2006. For me, that year was about rediscovering things I'd loved about Bionicle that 2005 seemed to have missed - A new and mysterious island! Matoran characters, both new and old! Plentiful interactive online content! - so I never really sat back and considered whether it was different than the Bionicle I'd loved during the early years. I think it was mid-2007 that it started to hit me again; I'd thought nothing of it with the Barraki, whose variety of build amongst themselves was unmatched compared to previous waves, but as the year dragged on it just felt like it was hitting me more and more that this wasn't the same Bionicle that I'd signed up to. I'm not sure if anything, particular, started that line of thought; but I know that was about the time I started taking refuge in Star Wars again, more or less avoiding Bionicle entirely. I can only assume that was because I felt like I was growing disillusioned with it; and while I kind of gave myself an ultimatum at the end of that summer - to chose to like it again or to give it up for good... of which I picked the former, unwilling to let go of things I'd loved from the early years - and did get back into it, I feel like that was the point at which I subconsciously realised that 'current' Bionicle was something irretrievably different from 'original' Bionicle. Don't get me wrong, I still loved things about the remaining years. Matoro's sacrifice. The new Takanuva set. The twist of Makuta's ultimate victory. But that was the point where Bionicle, as it was at the time, no longer held the sparkle for me that its early years did. Beyond that, it took me a few years after it had ended to start feeling nostalgic for it. By 2010, I was starting university, my interests had moved on, and while I still enjoyed the memory of Bionicle I was content to let it be part of my past. It must have been... in my third year at uni that the nostalgia bug suddenly bit me, I don't even remember from where or why. What I do remember is that I powered through all the Bionicle novels again in a short space of time and started (for the first time in several years) working on my own fan-story ideas. From that point, I don't think I've ever fully stopped being nostalgic for the sense of atmosphere and mystery that those early years gifted us with.
  7. Oh, yeah, I've been meaning to post this for a bit. It's... not anything super-spectacular - as much as I'd like to produce more Bionicle artwork, capturing their detailed mechanical appearances doesn't come easily to me nowadays - but, at the very least, an attempt was made to get back into the style. I ran with movie style because... well, I've always loved how those old movies looked, anyway. And it just feels more natural to me than set-based style. Also, considering I signed up to a movie-style animation project on here earlier in the year, I certainly need the practice! I actually drew this several months back; only, I procrastinated on doing the final shading until recently. Not altogether sure whether I'm happy with it or not; but I figured, why not share it here anyway? It's far from the worst work I've shown here xD Drawn with a wacom bamboo tablet in FireAlpaca; final shading added in Photoshop. Um... I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to drawing Bionicle characters. Constructive advice is welcome?
  8. IC: Alarei - New Atero, Soup Kitchen "I... Wait. What's the catch?" She had been about to grasp eagerly for the offered waterskin, then stopped short. While the offer of kindness rang sincere, Alarei had been taught too well by the Sisterhood to trust such actions. No-one out in the world gave things for free; there was always a price, always a catch. Amongst the Sisters, of course, it was different - any one of her family would have given her the water in a heartbeat, she was certain; the Sisters of the Skrall had each others' backs, because no-one else would. But from an outsider? And a male, at that? Her hand was still outstretched, but she hadn't grasped the waterskin; too sceptical of the offer to quite accept it, too afraid of losing it to withdraw her hand. Her eyes narrowed slightly. "What's the catch?" she repeated. IC: Littiuu - Tesara Marketplace "Oh, great! This way, this way." She was already starting on her way, waving the guardsman to follow. The marketplace bustle was still somewhat subdued, compared to normal, in the aftermath of the attack; but that, at least, made it easier to slip through the crowds. Even if it didn't make her the most intimidating bodyguard ever, her small stature served her well in cases like this, and it was only a matter of a few minutes before the short orange matoran had reached one of her favourite shops; a small coffee bar just a little bit out from the main marketplace, whose owner she was friendly with. "I must have been here a million times; they do great stuff here, and the owner knows me. Come in!" She held the door for Calidus to enter first. From inside, the smell of freshly-brewed coffee rolled over them, and Littiuu's fond smile grew stronger. "It's a nice place; you'll like it." Should she make an assumption like that, considering she still knew next-to-nothing about her companion? Perhaps not... but Littiuu, who tended to face everything with an optimism that was often almost painful, was confident that anyone would take well to such a place. IC: Tarutu - Black Spike Mountains Well. Here certainly wasn't a slice of paradise. The sight of the mountains looming ahead of them had drawn Tarutu from her brooding thoughts a while back; and now that they were closer, she followed Tekmo's lead in circling in towards a landing. There wasn't a whole lot to see, as far as she could tell; the mountains were barren and unappealing, without even the pretence of inhabitability that Mount Ihu had once displayed. Behind her Komau, the Ga-Matoran pulled a face. Still, not a whole lot wasn't the same as nothing. While she, too, noticed the swirl of distant smoke on the breeze, there was something else that had caught the corner of her orange eye while she had been settling in to land. Something that, so far, Tekmo hadn't called attention to. She waved an arm to get his attention. "Did you see lower down this peak? It might have just been from a lightning strike; but it looked to me like someone had been blowing things up down there." She had, Tarutu felt, a keen eye for detail; and, to her eye, the cracked and charred ground lower down the mountain hadn't had the appearance of natural storm damage. Of course, she hadn't got a good look, when the majority of her attention had been on her landing; but all the same. Tarutu felt it might bear looking into before they moved too far on. Still, she didn't want to step on their leader's toes right here and now. Feigning casualness, she shrugged. "Worth a look?" IC: Kastir - The Arena Drukann and the Agori - up at the dais. Juno - making her way forward, more carefully. Kaenis - crouching behind a pillar, seeming unnerved. So far, her x-ray sight had revealed nothing amiss about the Arena itself; and while Kastir wasn't inclined to let down her guard when it was possible that things were lurking beyond even her enhanced sight, her attention had shifted more towards her companions. Unlike the two men, she felt no inclination to race to make the discovery first. What came of this would come, and she was sure they'd all have ample part to play in it when it did. For now, she was muscle and backup and eyes beyond what the others could see. Her gaze did, however, linger on Kaenis, and a frown crossed Kastir's toothy maw as she regarded the other's hidden form. Out of all of those here, the amphibious woman was the biggest wildcard in Kastir's eyes; she had spoken quietly during the confrontation, not drawing much attention to herself, and now she had seemingly run to hide... that suggested she was nervous, perhaps involved in this against her will... yet, certain parts of her body language hadn't matched up to that impression. Kastir didn't much like having allies who she couldn't get a solid read on. Keeping most of her attention still on those up at the dais - which had begun to glow faintly at their presence - Kastir shifted her trajectory so she could keep Kaenis in view at the same time. The amphibious woman's rocky hiding place did nothing to shield her from the power of the Mask of Vision; and Kastir wasn't inclined to turn her back on Kaenis until she had a better understanding of her. For now, she continued to watch each member of the party, and their surroundings, even as she too stepped towards the dais from her own angle.
  9. For one, at least, I know I was one of the many who believed for ages that Mata Nui had been awakened at the end of Mask of Light. Turns out, the movie directors had been under that misconception too, and it was only clarified in later years that it had never been part of the story team's plan that he would awaken then.
  10. Oh wow, love what you've done with Matau! He just feels so right for the character; the use of those leaf pieces is perfect, and the gold piece on his torso complements the lime shade surprisingly well, particularly with the black frame behind them both. I like the loose-limbed posture you've given him too, it really captures Matau's characteristic sense of energy ^^
  11. Indecisive about changing my name, heh. Some days, I look at my username here and *cringe*; it's a silly mix of my childhood fandoms, spawned from an overly-ambitious project that never got off the ground. It's something, I sometimes feel, that would do well to be forgotten.

    Then, other times...

    I dunno, I guess there are days when I feel quite fond of and attached to this name, dumb as it is. It's been 'mine' for the past twelve years, more or less. It's distinctive, and it's what people here know me as, if they know me at all. And, before the post count reset, I looked into it and found I was the 'Jaller' member with the highest content count, which I thought was kinda cool.

    I don't know if I want to move on from that, or not xD

  12. I like it, too; the theme's aesthetic is incredibly cool, with the feel of a run-down and lived-in world, even before you get to the added spooky atmosphere. Said spooky atmosphere being just about my level of intensity, since I'm not into big horror stuff, but like a bit of fairly tame thrill xD I love the ghost-puppy piece, in particular! The app, in contrast, doesn't interest me (and likely wouldn't work on my phone anyway); but in my opinion, the sets themselves are exceptional, and more than make up for that. Don't have any, though... while I'd enjoy picking up the High School at some point, which is easily my favourite of the theme, I'm not in a place where I'm really happy with splashing out on an expensive Lego set. I've contented myself with just enjoying it from afar ^^
  13. Oh WOW, these are super-cool. I love how, even with almost a completely different set of parts from the G1 versions of the characters, you've got so much recognisable PERSONALITY into them all. I particularly like the little, personalised touched you've given each one, in their tools and colour schemes; and that armour piece you've used on their torsos is a really cool choice, as its design brings to mind the Matoran's movie designs. I think Takua is my favourite of them, so far; the way you've arranged his colour scheme, in particular, looks perfect for the character. And I love that picture of Nuparu taking apart the Bohrok, too; he's been a longtime favourite of mine, too, and I enjoy the callback to the old Bohrok animations
  14. Oh wow, you've got some really clever and inventive part usage in here! I think the thing I like most is the use of Solek's mask for Saturn's beard; the effect it gives, particularly when coupled with the rest of his face, is perfect!
  15. IC: Alarei - New Atero, Soup Kitchen "Great... I'm... great." She coughed a couple of times; but the pain of her scalded throat didn't seem to be getting any worse, so Alarei swallowed and wiped at her watering eyes. It took just a moment for her to register who had addressed her, one of the Glatorian who had been queueing behind her; and another for her to register surprise at his concern. The girl knew, oh of course she knew, that men - and, indeed, anyone who wasn't of their sisterhood - couldn't be trusted to actually care about anyone who couldn't further their interests... or, at least, that was what she'd been taught all her life. But, yet, his question to her well-being seemed surprisingly sincere. She spared another minute, therefore, to explain. "I didn't realise the soup would be so hot. Think I burned my throat, but it's fine. It's great." She'd be paying for that for a few days to come, at least, Alarei suspected. It was either gonna feel painful the whole time, or was gonna start to feel more numb, and neither of those was much fun... but it was what it was. She shrugged, her tone becoming self-degrading for a moment. "That'll teach me, I guess." IC: Littiuu - Tesara marketplace "Sure! That sounds good." The other two guards moved about their business, leaving her and Calidus alone again for the moment, with only the jungle Agori's promise of catching up to them later left hanging. Whatever the details, at least, it seemed as though the guard were taking the threat very seriously; and that had to be a good thing, in Littiuu's book. The role was one she understood; she'd had experience of being a guard herself, back within the Universe, and had often been in charge of fending off predatory Rahi and other - sometimes more sentient - threats. Though, if she was honest, the memory made her a tiny bit antsy. What she wouldn't give to be doing something here, too... she had her reasons, of course, for never having signed on with the Tesaran guard. But having to just sit back, as a civilian, and let everyone else handle it... she hated to admit, but it rubbed her the wrong way when she was, at heart, a girl who thrived on action and helping to make things better. As such, she jumped at Calidus' offer of continuing their conversation over coffee. Even if that couldn't be counted as doing much, something was always preferable to nothing. "I know a couple of good coffee joints around... but if you've got a better place, by all means lead the way!" IC: Kastir - The Arena And that, it seemed... Was that. Conflict resolved for the moment, Kastir allowed her stance to relax a little. She was still guarded, of course - and she certainly wasn't going to assume that Juno or Bacchus (or even Kaenis, despite her quiet insistence on cooperation) were harmless - but as long as they were all allies here, there was no need for any of them to see how hostile she could get. Instead she seemed, perhaps, just a little less threatening, a little less of an ominous presence, as she gave the unlikely trio a nod, before starting down towards the dais in Drukann's wake. Even with one lens of her Kanohi Akaku remaining trained on the three, however, that still left Kastir plenty of attention remaining to take in the majesty - or even the silent warning - of this place. It had, she didn't doubt, been ancient when the Matoran Universe robot was new; and it seemed to carry the experiences of the many, many beings who had visited it through the long years. Kastir didn't fancy herself as a superstitious being, and had spent long enough in the abandoned places of this desert that they held no unease for her; but not even she could quite shake the sense that the Arena itself was watching her. Well. She was watching it right back. The other two lenses of her mask whirred slightly, focusing on the place itself; and trying to see what secrets it might hide beneath its stones.
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