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  1. @Distorted Ah... I saw it from the Miniland stage so, like you say, they might have been unique to that one stage. It wasn't anything significant; if I remember rightly, it literally just projected a black-and-white version of Vakama's set image onto one of the white screens when he spoke, and that was all. Thanks for confirming my memories... and for reminding me about the giant Avohkii on the stages, I'd forgotten that part ^^ I may have a couple of photos still lying around of the Onua statue, too; not certain, but I'll see if I can find them. Oh yeah, now that you mention it, I do remember the Bionicle Baguette Bar too! My memory of it pretty much lines up with yours, too; I'm not sure whether the bar itself was removed after that, but they definitely dropped the Bionicle branding from it after not very long. Seeing Peri's pictures from the quest... yeah, I remember my friend and I cheated at it xD We already knew enough about the lore to know the answers without needing to find the letters around the park, so we filled it out right away... not sure if the map was exactly the same for the Windsor version, but in essence the 'puzzle' was identical. I don't remember Windsor having a Lego Clubhouse, though, so I can't think where we would have taken the map to collect the prizes.
  2. Ooh, Lightning Voyager again! Slowly, slowly regaining my lost ranks over here xD

    1. Darth Jaller

      Darth Jaller

      How long will it take me to get back to where I was, at Mask of Light Unveiled? ...PROBABLY quite a while, yet xD;

  3. Yeah, that Onua model, on that left page, is the one I was referring to! It was basically designed to look like a life-size (or larger-than) version of the actual set... he became something of a familiar sight to me, as Legoland was an annual trip for my family. Now that you've posted the pictures, I do remember those brick-built masks and the giant cards, too. The Kopaka one pictured there was in the Explorer's Institute attraction (an attraction that is, regrettably, no longer there now, since that area of the park was replaced by Heartlake City. I miss it, the atmosphere in there was amazing, even if it did terrify me when I was a little kid... but I'm getting off the subject xD) At any rate, the cards were giant-sized versions of the ones from the Quest for the Masks card game and, like it says, the point was to find them and the masks 'hidden' around the park, which would give you clues to fill in the 'map' sheet you were given upon entry. We didn't stay for the fireworks that year - 2003 was the first year I saw them - so I don't have any recollections about them to add.
  4. So... this was an interesting concept that Bionicle G1 didn't really do anything much with, so far as I can remember. It just occurred to me again a couple of days ago; so I thought I'd throw it out here and see if anyone else could shed some light on it. "Before I go, Chronicler, know that there is a bond between us. [...] I shall be with you in heart. Look for me in your dreams." - Gali, to Takua. Mata Nui Online Game. All that we do know of it, to my knowledge, comes from MNOG. Firstly, this bond exists between Takua and Gali. Nothing it said of where it came from, why or how it formed, only that it was there; as far as I can remember, it wasn't even mentioned until Gali threw it out there at the Kini Nui, but her choice of words implies that it already existed prior to this. It allowed Takua, in his dreams, to see what was happening to Gali; it isn't clear if he saw through her eyes, or (as seems to be implied by MNOG) just saw the events as a third-person observer. It also seems to be implied, though not explicitly stated, that Takua can draw strength from Gali through the bond - although as being 'with someone in heart' is also a real-world figure of speech, that part could mean nothing more than that Gali would be keeping Takua in her thoughts during the struggle. And the bond is broken when Gali enters 'the gates of doom' - i.e. Makuta's lair, due to his powers of destruction - and is never heard of again. I don't know if anyone actually knows, but... I couldn't help but wonder what the significance behind that concept was? Part of me, I will grant, wonders if it was just a gameplay device to show the player of MNOG the events happening underground, the Manas vs. Kaita fight, and has no greater story significance than that; or if, perhaps, it's another one of those things Templar came up with themselves that the story team never confirmed nor denied. If I'm honest, though... I'd kind of like for there to be more to it than that? Does anyone know if the subject of such bonds as these was mentioned in any other story material, or if anything hinted where Takua and Gali's may have come from? It may well just be another of those '01 mysteries' that were surreptitiously dropped from canon and never spoken of again in later years, but... does it feel, to anyone else, like there was meant to be more done with the concept of such bonds, even if it never happened?
  5. Oh, I remember the Mask of Light fireworks! Um... vaguely, at least! The fireworks display itself, if I remember rightly, was pretty standard fare for Legoland fireworks, but I'm pretty sure I remember that it was opened by a conversation between Hahli and Turaga Vakama... I believe it was set after the movie, because the premise of the fireworks display was that it was celebrating Takanuva's victory over Makuta; I think they may have mentioned Hahli's new role as Chronicler. I really don't remember much of it beyond that... I feel like they projected a pretty standard image of Vakama up onto one of the screens whenever he was talking? But my memories of it are blurry now, and that's as much as I recall. I'm not sure if the voices were recordings of the movie actors, or just stand-ins but... I would guess the latter. I do remember bits and pieces of the Windsor version of the 2001 event, too; I know that a friend and I got two TNGMs each out of it - I feel like not many people were taking part in the scavenger hunt thing (which I had forgotten completely until you mentioned it!), so they let us take more than one each - though I don't have either of them anymore. It was... up in that round building just a little bit up from the park entrance, that would soon become the exit shop for the Rocket Racers attraction (that being gone now, too), and there was a large brick-built Tahu sculpture right in the middle of the area. I remember my friend and I hanging out around there, filling out the scavenger hunt sheet, but that's really all I can place of that. Oh and, of course, the larger-than-life Onua model right near the park entrance. That one wasn't brick-built, but was still an incredibly cool welcome into the park... they kept him around for several years after too (if stashed a bit more off to the side than he had originally started off), though I couldn't tell you if he was still there now or not. A similarly large Turahk model was around the aforementioned Rocket Racers area during the 2003 event; and likewise, ones of Toa Vakama and Vezok were added to the Big Lego Shop in 2004 and 2006, respectively. Of them, Vezok was the only one actually built of Lego bricks. That's about the extent of what I remember; 2006 was the last time I visited during Bionicle's run (the last year I was still eligible for child ticket prices!) so if subsequent years had any Bionicle goings-on then I missed them. I vaaaaaugely feel like I remember Lego Magazine advertising some sort of Bionicle event there in 2008, too, but I may be misremembering.
  6. Honestly, the Three Scenes one that currently exists is pretty much everything I could ever have wanted from such a product; nothing I could come up with would be able to top that one... at least, not while still being feasible xD Still though, now that I'm thinking about it... Maybe a microfigure-scale version of some key location on Mata Nui, much like the microscale Hogwarts Castle. I might maybe choose the Kini Nui and its surrounding area for that; particularly if it includes the path to the temple that the Chronicler's Company took in MNOG. It could have the main temple, built out of bricks, incorporating aspects of its appearance from both MNOG and Mask of Light; the Toa's-head gateway - which, as a feature, might break apart to reveal the Pakari-head that Takanuva carved (/ uncovered?) after he first transformed. It could include some of the surrounding jungle, the pathway to Kini Nui - including the giant statue that Hafu and Taipu made, the chasm Tamaru swung across... maybe even the Kaukau waterfall at the Ga-Koro end, if the designer felt particularly ambitious. There could be a 'secret area' beneath the temple bit, too, that represented Makuta's lair; and there could be a piece representing the makoki stone that serves as the key to open that area. Then... it could have microfigures of, maybe, the six Toa (Mata forms? Nuva forms? Both?), Takanuva, Makuta, a couple of Rahkshi, Jaller, Takua and the Chronicler's Company. Perhaps a miniature brick-built ussanui, and maybe a couple of Rahi from the Company's battle, too. That would be... an impressive set. Quite possibly prohibitively expensive, I grant; but for sure impressive.
  7. Now that this is picking up for its last few days, I'd almost like to do something more with Blizzard before things close down for good... but, at present, she's still kinda just hanging out in the Cafeteria waiting for her tour of the school to continue xD I just regret that it took me as long as it did to poke at the RP forum here on BZ. Even in just her few posts, I grew rather attached to Blizzard; and, if I'd joined earlier, I would have enjoyed seeing her grow into something more than 'another newbie Rahk for the pile'. But that said, this was a really great place for me to test the waters of BZ RP, and I just want to thank each of those who gave my character a chance, as well as all those who put so much work into this fascinating game ^^ Plus, I'll keep Blizzard in the back of my mind, maybe find another RP in the future where she can fit xD
  8. Just wondering, is there anyone currently open for interactions who I could throw Littiuu at? I'm kinda stuck for where to start her at right now, otherwise ^^
  9. IC: Kastir - Cliffside "Oh, for sure." Pointedly tuning out what sounded like the beginnings of a skirmish starting inside the bar behind, Kastir bobbed her head in a quick nod. It made plenty of sense, to her; get there, take a look around, make sure nothing had changed... and who knew, there was always the possibility of picking up their third party member along the way and not needing to visit Tesara at all. You never knew who (or what) you might encounter in the desert, after all. As for if she'd come along, too? In all honesty the arena's mystery, as described by her employer, had intrigued Kastir enough that she was quite eager to let a look at it for herself. Whether there was much to actually see there or not, the toothy giant trusted her own sight - enhanced, of course, by her trusty Akaku - more than anyone else's description of the place. The chance to poke around a bit in advance of their mission was well worth whatever extra fuel the trip expended. "I said I'm in, so I'm in for the whole way." It took her only a matter of minutes to reach the Huntress' Pride, and soon Kastir was airborne. It was an easy task to spot, again, the ship belonging to Drukann; and her deep-purple craft circled a little clumsily in the air to fall into formation behind his. IC: Tarutu - Tesara Marketplace That seemed to be her cue; leaving Tekmo to the rest of his merry little band, Tarutu beat a retreat back to the parking bays. Her Rockoh was, she was pleased - though not surprised - to note, was exactly where she'd left it... though who else would even want such a battered machine, compared to its much better kept neighbours, she hadn't a clue. Still, though: it flew, it carried cargo, it could defend itself; and that was all she asked of it. It took her only a few minutes to get it ready - reconnecting the ignition, topping up the fuel reserves, making sure her modified thrusters were all functioning as they should - and, once she was done, the Ga-Matoran gave the ship a fond little pat on its gappy armour. Mounting up - she had to stand on the seat, designed for bigger races than hers, to be able to control the craft; but that inconvenience was only a minor one - Tarutu brushed a couple of specks of dust off her control panel, and settled in to wait. She'd take off once she saw the rest of the mission doing likewise; but there was no point in wasting fuel by hovering in the sky before everyone else was ready.
  10. It occurred to me not so long ago that both of my characters so far are kinda cynical, hardened types... and where's the fun in that? xD So, I designed my newest girl who bucks that trend ^^ Name: Littiuu Species: Ta-Matoran Gender: Female Powers: Minor elemental affinity for, and resistance to, fire; but no powers to speak of. Gear: Powerless noble kanohi Rau; and a staff that can shoot low-powered energy projectiles short distances. These projectiles have enough punch to knock a large opponent back a little way, or to knock out a small enough opponent, but little more than that... though the staff has enough mass to serve as a decent club in a pinch, too. Personal Aircraft: Jetpack Allegiance/Role: Tesara. Freelance personal-guard-for-hire. Given her small stature, however, she is rarely taken seriously in this capacity; she has, therefore, become a bit of an odd-job-woman, tackling any paying task with her customary eagerness. Appearance: Small, even by matoran terms, Littiuu would cut a wholly unimpressive figure were she not armed with her trusty staff. Her armour is mostly orange coloured, save for her hands and feet which are black, and she wears a powerless mask in the shape of a noble Rau (also orange). Personality: Bouncy, upbeat, cheerful as anything... Littiuu tackles everything with a smile, and will drive you mad with her incessant cheeriness. Nothing seems to get her down; not the wasteland, not vicious mercenary attacks, not finding a hostile makika toad in her bathtub. She isn't entirely naive, but her willingness to give anybody a chance can make her seem that way. Bio: A matoran from a small island way down South of the MU, Littiuu had always been just a little out of the loop when it came to the wider events in the universe. News rarely reached their island, and even in the case of such world-shaking events as the Great Cataclysm, the full story was learned of only distantly, from the rare traders who stopped by. The village was only a tiny community, ten matoran and one Turaga, who had stuck together through thick and thin; but when the word of Mata Nui's slumber eventually reached them, most of their number simply gave up hope. Not her. Where she had once forcibly repressed her sunny nature in order to be a serious guard of the village, whose duty was her life, Littiuu now took it upon herself to be the encouragement that her fellow villagers needed. At first, the upbeat attitude she strove for didn't come back to her easily; but as time went on, she began more and more to adapt to letting the positive outlook shine through. Always smiling, always happy, always willing to lift the spirits of her fellow tribesmen and women... she embraced the good left in the world even when the others had given up on it. It didn't do Littiuu many favours amongst her fellows, who quickly tired of her newfound cheeriness; but she wasn't deterred. She was tolerated, at least; and if she could get even one or two of her fellow villagers to smile with her, then she was satisfied with that. And then, after a thousand years of no further news, everything happened at once. The death, and then revival, of Mata Nui, felt by everyone on the island. Rahkshi, Skakdi and Visorak began running seemingly amuck across their island and their neighbours. The beginnings of the collapse of the universe and everything within it, and the hasty evacuation to the outside world... And, for the first time, Littiuu found herself right at the heart of the action. She quickly threw her lot in with those working to establish a matoran community around the Agori village of Tesara; and in time, she grew attached to the village, choosing there to make her permanent home.
  11. IC: Kastir - Capstone bar The situation didn't exactly seem like it was winding itself down... but, like she'd more or less said, Kastir figured it really wasn't any of her business. Between the other Skakdi - the 'Captain'? - and the newly arrived organic body, it looked like the unfortunate Agori was effectively handled, in one way or another. Casting one more gaze in the deformed being's direction, although not altogether sure if she was looking for anything in particular or not, Kastir moved to act on her suggestion to her boss. Ducking considerably, as she had to in the doorway that hadn't been designed with her species in mind, she exited the bar; already putting that bizarre spectacle behind her to focus, instead, on the awaiting job. She toyed, for a moment, with the idea of teleporting to Tesara to save time, then ruled it out. For one thing, she'd be there far in advance of Drukann and would have to come back here for her ship before heading to the Arena anyway; and for another, while she was fairly confident that no-one around Cliffside was quite dumb enough to make off with her Huntress' Pride while she was nearby, she wasn't so confident in that to leave it there while she was in another part of the desert entirely. She paused only a moment to check that Drukann was right behind her; then, with just a nod of acknowledgement, turned towards the Pride's berth. They'd catch up with one another again once airborne, she was sure; or, failing that, at their destination. IC: Tarutu - Tesara Marketplace "She just went to get her ship ready. Come to think of it, if we're flying out, I should do the same." Tarutu didn't know what sort of ship Paju flew; though, whatever it was, she supposed it would look like a thing of beauty compared to her own Lucky Find. The Rockoh had been exactly that; and in all of the patch jobs the tradeswoman had given it, aesthetics hadn't been a big priority. It flew, it had its own integrated defence system... and that was that, pretty much. Tarutu wouldn't easily admit to the fondness she held for the battered craft. She might need to refuel; she'd had enough to make the return trip to Atero, once market day was done, but hadn't catered for a surprise trip out to the mountains. That, however, would take... what? Ten minutes, absolute maximum? That was hardly even worth mentioning. "As soon as I get off the ground, I'll be good to go."
  12. Oh, right, that's fair. No worries, then; and thanks for answering ^^
  13. I did wonder if perhaps something like that was the case; since, like you say, the vast majority of my posts were from before that upgrade. I suppose there isn't a way to get the old counts back? Guess I'll have to be REALLY busy if I want to reach my Mask of Light Unveiled rank again, then xD In any case, thanks for answering! ^^
  14. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I've just noticed that my post count has dropped considerably. I'd recently reached the Mask of Light Unveiled rank, with a few thousand posts; and I just glanced at my rank again now and saw I'd fallen all the way back down to a little over 300 posts. I don't know if that's related to the upgrade, because it had been fine up until... today, I guess? But I thought maybe I should mention it here, just in case. (Just want to say too, though: thanks for all the work you've done getting these forums operational. It's really appreciated! :D)
  15. IC: Kastir - Capstone Bar "...She who, I wonder." It wasn't really a question, and it wasn't really directed at the malformed Agori; musing aloud was probably a far better descriptor than anything else. Kastir's gaze scanned the other residents of the bar; lighting briefly on her new employer, whose reaction had been by far the most violent, before rolling across anyone else she could see, too. While the toothy giant had been as startled by anyone else by the way the broken being had suddenly burst from his state of seeming stupor, she was one of the few who hadn't reached for a weapon. With the distinct size discrepancy between them, she doubted the Agori could seriously harm her, after all. Still, her hand did hover near the zamor launcher strapped to her thigh. Given the smaller being's current state, it might be doing him a favour to put him down with a dose of the paralysing agent contained in her spheres. And she pondered his question. The She couldn't be her, Kastir was certain; while it was entirely possible that she'd seen this Agori before - even as fond as she was of the little guys, they all tended to blur together after a time; them and matoran all - she'd been out of the picture here for far too long for most people to remember her unless they had really good reason to. Though, whatever his reasons, Kastir couldn't exactly claim to envy the person he was looking for. She almost nudged Drukann, thought better of it at the last moment; you didn't nudge someone who'd already been spooked and had a flaming weapon in one hand, not unless you wanted that weapon lodged in your own stomach by mistake. "Shall we go? I'm sure these guys can keep him under control." She kept her tone a murmur, low enough that it shouldn't reach any ears beyond Drukann's. IC: Tarutu - Outside Tesara guardhouse She bit her tongue. It was, Tarutu supposed, her own fault; she'd not only got carried away 'defending' Paju's right to be paid earlier, she'd butted uninvited into the conversation to do so, and it was perfectly understandable if Tekmo wasn't exactly thrilled to see her again. Still, it took an act of will for her not to respond to his frustrated manner with one of her own. "We decided you were right. You're gonna need all the hands you can get, and we're both willing to lend our blades. It's the right thing to do." And the thing was, that wasn't even a lie. As much as Tarutu resented feeling as if a businesswoman's sense of duty was being taken advantage of, and as much as she had every intention of turning a profit from this venture, in her own way, for herself and Paju... when you overlooked all that, it was the right thing. These guys, whoever they were, were clearly not the kind to let anyone get in their way; and that simply meant there was all the more need for someone to do just that. To stop them. To preserve this sorry every-being-for-herself wasteland that was the only home any of them had anymore. She lowered her head, scuffed at the ground a little more with her foot. "I won't make things difficult for you, if that helps."
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