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  1. IC: Varxii - Silver Sea, League Island You might not want to fight, brother... but the fight's what I'm all about. She didn't voice it, both in the interests of not having anyone else tutting over her and telling her such an attitude wasn't fitting for a Toa, the way the Matoran on her home island always had, and because the conversation seemed, abruptly, to be over. Skorm was beckoning everyone to follow him onto the airship, and there was little point hanging around to be the tail end of the group. Nonetheless, Varxii delayed a few moments, checking that her armour and her weapons were fully in place. Only once she was satisfied that nothing was amiss - by which point, several of her fellows had already boarded - did the Vo-Toa follow their lead. The Zyglak, a couple of members of other species who didn't immediately stand out to her, and... surely that wasn't another Toa up ahead? How many of their kind were with the League, in any case? Shaking her head a little - not fazed, exactly, but at least a little nonplussed - Varxii quickly followed the others into the airship. She spared a glance at the other Toa - Aksa, if Skorm was correct - but that glance was curious, nothing more, and didn't linger. Since Skorm seemed to be too otherwise occupied to continue any conversation - such as it had been, anyway - Varxii wandered her way over to the airship's railing and rested her elbows on it. Detached, once again, from everyone around her; it always seemed, to her, like no-one ever thought in quite the way she did, so she'd learned to tolerate having no-one's company but her own.
  2. Sorry if I'm holding things up with the League arc in the gameplay thread; I'm not used to being part of a game that moves so quickly, the experience is new for me! I don't have time to post again this evening; but I'll try and drop another Varxii post tomorrow, for sure. Again, sorry if my slowness is causing a problem!
  3. I know Stud.io has a base selection of Bionicle parts, but it's nowhere near comprehensive. For one example, at present they only have one Kanohi (Stars Hau - plus Hydraxon's face, a single Krana, and a couple of Glatorian helmets) and no head pieces capable of wearing it; still, it does have almost all the relevant technic parts, a couple of torso pieces, and some small variety of limbs and weapons, plus all the pieces needed to build a complete Bohrok. I dunno if that's enough pieces to be helpful to you or not. The parts catalogue does gets updated with additional pieces every few months, too, so that's something - though Bionicle parts don't seem to be high on the developers' priorities, unfortunately.
  4. IC: Varxii - Silver Sea Island Mistakes, errors... was there a difference? The Kiril-wearing Toa frowned, but didn't comment. She supposed, with a few moments' thought, she could see what he was getting at; if anyone could make a mistake, but an error was something more careless, more long-lasting, something that you felt the effects of for a long time after... right? At least, that was how she figured it. If something had gone wrong with the Nynrah vessel's navigation systems, as Carapar had said... by that reasoning, if it had been a mistake, they could just have course-corrected and been on their way. Since the ship had gone down, that was a rather more permanent state of affairs; therefore, by her tenuous logic, an error. Varxii scratched her neck, puzzling through this line of thought to try and figure out where it was leading. Her companion seemed to be suggesting that foul play had been at work in the vessel's untimely demise. While certainly possible - the universe was wide, and had no shortage of beings who'd love to get their hands on some Nynrah tech - the fact that said tech was reportedly still in the wreckage implied that theft hadn't been the intent here. Or, perhaps, that the League itself was responsible for the vessel's crash. "Guess the only way to know is to poke around when we get there," she suggested, a slight shrug rolling her shoulders. Her other question, of course, was did it matter; but even if Varxii didn't have much check on her self-assurance, she did know when to hold her tongue. "I... yeah, that's me. I've got a reputation already, huh?" At least, she assumed that was it. Probably, said reputation was as the foolish girl who'd got herself beaten almost to a pulp before being forcibly signed on to the army; but Varxii could imagine, at least, that it was for her skill at holding out for as long as she did that her name was known, rather than the other side of that incident. Still, her grin was a touch sheepish... in all honesty, she wasn't used to actual attention. Back on her island, her former fellow villagers had been reservedly grateful to her when she did something big like stop a pirate raid or something, but had still been overall distant and disapproving of her. This kind of thing was... new. Did she like it? Varxii wasn't sure? As for her companion? "Skorm... well, pleased to meet you. Though I've gotta say, this is the last place I'd expect to find another Toa." Again, that slight shrug. "I'm under Pridak, myself; but you sound like you already know that story." She glanced sideways for a moment, catching sight of the other being - that couldn't really be a Zyglak, could it? - who had for a while seemed to be listening in on their conversation; but otherwise, paid her no mind. She'd join in if she wanted to, Varxii was sure; and if not, listening wasn't doing anyone any harm.
  5. IC: Varxii - Silver Sea Island For the League... yeah, sure. For not the first time since she'd got here Varxii contemplated, as Carapar turned his back, what she was actually doing here. On one hand, the answer was simple enough: surviving. Any of the Barraki would cut her down without hesitation if she tried to run, and even for her supreme confidence in her abilities, the young Vo-Toa was under no illusions how that would turn out. The six weren't powerful warlords for no reason, even the slowest-seeming - which would be Carapar here, from her observations - was an exceptionally skilled fighter... and though she could probably hold her own against any of them for a while, the moment they called in their armies too... Well. She'd been on the receiving end of that once before. It had taken her the better part of a month to recover, and the thought of taking another such beating... She wouldn't say that it scared her, but it also wasn't something she wanted to go looking for. So on the one hand, she was biding her time. While on the other... Varxii didn't know. Planning ahead wasn't exactly her strong suit. Such thoughts abandoned her as someone else spoke nearby; turning, the lightning elemental found to her surprise that the assembled group included another Toa besides her. This guy was shorter than her, and bulkier too - if only because her own frame was verged on the slender side - and had a face that was clearly very good at looking dour. Whatever his power was, his armour colour wasn't a precise match for any that she knew of; but Varxii mentally shrugged that fact away. Wasn't any of her business, right? His question, however, might as well have been. "Why do you say that?" She shrugged lightly. Not saying that the fellow Toa didn't have a point; but if he did, she couldn't see it. "Nynrah Matoran can make mistakes just as well as anyone else, right?" (OOC: Varxii is responding to Skorm.)
  6. IC: Littiuu - Tesara, Coffee Shop The place was owned by a Bo-Matoran, and it showed in the decor; besides its somewhat old-world charm, the interior of the coffee house was tastefully adorned with plants of all shapes and varieties. Tables were laid out in and amongst the foliage; Littiuu, however, ignored these for the moment to make her way straight to the counter. Aside from shooting a quick word of thanks his way, she gave no further thought to Calidus' offer that she order first, assuming it came either from the fact that she was more familiar with the place, or from simple politeness. She took a few minutes ordering, pausing to chat briefly - as she was prone to do - with the barista in the process. Very little of note was exchanged in the conversation, mostly just cheery pleasantries on Littiuu's part, and it wasn't long before she had paid and stepped away from the counter, with a coffee cup in one hand and a thick slab of cake in the other. As long as she was here, who was going to stop her from treating herself after her long flight? Absolutely nobody. Picking her favourite table - the small one with a clear view of the door, that was overshadowed by a few large ferns; where she could indulge her curiosity about comings and goings without being obvious about it - the Ta-girl settled herself into one of the seats and waited for her companion to join her. IC: Alarei - New Atero, Soup Kitchen "Well..." She hesitated for just a moment more, before deciding - just this once - not to care what her teachers would think. "Thanks." She snatched the water-skin abruptly, as if still afraid the offer would be withdrawn if she hesitated, and drank greedily. The soothing sensation on her burned throat felt wonderful, and it was with great reluctance that she finally stopped gulping down the liquid to hand the water-skin back to the kind Glatorian. While it wasn't empty, it was certainly a lot lighter than it had been when she'd received it; the girl could only hope that her temporary benefactor wouldn't mind. It was weird; but he didn't seem at all bad, to her. "You're okay, you know?" It might have sounded like an odd thing to say; but as far as the Sister was concerned, it was completely valid. He did seem alright, and she wanted to let him know that... in her own, blunt way. In that, he was like no-one she'd ever met before; everyone else had either been a fellow Sister, or had been - presumably - self-interested and not looking out for anyone but themselves. This... was a change of pace. She wiped a remaining trickle of water from her chin with the back of her hand, decided in a split second to reward his kindness by throwing an introduction out there. "I'm Alarei." IC: Tarutu - Black Spike Mountains "On it." All business again, at least for the moment, Tarutu nodded her acceptance of Tekmo's orders. It surprised her, honestly, that he'd agreed to her suggestion - not because she thought it an unreasonable one, just because she had a distinct feeling that their first meeting had rather soured his opinion of her - but perhaps he figured that she and Paju would keep each other in check. Even if, it seemed, they could both be impulsive, the two of them probably balanced each other out on other counts: her cynicism and Paju's optimism, for just one example. It would be interesting. Particularly since, to Tarutu's mind, she and Paju had the more promising task. She was half-convinced that Tekmo and co. would find their smoke was nothing more than some lonely hermit cooking his afternoon meal (or perhaps charring it would be more accurate, given the quantity of smoke); the pipes down below, however? They were real, solid evidence, and Tarutu was eager to be all over them. Waving for Paju to follow her, Tarutu revved the Lucky Find's engines, the ship lifting clumsily off the peak and turning its nose downwards, towards the pipes they'd seen. And whatever else they'd find down there. IC: Kastir - The Arena Perhaps it was dumb of her; she had no doubts that Drukann, at least, would say so were he not so absorbed in the current mystery. But, even as the glow of the virtues symbol drew every other eye towards it, Kastir's enhanced gaze was still firmly towards Kaenis. It seemed to her that something was wrong about the other woman, who had a moment ago displayed the body language of someone in a panic, and who was now beating a hasty retreat. Did she know something the rest of them didn't, and was escaping to a safe distance while she still could? Was she simply skittish? Or was she planning to steal from, or sabotage, any of the vehicles not her own? It was a matter, Kastir decided, that bore investigating. For a moment though, the Agori's voice broke into her thoughts. He had pointed out that the symbol had lit up with their presences; but, to Kastir's eye, it hadn't; not fully, at least. Only two of the orbs were glowing brightly as she imagined they should; the other was a dull crimson that suggested it something wasn't as it ought to be. She reached out a giant hand, tapped the circle that hadn't lit up like its brethren. "Maybe not the right three. Which virtue did that one represent?" She hadn't studied that deeply into Matoran culture, had tuned out the repeated mentions of their virtue system dismissively. But she could guess the theory at work here, even so. "Because one of us apparently doesn't match up to it." Probably her, in that case. Experimentally, she took a couple of steps back away, only partially intentional in making space for Juno to get in there in her place, if she so desired. Her interest was threefold; firstly, to see what happened to the light if she removed herself from its vicinity. Second, to get a wider view as she turned her x-ray gaze onto the dais, hoping to get a clue as to how the mechanisms inside it were working. And thirdly, to give her a chance to dart and intercept Kaenis, if need arose, while the other three were engrossed in the puzzle. (OOC: Don't mean to leave Onaku behind; but I thought I had space to slip in another Kastir post in the meantime, since everyone else in that scene had posted ^^ Out of curiosity, Nato, would Kastir be able to see anything of note when using her x-ray vision to look into the dais?)
  7. Hope it's alright for me to join in here as well? I haven't forgotten Skyrise; I'm in the middle of working on a post there. I just thought maybe I could take a try at this game too? ^^ I'm... not completely sure the character's name works; please let me know if I'd do better to change it? Thanks ^^ Name: Varxii Species: Vo-Toa Faction: League of Six Kingdoms Brief Description: A female Toa of lithe build, Varxii stands about a head taller than your average Toa. Her armour, following the standard for Toa of Lightning, is primarily dark blue with white highlights around her joints and the bottom of her mask; said mask being a great Kanohi Kiril. She carries a powered blade slung across her back for melee combat, but prefers to channel her power through her bare hands rather than getting down and dirty in physical combat. Background: The lone guardian of an island that was conquered by the League of Six Kingdoms. Varxii started off life as a fighty Matoran, always quick to brawl over little things; a tendency that made her an outlier from her community. When she was transformed into a Toa, the new Lightning elemental decided that was all the excuse she needed for the ways she'd always acted, and quickly took to the role of lone guardian of the island, fending off rahi and other attacks with ease and rarely mingling with her former fellows. She was keeping them safe, she was doing what she was good at... who needed their constant tutting and murmuring to themselves about how she shouldn't be so quick to a fight? And then, one day, came the real test of her worth as a Toa; word reached the island that the League of Six Kingdoms was advancing on them, with every intention of wiping them off the map as a little-remarked footnote on their way to bigger prey. And, though she knew she shouldn't be, Varxii was thrilled. Finally, a chance to do what she was born to do, to prove her worth as a guardian! After overseeing the evacuation of all the rest of the island's inhabitants to safety, she returned to the place that was soon to be overrun, confident that she could repel any and all invaders. She put up one Karzahni of a fight; but, in the end, her overconfidence proved her downfall, and she was overrun by the sheer number of the League forces. By the time Pridak arrived on the island's shore, she had been beaten into submission; the warlord was, however, impressed by the ferocious fight she had put up and decided he wanted that destructive capacity on his side. He demanded her loyalty in exchange for her life, and Varxii was in no position to refuse. Pridak allowed her time to heal, then placed her near the front lines of his assault force; though he keeps her on a short leash to keep her from betraying him, never taking for granted that she is trustworthy. For her part, Varxii hasn't complained or protested. She does her part... but her true motive for being here, aside from self-preservation, remains a mystery to all. Flaws: Overconfident, in a word. Varxii is just a little too sure of herself, of her powers, and often feels like she's unbeatable; this can have the effect of her failing to keep her guard up even in dangerous situations. So far, she has paid the price for this flaw only once, but it's just a matter of time before it happens again. Additionally, she's not so good at utilising her powers with pinpoint accuracy; she tends to think of them more as a powerful blunt instrument, and would struggle if she found herself in a situation that required a more delicate touch. Powers: Possesses most standard powers of Lightning Toa, including the ability to shoot concentrated bursts of lightning from her bare hands, to cause electric shocks, and to create shields and cages of electricity. She can overload electrically-powered objects and opponents with ease. Additionally, her mask allows her to repair physical damage to any objects in her vicinity (although not organic damage).
  8. Oh WOW those are all super-neat! The attention to detail looks quite phenomenal, and I love all the little personalised touches to each design, giving them each such character. Onua and Pohatu immediately stand out to me as my favourites because of their especially unique constructions; perhaps fittingly so, as they were the first two Toa I got, back in the day ^^
  9. I'm not sure I'd agree... as I see it, Lego isn't always about telling completed stories. Historically, Lego has often just provided 'enough' story for kids to start from, to allow them to springboard off that and create their own tales using the characters and situations that Lego had set up. That's what I remember form back in the 90s; and while the early/mid 2000s did enter a phase of story-driven everything (likely due to Bionicle's success as a major story-based theme) I kind of like it if they're going back with some themes to the idea of 'we give you the set-up, YOU decide how it plays out'. That was a good part of what drew me so far into Lego as a kid, the sense of being given a basic story that it was up to me to elaborate on and bring to my own conclusion. I don't think it's Lego giving up on themes and leaving them unfinished; I think it's them encouraging that same kind of creative storytelling mindset again, inviting kids and fans to decide for themselves how they want the respective stories to end. I'm not saying that story-driven themes are bad, by any means! Just that, maybe, not everything Lego produces was intended to be a completed story in its own right. Or, that's my take on it, at least.
  10. I quite honestly don't know what to say... other than, I did not expect this at all. Thanks ever so much for the feature, though; this was an amazing surprise to come online to this morning!
  11. Temptation currently is to change my name to That Matoran with a Vahi, as a sort of... nod back to my old (and awful) Bionicle-sona of the day, without directly referencing him. It's something that I feel like I could work with, for sure, while still being tied in to Bionicle lore; and I checked existing member names, it's unique so far!

    I'm just still on the fence about whether i really want to bring the "Darth Jaller" name to its end. It's, like... the only thing anyone still here knows me by anymore, it feels wild and irresponsible to change it xD But at the same time, it's a relic of past days, and I'm not convinced it's really me anymore.

    HMMMM... :notsure:

  12. Um... well, that's quite a way to stretch even my memory! xD Looking back at a few photos I took of the one I owned, though... yeah, they definitely look to be pearl dark grey on mine, too. In fact, even a glance at the instructions online show those pieces depicted as pearl dark grey. However... I feel like the confusion may have come from the parts inventory at the end of the instruction booklet, which doesn't appear to make quite the obvious colour distinction that the instructions themselves do. It places the parts in question between the more obviously dark-bluish-grey and pearl-dark-grey pieces, in a colour that could pretty ambiguously be interpreted as either (see image below). This suggests to me that the Bricklink inventorier may have been using said parts listing as their only guide guide, and simply took their best guess at which colour was meant to be represented there.
  13. THERE IT IS, THE FIRST SHIP I EVER SHIPPED, THE FIRST SHIP I WOULD GO DOWN WITH. In all seriousness... this is adorable. I absolutely love the attention to detail that went into their designs, the way they're fully articulated for maximum poseabiity - unlike any of the canon Matoran sets - and all the little things, like the expressions, that make them feel so believably alive. I like, too, the nice little touch of Macku being taller, while Hewkii has the shorter, stockier build ^^ My respects to the designer; and thanks to the news team, too, for sharing it here on BZP
  14. It may not be 3io related, but OOF that's a big nostalgia kick right there! I must have watched that Barraki trailer so many times back in 2007...
  15. Oh, neat! I didn't mean to put any pressure on about it, I was just curious; thanks so much for answering!
  16. Can't say for certain, since it was a while ago now; but that does look familiar to me. Might it have been how they were displayed in official Lego stores? A little bit of research isn't turning up much; I can find pictures of the same type of display for various sets on Google Images, but nothing that links them to any store in particular. Everything I can see just calls them "official retail store displays" without being any more specific. Someone on eBay is trying to sell a bunch of them, for several different sets, for $95 each, but I've no idea if anyone would pay that much, or if the seller is just eternally hopeful. I imagine someone else here will know more than I do...?
  17. I kinds feel that... and also kinda don't, at the same time? I dunno. I do very much get what you mean about parts of it sometimes feeling empty, devoid of anything but that pervasive sense of nostalgia - especially some of the novels and early sets, since I no longer feel interested in 'playing' with them. But at other times, much of it (the 01-03 comics, the MNOG, even parts of the movies for me) still feel to me like there's something... something intangible to them still, just waiting to be unlocked. I think in my case, while I do enjoy the Bionicle story materials for that profound nostalgia you mentioned, for sure... I also enjoy it for what it *could* have been. Looking at the movies, for example... not so great, in hindsight, but the premise and the characters and the worldbuilding that they gave us (not to mention the visual style and the music, BUT that's tangential xD) feel to me like they had so much more potential than the story at the time allowed them to use. It's that potential, and the possibilities inherent in it, that keep me attached to Bionicle just as much as the nostalgia, I think; a desire to not only take the story as we were given it, but to work it from its base components into something that unlocks more depth, more of what could have been. Its why works that take the basic story premise and expand it in a whole different fashion, like NickonAquaMagna's comic retelling, appeal to me so much; it's why I have a drive to take a lot of the basic elements of the story and do my own thing with them too. More than the story itself, I'd say I personally find the otherwise-missing substance of it in many of the individual elements that made up the Bionicle aesthetic, that simply never got utilised to their fullest. And it's the promise of being able to do something new with those elements, if I experiment with them in different ways, that keeps me coming back to Bionicle. The nostalgia's a big part too, of course... but I feel like if it was just nostalgia, no matter how powerful, it wouldn't be something that kept me around. The interest in channelling that nostalgia is the biggest thing, for me.
  18. To be fair, that was a ret-con from Bionicle's later years. I know the comics of 2003 specifically referenced a longer time period passing since the Toa Mata arrived - the second text box in Rise of the Rahkshi stated in Makuta's own words "For years, the Toa have believed me defeated", and Tahu's words in the comic previous that Vakama gave him the Vahi "long ago" also seems to corroborate that idea. I don't remember exactly when that detail was ret-conned, but it's always been one of my least-liked changes to the story.
  19. WHOA that's really cool. I'm always amazed by how much detail people are able to get out of these pieces, especially when they're used in such unexpected and ingenious ways; it makes for a really epic end result. Like you say, too, the action pose it brings out makes it work even better... though I can't even imagine the effort that went into getting all those click-hinges perfectly posed! (Also, sorry to mention it, but the link in the description takes me to yesterday's MOC, instead of today's ^^; The image link on the full article page works as it should, though ^^)
  20. IC: Alarei - New Atero, Soup Kitchen "I mean..." She faltered, not at all sure what to say. This sort of kindness was so unheard of to Alarei, when the Sisterhood had nothing but doom and gloom to speak of regarding the world beyond their home, that it hit her completely out of left field; and the Glatorian's surprise took the curly-haired girl aback in turn. She looked from him, to the monkey, then back again, as if hoping one of them would explain. When no-one did, she licked her lips slightly, tried again. "You... aren't gonna want something out of me in return? It's not a trick to indebt me to you?" You didn't get anything for free in the wasteland, right? At least, that was what she had been taught... but she could see no obvious sign of deceit in Rakin's eyes. Why not? Was he just that good at hiding it? Or was this offer actually what it seemed: just a small kindness out of the goodness of his heart? IC: Tarutu - Black Spike Mountains "HEY!" She was not about to take Akkitu's slight lying down. Never mind the fact that it wasn't against her, Tarutu had a protective streak a mile wide when it came to her fellow Ga-sisters - even sisters who she had literally only met less than two days ago - and the Ko-Matoran's tone, as he theorised Paju's untimely end, got thoroughly under her skin. Granted, that was just a Ko-Matoran thing generally, in her experience. But still. "We Ga-Matoran are more capable than you give us credit for, thanks. She'll be just fine." Still, her gaze trailed Paju's path down the mountainside. Ga-Sisters stuck together... but Tarutu also had a feeling that Tekmo was just waiting for her to step a foot out of line, after their disagreement back in Tesara. He'd certainly reacted sharply enough after she'd made a simple observation, and it had only been exerting a great amount of willpower that had stopped the businesswoman from snapping back at him. Even now, the words I was only pointing it out; but if you don't want the rest of us to look for clues too, just say so were hanging on the tip of her tongue, just daring her to utter them despite her better judgement. Speaking of: she shrugged again, half-turning her attention back to their leader. "Don't bite my head off, it's just a suggestion. But we could divide and conquer; you guys go after the smoke while Paju and I check the pipes, meet up again when we're done?" Something told her that suggestion was going to go over about as well as a game of kick the Muaka; but on the other hand, Tarutu felt like it made sense. OOC: I haven't forgotten Littiuu, but I can't think what to write for her right now. Will make a post for her soon, though! Also, sorry about Tarutu! She's... rather touchy xD;
  21. That actually makes a whole tonne of sense, imo. I know, as a kid, I just assumed they were tools he was holding, and only started to reconsider that assumption some years afterwards. But even then, I was never completely sure; the way they went from dark blue and limb-like to silver and weapon-like was never something I could quite reconcile in my head. In the end, it was mostly the fact that, if they were weapons, it made his actual arms unreasonably short that sold me on the idea of them being his hands. But now that you mention it, the idea of them being prosthetics looks perfect to me. It explains their varying design, while at the same time keeping them as part of him... I really like that theory ^^
  22. Oh WOW that's cool to see! Thanks so much for the link
  23. Not sure if this is the place to ask it, but it seemed the most likely... Is there any likelihood of another BZPower fanfic exchange being run this year? I really enjoyed taking part in last year's, getting to stretch my writing muscles in an unusual direction, and have been hopeful that the event was going to be repeated again this year. So far, however, I've seen no mention of it in the library forum; and so I'm starting to wonder if perhaps it's just not happening this time around? No worries if not, of course! I know this is a busy time of year, and something like a fanfic exchange is pretty low priority. I just thought it was best to ask, rather than to keep on wondering ^^
  24. MNOG concept art? I hadn't heard anything about that before; where might I be able to see it? ^^
  25. Oh WOW that's neat The amount of detail achieved with mostly System bricks is wild, especially around the mask / face, and it just looks so... REAL, I could totally imagine it existing in this form within canon. I also only just noticed they said the model stands over two metres tall... that is INSANE in all the best ways. It's, like... the kind of model you'd expect to see in a Legoland park at that size, except even more epic.
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