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  1. Oh, absolutely Mata Nui. I'd make my home in Ga- or Onu-Koro, for sure - they both feel like really soothing environments to me - but I can't pick a favourite location; I love the sense of atmosphere and depth to the whole island world, from the jungles of Le-Wahi to the volcano with Ta-Koro at its heart to the central Kini-Nui temple. It was just such an amazing - and, as Bionicle Guru says, exotic - place that you feel like you could spend weeks, months, even years exploring it and still not have seen everything. It's just such a fascinating world. Also? That concept art of Ga-Koro looks amazing
  2. It doesn't answer the question; but his abilities and traits section, further down his BS01 page, elaborates at least a little more on what it meant by big and little problems: Though, again, that's [citation needed] too, so I couldn't say how accurate it is. I hadn't even heard about his quitting the team, besides the tiny amount we got given in comic 25, until I was looking at the Rahaga pages on BS01 earlier this week.
  3. I think, aesthetically, I honestly like water best. A lot of the elements are cool, but there's just something about the calming, soothing aspect of water that makes me love it more than, say, ice or earth or fire. Then, personality-wise... I'd say I'm kinda a blend between earth and water, but I went with the former just to give a different answer to both parts. Curiously enough, according to the topic Aderia linked to, I would fall under Psionics by that categorisation... although I relate to that element not at all and, despite testing as the relevant personality type, don't match the description of it in that thread either xD Their description of earth, in fact, feels much more like me than the others, which may have swayed my vote on that part too.
  4. IC: Tarutu - Black Spike Mountains "That sure works for me... depending on what our expedition leader says, of course." She quirked an eyebrow in Tekmo's direction. The deference, naturally, was little more than for show, and carried more than a small hint of sarcasm; Tarutu was sure they both knew that, whether she was permitted or forbidden, she was going to get involved anyway... and out here, the guard from Tesara had no real authority to override her choice. But it seemed fair to her to at least give him the chance to offer his opinion, one way or the other. But she doubted he'd have reason to say no, if they were all working towards the same goal here. "What do you say, Tekmo? Let a girl put her skills to good use?" @Toru Nui @Nato the Traveler IC: Kastir - The Arena "Oh, I wasn't thinking of going there. But am I wrong in thinking that there are Bota Magna natives living amongst everyone else in the cities, now?" She couldn't say for absolute certain, not when she'd been away from the (relatively) civilised world for some time now; and Bota Magnans, Bara Magnans, they all looked much the same to her at a cursory glance. But all the same, if there were some natives of Bota Magna about, tactful questioning should show her who they were, and she could surely bring someone back here to help... be they willing or not. The giant woman gave a shrug. "Shouldn't take me long to find one in Atero or Tesara, I'm sure. I can be there and back before you know it." That was an... exaggeration. While she could certainly be there that quickly, it was risky for her to use her natural teleportation powers more than once in a day; not impossible, but they were taxing enough that a single such jump would tire her out. A second, so soon after, would be foolish unless it came out of absolute necessity; but even so, there were other ways of getting back here once she found some suitable volunteer. She paused, almost hesitating for a moment. "Unless we think the Star thing is more likely?" @Ironfist @Click (ooc: Sorry, sorry I'm so slow! Other places, other projects, have been taking up my attention and creative muse. Gonna try and keep up better from here on out, though!)
  5. Oh yeah. For me, mainly, the fact that characters never seemed to keep the same colour schemes when they transformed was a often puzzling. The Toa Metru, for example, could have looked neat with highlights in their Turaga colour schemes, instead of the ever-present dark grey... in fact, the Miramax movie designs do add traces of those shades to them, which feels a lot more natural to me. And even more so with the Toa Inika. I get that the bright colours of the Matoran didn't exactly lend to the 'dark and gritty' look that 2006 was striving for (and that teal was out of production by then, so Kongo would have lost out either way); but personally speaking, familiar colour schemes would have made a world of difference in making the Inika look like the characters we already knew and loved. Some hints of orange on Nuparu, maybe; not overmuch, just to make the connection with the little Matoran from the boxor in 2002. A bit of yellow for Jaller. Maybe going the Vorox route and making Hewkii's secondary colour tan, instead of yellow, since it was one that he wore as a Matoran. At least, that's my personal thoughts ^^ And I don't even know what to say about the canonically black and gold Karzahni being green in set form! I wonder, though. I wonder if the set department didn't design the Toa waves first, with no specific intent for them to be transformations of already-known characters; and it's only later that the story department decided "oh, this set of new Toa we've been given? They can be the same people as the little guys from 2001..." I've honestly long been curious whether sets were designed to meet story needs, or story had to just take whatever sets they were given and make something of them; though I feel like the latter might be more likely.
  6. Oh wow, nineteen years. That's a long time! And to think, BZ wasn't even three years old yet when I joined it. That... makes me feel low-key ancient, even though I know for certain there are people here who have been members even longer than I have. Happy birthday to !
  7. Nothing overly special to offer here, I'm afraid: but I've just lately been sorting a lot of my stuff in preparation for moving out, and decided to pass on a few of my remaining Bionicle things. I was gonna go for eBay, but I figured I'd let you guys have first refusal, just in case anyone's looking for these things. If I don't get any takers within a couple weeks or so, I'll head on to eBay instead. I'm offering for sale or trade: 1x Glatorian Mata Nui set. Very good condition; only opened two or three years ago, been posed, displayed and stored but not seen a lot of wear. Unfortunately has one damaged joint (one of the yellow upper-arm sockets) that cracked when I was taking him apart, though the piece is still useable. Complete with canister and instructions. 1x Bionicle: Rahi Beasts guide. Decent condition; it came to me used, so it's not perfect, but no substantial damage. Just a bit of creasing, slightly tattered edges here and there. 1x Bionicle: Dark Hunters guide. Good condition. 1x Bionicle: Raid on Vulcanus novel. Very good condition, only read once or twice. 1x Bionicle: the Game for PC. Average condition; played a lot but not showing any damage, though the instruction manual has a couple of Bionicle stickers slapped on its cover. Can't get it to work on new systems (it ran on my old Windows 7 PC, even when I upgraded to Windows 10; but won't play on my newer laptop), but is still good for a pre-Windows 10 machine. A small handful of promo CDs: the Toa Mata, Nuhvok-Kal, Lehvak-Kal, Panrahk and Toa Nuju. The Kal and Panrahk have had the character names scrawled on them, however a CD-safe pen was used so the content isn't damaged in any way, and they still played fine when I last used them. I can't test the Toa Mata disk because it doesn't run on my current machine; but I recall it did work back when I had an older computer. Also a bunch of spare Bionicle pieces that my Bricklink store is failing to move. If you want to make me an offer for anything in particular, or just the job-lot of them (61 pieces total, plus 6 slizer parts, unless anyone else buys some from my store first), I'm open; I just want to get them off my hands at this point! On the same note, empty Slizer / Throwbot containers, if anyone wants them. I've got all the first wave except for Jungle Slizer's. I don't keep the sets in the containers, so I have no use for them; but I also don't just want to throw them out if someone else might want them. I know there's probably not a lot here of much worth; so I'm just running this like... I'm willing to accept reasonable offers, really. Alternately, there are a few things I'd be looking to trade, if we can reach a mutual agreement; I'm almost more interested in trading something for something than in getting money out of it, although I'll accept money offers as well. Basically, make me an offer whichever way works for you, if there's anything you're interested in ^^ I'm interested in trading for: **Tohunga / McToran, any except Kongu and Nuparu. Particularly looking for Maku, Matoro, Jala. Used condition is fine.** Possibly certain other G1 sets of appropriate value? I'm just a little nostalgic for a few of the ones who I used to have but don't anymore, although I don't have a specific list of what I'm after here; if I've anything you'd like to trade for, throw some suggestions at me, and we can hopefully come to something we're both happy with ^^ Maybe the 2002 gold Kanohi (except the Miru, which I already have), depending on what they're being offered in exchange for. Also of note: I'm in the UK, so international shipping costs may need to be taken into account. If you'd like a shipping estimate before committing to anything, feel free to ask!
  8. Just a note for if it helps you in your search: the issues of the Lego Adventures magazine that you're looking for are #30, #31, #32, #33 and #34. They were the last five issues of the magazine's run ^^ In actual fact, I see someone's selling issue #30 on Bricklink, if that helps you at all? https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?B=amUK01Sep#T=S&O={"iconly":0} (Or if that's not convenient for you, I could always buy it from the seller myself and send it to you in the same package as the CDs we're already talking about?)
  9. I don't think I have anything to even add here: I just have to say that I now want to visit @Xboxtravis's park, because that sounds LITERALLY AMAZING. I could totally believe that being a real theme park, and honestly it's everything I'd ever want from a Bionicle take on the concept!
  10. Oh wow, neat! I've only ever seen this comic online; it's great to see classic D'Anda art of some of our favourite Matoran in such high quality. Thanks for sharing Though... one thing about this comic has always seemed weird to me, does it to anyone else? How Hewkii, the literal sports star, is the one who "always misses the target"? Granted, disk-throwing is kinda a different game to kicking a Koli ball about; but even so, it feels like a strange characterisation for the island's most famous sports player. Maybe I'm just being picky, though, so don't mind me xD
  11. Let me preface by saying that I tend not to dwell on the disappointments. I'm sure I had plenty, back in the day; but, ten years on, I'd rather remember the good things about BIONICLE, not the things that didn't happen. And sometimes, even things that seemed horribly disappointing at the time even turned out to be for the better: like Legend of Mata Nui's cancellation, which saw MNOG rise in its place as the main story vehicle for the year and feels a lot richer for it. Though to actually answer the question! I'd say the one big disappointment for me, was one that I didn't even realise at the time because I didn't learn of it until a few years later: and that was, not getting the Tohunga McDonalds promotion in the UK. I love those little guys; but I was never able to find them anywhere; I didn't even know, for the longest time, that any of them except for Hafu and Nuparu had seen physical form at all! Naturally, this makes them difficult to get hold of on the aftermarket over here; it feels as though they slipped through my fingers through nothing I could affect, and I still low-key regret that being the case. Also, I mean. I just remembered that the lack of Templar involvement in Bionicle media from 2005-onwards was pretty disappointing, too! Would have been neat to have seen later years represented in their distinctive style; particularly if they had used it to slip in some callbacks to the original MNOG, too. (I just watched that Making of the Mata Nui Online Game video today, and may be slightly biased based on that... could you tell? xD)
  12. I have to say, I think I like this design better than the official 2003 Pewku; it looks more complete, more together than she did. The orange parts make a really effective armour shell, and the use of the ball pin for eyes is very inspired! (I also really like the colour scheme; but that's a given, orange and black together is always my favourite combination xD) Just curious, can a Matoran sit on its back to ride? ^^
  13. Oh wow, that's a really neat idea for the build; I love how you've made the system shapes feel so much like they belong in the Bionicle universe, she wouldn't look at all out of place if she stepped straight out of the official comics! The custom mask is a really nice tough, too; the shape complements the rest of your design. All around very nice work
  14. Oh wow, this is incredible. I can see so many recognisable Bionicle parts on the surface, but I can't imagine how you attached them all together beneath the surface, so that they make such a single, solid overall form; the effect is astounding, though! Really great work ^^
  15. Rock Raiders, absolutely. I don't really think any of the TT-era games need much in the way of remakes, but the older games from before that era? I would absolutely go for some of those. Rock Raiders, as mentioned, for sure; particularly if it could fix up the bugs and add more overall developed story to the missions and the world in general. A touching up of some of the mechanics would be much appreciated, too. And not have the rock raiders do that thing where you send them to the opposite end of a big map for an energy crystal, they get there... and then decide they're hungry and run *RIGHT BACK TO BASE* to get a sandwich, without picking up the energy crystal they were sent to get! Additionally? I'd be interested in remakes of, really, any of the games from that era. Racers 1 & 2, Alpha Team, Lego Chess, Lego Island... and yeah, Bionicle: the Game could certainly benefit from a huge chunk of modernisation and story expansion, with longer levels to boot. And I didn't think of it until it was mentioned above, but an update of MNOG would be incredible. Can you imagine it with the game mostly the same, but built as a genuine open 3D world? I wouldn't say no to additional story content focusing on our favourite Matoran, too xD
  16. I can't easily imagine a serious Bionicle musical; on the other hand, have you ever heard of the A Very Potter Musical series? It retells the Harry Potter stories as a musical comedy, taking liberties with the canon all over the place - it mixes and matches events from four different books into a single story year for just the first musical - and pulls it off quite hilariously without ever needing to go hugely over-the-top with props and budget. Something like that, that's what I'd want from a Bionicle musical. Though we would at least need some kind of custom-sculpted masks for the actors, in Bionicle's case... which creates a major problem because all their dialogue would be muffled by said masks and would make it impossible for them to convey facial expression to the audience. I guess holes for mouths, like the MoL-style masks, would be the best workaround there? Following AVPM's style of abbreviated plot... it would probably start with the Toa's arrival, but compress all of 01-03 into a much shorter time span. I almost don't think the Metru Nui arcs need be included at all; but maybe one of the Turaga tags along with the Toa team, constantly initiating musical flashback anecdotes of his or her previous life as a Toa, that give adequate backstory without going into huge detail? Then the Ignition Saga would be notably compressed, too... perhaps (to save on a couple of extra sets) the Piraka actually arrive on Mata Nui, Mask of Life already in hand, in a big song-and-dance number, dramatically kicking the Toa Nuva out of the way... only for Jaller and co. to thwart them while they're not looking and run off with the Ignika, which Matoro dons in a dramatic, heartfelt solo number. A Very Potter Senior Year's opening song This is the End is absolutely perfect for 2008 - I actually considered briefly running a multi-animator project based on that, but don't think I'd get enough takers to make it worthwhile - which would be a montage scene alternating between the Toa vs. Makuta in Karda Nui on one side of the stage and the OoMN preparing for the final war on the other. Then, naturally, Makuta would get an epic villain song when his Plan succeeds, which ends with a lone verse from Mata Nui as the Ignika spirals away in to the darkness offstage, and... I honestly don't know what I'd do with 2009. It feels too... it introduces too many new characters too near the end for it to work properly as part of a single show. Maybe just a single, short scene or two where Mata Nui meets Ackar, Kiina and Gresh, and ropes them in (in song, of course) to helping him to rebuild the giant robot to challenge Makuta. Then the second-to-last scene would be the giant robot clash... either clear the stage of all normal-sized characters and have the Makuta and Mata Nui actors don giant robot costumes; or else focus on the normal-sized characters and represent the battle with special effects instead of actually onstage. And the final scene, of course, an ultimate victory finale song where all the main characters link arms to sing about their new life on Bara Magna. Dang. Now I really want to make this a reality now xDDD
  17. Oh, nice! I'll have to remember to give these a watch sometime soon
  18. I officially love this! For two major reasons. The first is that I simply never considered exactly what the side-effects of being in the spheres for so long would have been; but the way you're unpacking that, and the Turaga's thoughts and reactions around it, is fascinating, and I'm eager to see where you take it. It's neat to see the Turaga struggling to find their feet for the first time, something that canon completely skipped over; and plus, it's always a treat to get to see my old favourites of the MNOG Matoran again The second is that your humour here is AMAZING. The last line of chapter one felt so absolutely on-point for the character's brand of mischief; the Hafu-Taipu mixup was spectacular; and the explanation behind Orkahm's changed name works perfectly. Definitely eager to see more ^^
  19. I was trying to work out what a couple of the parts on the sea floor were until it abruptly hit me: Galidor pieces! That is such an amazingly inventive use for them; though that said, the whole model is spectacular! The level of detail in the background and base, combined with the smooth elegance of the siren's form; and I love how you built her flowing hair, in particular. Really nice work!
  20. Oh right, good point! I've been following one of those work-in-progress fan servers - the Darkflame Lego Universe one - but I didn't even consider that it might still need the disk to run. That's definitely a good reason to keep it around, at least until I know for sure one way or the other. Thanks!
  21. I was in that same boat, truthfully. For me, Bionicle's story had ended with a satisfying *BANG* at the end of 2008; I had then thoroughly failed to get into the Bara Magna years, and my interests had drifted elsewhere... so in a sense I'd really already made peace with the fact that it was 'over', at least from my personal perspective. In light of that, then, the fact of its end being made official a couple of years later didn't rock me at all; it was surprising, but it truly didn't hit me with any impact. As for G2, well. I kinda ...missed it completely. Not the ending, literally the whole generation. I saw that G2 was going to happen, a little after the announcement in 2014; but then I just... I had other things going on, and I genuinely forgot all about it. I didn't even remember to keep up here on BZ, until the day I eventually checked in again to find that it was already over. That was certainly a bit more jarring, since I hadn't expected to skip the entire generation by accident; but because of the fact that I inadvertently had done so, I had no personal connection to G2 to feel anything about its cancellation.
  22. Kind of a weird question, but. I've been sorting out all my stuff, in preparation for eventually moving out, and I came upon something that I have a question about: the installation disk for the Lego Universe MMO. Now, I know the MMO got taken offline several years ago now. I regrettably never got much play-time on the game; it was released right as I was starting university, so I had plenty of other things on my mind, and when I tried it just didn't hook me so I forgot to come back to it... I only heard in later years that it had been shut down because (I believe?) it was too much work for the team of moderators to monitor everything players built, to make sure nothing inappropriate was on show. But I digress. Since the game itself is defunct, as far as I'm aware, is there any actual point in keeping hold of the disk for it? Is there any content on the disk that can still be accessed, even without the game itself being active? Is it collectable to some extent, given that the game had a pretty short lifespan? Mostly, I just want to know if there's a good reason for me to do anything else with the disk, rather than just throwing it out as useless xD
  23. Oh WOW these are incredible. I love the sheer amount of personality you've squeezed into each design; I think Kongu's my favourite out of them, all the callbacks to his Matoran design represent so well what I've often felt the Inika should have looked more like. The way the official Inika bore no resemblance to their Matoran selves never quite sat right with me; and I love how you've countered that issue on such an epic scale here. The Piraka, too... I really like how you've taken their individual head designs and built off them in such different ways for each. I think my absolute favourite thing is the different methods you've used for each of their teeth; using an approach other than the standard Piraka skull increases their distinctness even more. I really liked reading the quotes and descriptions you picked for them in the Flickr descriptions, too; it drove home amazingly how true-to-character each of these feel, Toa and Piraka both! Really great work Also, might be a minor thing, but I love the individual base pieces you've built for each of them, too; not only do they look super-effective, they ground the characters in the world ever so well too ^^
  24. Oh WOW THIS IS SO NEAT! I have to confess that I'm no music expert; but actually watching such familiar, nostalgic music being played for real is an amazing experience. Thanks so much for sharing these
  25. Oh wow, they look great! I love how, even with a different take on their designs, they're all instantly recognisable and full of personality; your use of posing, in particular, conveys their individual personalities so well. It takes me right back to Bionicle's early years, to meeting these characters for the first time! Really like what you've done with their designs, too; the way they're very new, but still hold callbacks to the original Matoran builds; I'm especially fond of the way you've given each of them a classic-style disk throwing arm. I look forward to seeing them in action when you come to animate them ^^
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