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    Just the basics, really. <br /><br />I enjoy Bionicle, of course, although I have NO money with which to purchase new sets... <br />I enjoy MOCing, and consider myself to be fairly talented, although not nearly to the caliber of many Mocists here.<br />I LOVE writing in my epics, but I can't get as much of that done as I would prefer...<br /><br />Books = good. period. (except for romances and biology textbooks(don't ask))<br /><br />I am a avid Star Wars fan, including Expanded Universe. I own The Swarm War trilogy, and every Legacy of the Force book except for Sacrifice, but other than that, I don't actually own many SW books. *sigh*<br /><br />Speaking of, my personal lightsaber model is the one where you have a light staff (like Maul) and have it attached at the center of the handle to a motor on a forearm plate, so you get this spinning disc of light that is REALLY COOL. Now use two at once.<br />I call it the light saw. Of course that's going in my epic, but not for a bit...<br /><br />Authors....<br />Terry Pratchet<br />Timothy Zahn<br />Piers Anthony<br />Most of the SW authors<br />Harry Turtledove (historical re-writes are the BOMB!)<br />etc.<br /><br />I DON'T like math, although derivitives are pretty cool,and I'm not very good at physics because of the Math.<br /><br />Currently, I LOVE my current location, which despite my location tag, is really the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts. If there is anyone on this big ole' forum that is an alumnus or currently attending, please leave a comment, 'k?

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  1. While I appreciate the honor of being nominated, I must respectfully decline nomination to the C.I.R.C.L.E. I have been far too busy with real life to even restore my work from The Great Crash. Respectfully yours, Soroc: Jedi of Stone
  2. McCain/Palin. But America will not persist for long. Our fall began with FDR - it's only a matter of time.
  3. college. work. life. girlfriend. (YAY!!!) no time.
  4. CoTT is my acronym for City of the Toa. sorry about the confusion...
  5. CoTT is my acronym for City of the Toa. sorry about the confusion...
  6. CoTT is my acronym for City of the Toa. sorry about the confusion...
  7. I live! quick post to update I have: Axalara T9 (reveiw soon) a Moto Q (which I am using to post) and 2 jobs CotT is updated, as well
  8. I am unsure whether this chapter will work, so I'm leaving it up to you! Please tell me if there are any changes that YOU think should be made! » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « <Day 56, 12:00 PM> Fate frowned. Things were going as foreseen, but a tiny push was needed for the full fulfillment of events to come. Destiny twitched, and the flow of time changed slightly, flowing into a new course in the riverbed of history. Solara felt like she was slowly walking into a lit room, moving with her eyes squeezed tight from the growing glare. Slowly, painfully, she cracked her right eye open, hoping that the lens of her Akaku would filter the glare. She was flat on her back, gazing at the sun far overhead. “How long was I out?” she wondered. She remembered, with a mental shudder, being possessed by that horrible shadow creature and forced to combat that odd pair of Toa. She remembered the enormous blast of light that had seemed to fill her up completely, and then, she remembered the brief freedom of being free from her disgusting captor. “Why am I lying on the ground?” Solara tried to sit up, but could not coax a single muscle or piston to obey her commands. And then, she remembered the last thing the Shadow had said to her before it was forced out of her body. <I leave,> it had snarled, <and you die!> Solara then realized that her heart was not beating. Those who knew Solara well, both in her personal life, and in her job as a camera-Toa for a popular news telecast, could attest that Solara had a will of tempered protosteel. And, as she lay there, dead on the pavement, Solara decided that death, inescapable though it might be in the long run, was not going to keep her from doing what was right. Her will sliced though the dead nerves that controlled her muscles, and Solara lurched to her feet. It was a whole lot more difficult than it had been. She hadn’t realized how much her brain did automatically, until it became a dead-weight in her head. Slowly, as Solara became more used to controlling her body manually, she reached into a pouch at her waist and pulled out a video camera. Clumsily, she unfolded the viewscreen from the side, and rotated it so that she could see video footage of herself as she shot it. She thumbed the record button. * When the INSF troops found her maskless body hours later, lying alone on the street, they immediately noticed several things. The corpse was completely unmarked, lying in a position of calm repose, and clutching a camera. When the forensics team arrived, one of the technicians took the camera, and played the video. The dead Toa of light’s face, covered with an Akaku, appeared on the screen. “To whom,” she croaked. She shook her head, and cleared out her throat. “To whom it may concern: My name is Solara, and by the time you see this, I will be dead. I was possessed by a Shadow Elemental, and forced to fight The Gardener. The Shadow Elemental was on commission from The Leader to kill The Gardener, but it, and therefore I, was defeated. I was mortally wounded when the shadow left my body, but I wish to tell you that the Gardener is good! He never used a single deadly attack against me, consistently focusing on eliminating the parasite within me. I was only killed by the shadow elemental.” Solara paused, looked like she was forcing herself to take a deep breath. “Tell my family I love them.” The video stopped. Please tell me what you think!
  9. Title says it all. Milton could have at least used grammar....
  10. City of the Toa has been updated! enjoy! if you can get past the streetslang.....
  11. I just saw your update in your epic review. Nice to see you around again. What's going on?


  12. I finally got around to finishing the contest winning chapter for Toa Novu. I kinda like it - it's the longest I've ever written in a single chapter, over 2,600 words - and I think it will go over well. It is REALLY dialog-heavy, but it's got some funny and charming parts in it, as well as SERIOUS exposition of the history behind Iri Nui. Toa Novu, I just want to make a public "thank you" for your entry. This thing will shape the rest of the story, I think. thank you!
  13. Well, just posting to claim life. a few updates: I am now a member of the Epic Critics Club, but have been SO busy that I've only reviewed one epic.I wound up with Pohatu Newva, Photok, Hydraxon, and Kalmah for Xmas, and have revamped Kalmah and PN. I will upload and post pics ASAP - they're pretty cool.no progress on epics, due to being busy.Trying to cope with a move back to my old school for the last semester of my senior year, so kinda stressed at the moment.Parents confiscated my laptop....I'm posting from our desktop. I was able to get everything backed up, though.I'll try to start my epics back up as soon as I can.Also, I have dial-up now. dial-up stinks.
  14. I am sorry to report that, due to some circumstances that I feel unwilling to disclose, that I will be unable to write anything for quite some time. I am about half-completed with Toa Novu's chapter, but that will be all for an undetermined period of time. Rest assured, however, that I will update when I have the opportunity. Keep an ocular receptor peeled upon the forums!
  15. I am happy to announce that the winners of the blog contest are: Toa Novu in City of the Toa Darth Makuta in Shadows Fall You should see the respective updates by the end of this week - I have finals tommorrow and Tuesday, but I should be able to write in the latter half of the week. To remind everyone, the prizes for winning the contest are: Have your custom plot be the backbone of a chapter in its respective epicHave your custom guest star feature in your chapter, and possibly in successive ones.Get a PM with the chapter about a day before posting for editing and comments.My eternal gratitude, and accreditation in both the chapter and the reveiw topic.Just a question: Did everyone like this? Should I do other story related contests in the future? If anyone has any sugestions on future contests or how I can make ones similar to this one better, please drop me a comment.
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