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  1. Dude who appears to have been in some sort of severe facial degloving accident at some point, holding the Union Jack
  2. The new meets the old. And has at least one gun, apparently.
  3. Possibly a Power Ranger, but I am not certain. I am, however, certain it is red.
  4. 4/5. I couldn't understand the lyrics (as I don't speak Japanese(?)), but it was still rather catchy.
  5. That is the face of an older man who thinks. What he thinks about, I haven't a clue. But he clearly thinks about something. Probably something important.
  6. A G-G-Goat Priest. Are you!? Ah-Wha?-WHAT!??! I'm sorry, but what rock have you been living under for the last like 4 - 6 months now? I mean, no offense, but..... Whelp, I guess it's better that you don't know. Learn more if you get it here or here. You're welcome. Oh, Undertale. I should have guessed by the art style. I tried it, but I just couldn't get into it. So to update my previous assessment, a character from Undertale (who looks like some kind of goat priest) standing in front of Tahu.
  7. Surya Namaskara into Fading Empire, both by Todesbonden
  8. Siblings and/or friends of the male persuasion who presumably review a random selection of things.
  9. Boots And Blood - Five Finger Death Punch
  10. Megman characters, I think(?), bouncing up and down with varying degrees of terror/enjoyment.
  11. Some sort of goat priest or something, standing in front of Tahu.
  12. Bought physical copies of Bringer Of Light and The Valiant Fire, both by Damnation Angels, as well as a digital copy of The Modest Revolution by Enter The Haggis.
  13. Over a year since my last entry and I still have no answer as to why I can't stop coming back. Oh well. It seems like every time I return fewer people are logged in. Huh. Place hasn't died yet, so that's good I suppose. Also still see activity among a handful of my old acquaintances. There is no real purpose to this entry. It almost feels obligatory, to be honest.
  14. The man I have determined to be your namesake, with what looks like either a rope, necklace, or chain of some sort held in his mouth.
  15. Sleep Now Quiet Forest by Todesbonden. Beautiful album, beautiful... atmospheric metal, I think? I'm not actually sure what they're classified as. I think atmospheric metal is what they refer to themselves as. Really hope to see more come from them in the future.
  16. Recently finished "The Age Of Odin" by James Lovegrove. I was really enjoying it up until the last chapter, where the author pulled a "it was all a dream... or was it?" type ending. With the exception of that, I highly recommend it to anyone interested in quasi-military thrillers.
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