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  1. Yep. All the doggies are going barkin' mad. (Pun totally intended and equally lame)
  2. Complete concept? Aighty, I'll give this a try.... My Little Pony: Roleplaying is Magic In the place unknown to all, in a land far away is a place called Equestria where ponies frolic and play. Its a place of peace and a place of love, where over the importance of Friendship there is nothing above. So come! One and all! Come and enjoy this sweet place! Have excitement and fun, or play at a slow pace. Seek adventure? Seek peace? Seek family and friends? RiM is the place where imagination trancends the limits of structures and the chains we call 'plot' MLP: RiM is a happy sandbox. Play as canon? Of course! Who am I to say no? Be a pony, a griffon, or even a windego! Just fill out the form, you'll see it below. You post, I'll read, and if it passes you can go go and play, and be free; reading books, attending schools But keep always in mind, there are some rules Rules you say? That's no fun! Unfortunately they're needed. I've been in places where rules were not heeded. They were dark, they were scary, and there were zero bounds. The liberties some will take can simply astound The first rule, of course, need hardly be stated; The rules of the BZpower are enforced, no matter how they be hated The next rules are common, and very well known, Such as no controlling a character that is not your own. Nor metagaming, which is something Pinkie is guilty of No characters knowing things just because the player does. Also, I beg of you, please do practice good grammar. Of course if you don't, I shan't swing the banhammer. I shouldn't need to tell you not to kill other PC's but just for the record; do not do it, please. More unique rules are need, since this is MLP It has its own uniqueness, such as the Forest of Everefree Rules of travel will be lax, but do not get silly. It'll take more than five minutes to travel from city to city. Check the map for a layout and assume four or five hours To take the Train from Ponyville to Canterlot's towers Now use that distance and roughly guess Travel times to other places. I'll be lax; just do your best. I'll impose a random number (not that random, really) The limit of characters you may play as is three Now a plot, I am told, is something that's needed. Read below and be wary, for there are dangers to be heeded. The Timber Wolves are howling, and a chilly wind blows Remember, before, when I mentioned Windegos? Etheral wolves of winter's fury given physical form From the north they are coming in great numbers; a swarm From the south are not howls, the Diamond Dogs bark Even pet dogs are growling, and they're not just having a lark. From the north and the south, and even from home something is making the hounds of Equestria groan. Are they in pain? Are they angry? Are they frightened and scared? The last few weeks for ponies have been fraught with despair. Windegos attacked Cloudsdale and Winowna bit Applejack There are dozens of stories of dog-based attacks. For now the canines seem to have vanished. But it was not a feat of Alicorns, and the beasts are not banished. Small attacks, almost raids, are frequent in towns. Ponies seem to be the targets of the hounds. [here ends the rhyming] [[insert character form]] [[insert character list]] [[insert map]]
  3. Just a romp around the FiM world. If plots develop on their own, yay! I'll probably fiddle around with NPC permissions to get occasional Ursa Minor or Timber Wolf attacks to spice things up for players, but otherwise...FiM is a relaxing, happy place, so why not a relaxing, happy FiM role play?
  4. So I'm thinking of starting a My Little Pony RPG. The rules would be mostly the basics; no godmodding, no being obnoxious, no metagaming, no controlling other players characters, etc etc. The MLP part of the game would be, obviously, making your own pony characters and living life in Equestria. Any canon location in Equestria would be open (Ponyville, Cloudsdale, Appleoosa, etc) I think I'll even allow small dragons (ala Spike and Garble) though i may put additional restrictions on them since theyre...well...dragons! Griffons would be allowed. And I suppose I'd make allowances for just about any canon species EXCEPT Alicorns since they're a little on the rare and over-powered size. Gonna be a pretty loosey-goosey RP; more slice-of-life than anything. Thoughts?
  5. Robo

    The Game Is Simple

    The rules are difficult: 1. Role Playing in-character posts must be at least 1000 words long. 2. There won't be any out-of-character role playing posts. 3. Any and all arguments/debates must be at least 2000 words long. 4. Any and all arguments/debates must be supported by at least 3 separate sources.
  6. Robo

    This Just In

    Dexy told me this a week or so ago But yeah, it helps to know
  7. So THATS what a backhanded compliment is like. Ouch :P


  8. Robo

    Pokelog, Entry 1

    I despise you for being so cool Necro ;_;
  9. Robo

    Healthcare Got Passed

    I'd prefer a technical support reform bill to be passed, TBH.
  10. Robo

    Pimp My Blog 2

    Just put up randy shiny stuff
  11. Name: Robo Design: Front Back Description: It proclaims our pride in big boastful letters, and its got Master Tohu on the backand, and its easy to make B)
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    Ask Me Anything

    What's the name of the big toe on your left foot?
  13. Robo

    Then I'll always be there....

    "♪I'm already there. Take a look around. I'm the sunshine in your hair. I'm the shadow on the ground. I'm the whisper in the wind. And I'll be there till the end~♪"

  14. Robo

    We could be inanimate dust together :3

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