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  1. The sheer amount of time and detail and PLANNING I know this took. I remember just how painstaking my 1:40 lego stop motion video was, and I only had one set! Your use of sound effects makes otherwise obscure and confusing sequences of actions extremely clear as to what they are doing. The music also is really nice for setting the tone. One thought I had was that the hero is a bit of a dudley do-right style character to me, haha. He often seems outmatched but somehow comes out on top. I definitely like all the adversity he faces with seeming great difficulty, it's just kind of strange how basically overpowered he is, I guess he must be really tough! The villain seems a bit flat, if that's the right word. Like most villains, we aren't really shown any of his motivations, other than simply to kill the hero. I understand that this would be a lot more work to show, so I'm not really upset, just noticing it. One thing that occurred to me early on is that you spent a very painful amount of time getting the walking of the exploration team to look as smooth as possible. I find that while the dedication to detail is commendable, the result is a very slow walk, as though they are all weighed down by very heavy equipment. I think that even though the smoothness is nice it probably would be more worth the time doing those extra walking frames to instead do faster less smooth walking and dedicate that time to more of the plot and action sequences. You had some excellent choreography of those duels, I must say. Other than one point where they were clanging sword to sword without much footplay (5:12 ish, doesn't last for very long) it was all pretty engaging to watch and kept me wondering what you'd do next, since it was quite unpredictable. I think you did well to have the fight take place over several sets and with several different matchups of weapons, made for a unique and interesting sequence. Anyway your attention to detail and patience are extremely commendable. Great work.
  2. I love your art style, man! The three rankings of masks is interesting. At first I figured it was Mata, Nuva and Gen 2, but upon further inspection it seems rather you created an intermediary between Mata and Nuva, is that right? Either way, your designs look really good. Also all the work you put into designing the game was cool, I have often done similar plans, though with less skill in Blender behind me to get me from the ideas stage to the drawing board. I know it is super hard to keep the steam of creativity going with the sheer volume of content in the Bionicle universe... If you think that an animated film or series would be easier than a game, I'm not sure I fully understand, but it still sounds pretty cool. I imagine though that a game would get a lot farther without any music/voice acting (unless those also happen to be talents of yours) than a series, but even if it only culminated in these sick 3d designs, I'm still happy to see them. You are very skilled. Haha, you should make a time-lapse of your design process, I would love to watch someone who knows what they are doing sculpting my favourite characters out of raw polygons.
  3. Wow, I haven't seen your other stop-motions, but this is very well done! Very smooth, and nice photography with the pieces floating in and whatnot.
  4. Well, the choice is really one of convenience for me, as I own Warcraft 3 but not Starcraft 2. I have heard much about the editor, and should probably look into owning a copy soon, but I had hoped the price would sink sooner or later. I can certainly see your point about mods being less valuable in a small community, but hey, if there was anyone here who had the game the might have been interested.
  5. This may be straying out into no-man's land, but I myself have worked a wee bit and would love to know if anyone else likes the idea of a Warcraft 3 map designed around Mata Nui. I read enough of the topic to know that several capable fellows have their hands full with Call of Destiny, but the World Editor for Warcraft 3 is workable to coders and non alike (though it does use its own language called JASS)If someone else would like to see the map I have I can post it, and otherwise if anyone wants to give ideas or help that would be cool too.-Fire Entity
  6. Good concept. Ouch for poor Hafu, but I guess he had it coming, being so "incompetitive". (I believe uncompetitive is more correct?) Makes good use of the old favourite MNoG.
  7. #11 is a beauty and got my vote. Kudos to 14 on originality and also being well done. Entry 7 was also eye-catching.
  8. #7, though 16 is also very deserving in my opinion.
  9. Ah sorry, I wrote my answer badly. I meant to say that when you cannot see the toolbox, you could use my suggestions. I have to say that although I don't use text very much, it does not seem to me that big of a bother.
  10. I'm not sure I understand correctly the problem you are experiencing...Are you saying that when the image border is at the window border and you try to put text at the top or right of the image, the text box is no longer visible? If this is your problem I think you could solve it in two ways: first, zooming out will place the image within the window border allowing you to put the text box at any location and still see the text tool. My other suggestion is to place the text box somewhere else in the window that you can see it properly and once you have all the text options finished, move the text layer where you originally intended it to go.I am so glad Bzp is back, and this topic too! I wish the Art II forum were more active. XD
  11. I am very appreciative both of your skillz of an artist and also that laziness comic. Very real truth, and very really must be overcome. Speaking of the which, I ought not to be on BZP right now XDI wish success upon your endeavors, and I applaud the success that I have already seen.
  12. Fire Entity

    8-Bit Kit!

    Not to get too overly technical here, but 8-bit does not actually mean "8 colours" in any sense at all. A bit is a memory storage location, and 8-bit means that each pixel can use 8 of these storage locations to specify its colour. In 8-bit you can have up to 256 colours, including black and white. If you are interested, there's a blog article going into more detail on blogs.adobe.com, here: linkI was part of a megaman knock-off kit a while back that was called 8-bit. Those were good times. I enjoy the super-simplified representations of the Bionicle characters, interesting to notice what parts of them we choose to focus on and which we leave out, such as for you, you decided the different colour for arms and legs was not a necessary detail to define the character.I support this random act of creativity.
  13. don't you mean 'I fight -with- my friends'? =p hey sora what's up.

  14. I used to have a black cat who owned all other dogs and cats in our neighbourhood, it was awesome. but, then we moved, and felt it cruel to put him on a plane >.<
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