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  1. Where u goez?

  2. I MISS YOU TEO. =(

  3. You Silversmith?

  4. Aren't you the guy who made tons of banners a while back?

  5. *pokes

    *You still alive?

  6. Yes yes! I'm now part of the Mask of Sleeping Team! It's like a dream coming through you know. I really hope JuJu is going to let me make a lot of parts, because I've never been this motivated before. No way I'll let this chance go away. This is a life - time oppurtunity. Oh, and since it's so quiet around here ( Even silent... no one posts... ) I decided to do something about it. Why don't we have a contest? You can post a couple of short animations here. The theme: Forest. Be original. Show us something new and make some schweet animations. I will judge your animations of three things: 1. Originality and Story 2. Animation Quality. 3. Graphic Quality So, practically, the animation which has all three of this should win. I'll PM some of you, otherwise no one will ever come up.
  7. -TeeTeeTee-


    Yeh, you are so bored.
  8. Hey everyone. Today was a really boring day. You know those days were just NOTHING happens? Sjeesh. That's boring. I have some concerns though. About a trade I did recently. My package didn't arrive in two weeks *sigh*, now that's annoying. The package holded a Vahi. Let's wait one more week and see what happens, I said. Now, almost one week over. I hope it does arrive, otherwise, me in trouble.
  9. Just wanted to know what you guys think of it.
  10. Sounds good, but I wonder whether I'll buy one or not. My parents wouldn't appreciate it, I think. ╚╩
  11. I like the idea of this. Have any idea when it would be finished?
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