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  1. I'd say that it was the imagination, rather than the depth, of the story material that made Bionicle most unique. Not to say that the complexity wasn't neat, but all the depth in the world wouldn't help if the basic premise and setting wasn't compelling in the first place.
  2. I haven't been active here for ages, but I was just wondering: has there ever been any solid word/consensus on whether the Templar Flash animations or the Cathy Hapka novel takes precedence with regard to the Bohrok-Kal storyline? I mean, for a start they contradict over which Kal took which symbols, but also the animations have Takua, Jala and Tahu go out and find each of the other Toa in turn, and cuts off once they're all together, whereas the book has them all independently turn up at the "usual meeting spot" (ie. the place from comic #3) and it then segues directly into the Po-Wahi scene from the contemporary comic issue. I vaaaaguely asking Greg about this years ago, and getting an answer to the effect of "not sure, but would assume the novels", but can't find it in my inbox anymore. Personally, I'd prefer to go with the novel too, since it was written around the comics. Do we know for certain, I think, that a lot of the Templar stuff never went through the story team? (Oh man, I have a nine year spinny. That makes me feel old.)
  3. Quest for the Toa is very good, almost like a BIONICLE equivalent of the 2D Legend of Zelda games, if you've played any of them. There is some very silly dialogue at times, but it's mostly limited to generic characters, and the variety of Rahi enemies is lovely. Loads of Master Builder Set Rahi, plus others who probably would be buildable if you could get a better look at them. Definitely worth playing.Jalaguy
  4. You said 3-stud legs were new in your latest topic. But I had a set with a minifig with those legs in a set I got after growing out of Duplo.

  5. Jalaguy

    Gn #8

    Coincidentally, I got my copy today too, and I must agree, the art is gorgeous, and it's especially nice to see more of Zanier's work, having seen the shorter Hydraxon comic. Personally, I like the Skrall story's art the most, as I prefer the colouring Zanier does himself to the less gradiated tones the colourist for the Malum story used. Regardless, all the art, and indeed the story, is very awesome. Very well done to Greg and the artists on an excellent read! Jalaguy
  6. There's something called a word filter that the moderators put up. I don't know how you went around it. O_o

  7. Hey Skully, just saying that I've recorded my lines for chapter 3 of DoD, but the laptop they're saved is on is playing up. I should still be able to get them to you pretty soon though.

  8. Hey man!

    2 things.

    1, i have a number of podcasts up on my topic, if you want to check them out.

    2, the Karzahni parts are coming up, so i will need you to send those as soon as possible.



  9. Just one thing. Onua isn't the strongest Toa, Pohatu is. Onua is only stronger with the Pakari turned on. Why would the strong guy need a Mask of Strength? Jalaguy
  10. Happy Birthday! Have some cake!

  11. Jalaguy

    Mata Nui Revealed

    Thanks for clearing all those questions up Greg. Just a few things though... The story update on the website says that Mata Nui was standing for the first time in 100,000 years, which would mean he has always been laying down since his creation. This is a mistake, right? Secondly, was the Cataclysm the shockwave from Mata Nui landing on his back? Oh, and finally, where'd the stone base on his face come from? Was it always there? Thanks, Jalaguy
  12. Jalaguy

    Out Of Order

    I heard someone say somewhere that there'll be an edited together version of all the videos available eventually. Is this true? Jalaguy
  13. Cool, when all the CGI segments are out, will a complete version be released? Jalaguy
  14. Hey can you PM me Bitil's code? I deleted all the messages in my inbox.

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