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  1. Yes it does. You've just never seen Cee take off his mask before.
  2. No worries, everyone- I found a genuine Cee-estee sock puppet! Whenever you're lonely, remember: You have Cee with you.
  3. ...sneaky, Exo. Very sneaky.
  4. BoMEpsilon

    Oh Nose

    My condolences to your family and my wishes your TV lives happily in the afterlife. *puts flowers on its grave*
  5. Awww, that's so nice of you, Exo.
  6. BoMEpsilon

    Test Entry

    WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. So in other words, it does blogs.
  7. BoMEpsilon


    No, Chili's is the one without the apostrophe.
  8. Technorati Profile Edited. Curses! It doesn't work! As I guess, Technorati does not recognize BZP Blogs. Oh well, forget claiming this.
  9. Look what I see. And, uh, can you PM the link?
  10. They are. But WordPress is much better than Inivison Blogs. Wordpress > You. And nice blog, Bio.
  11. BoMEpsilon

    Test Entry

    ... I like my Wordpress blog more.
  12. BoMEpsilon

    Gone Fishing

    Little kids can be evil. Be cautious. They only seem cute.
  13. BoMEpsilon


    42 has to be a sign. Hey, Spi...wanna help run a cult with me?
  14. BoMEpsilon


    Don't worry, it'll grow back. Unless you got your head waxed.
  15. BoMEpsilon


    Rofl. Oh, and Spitty, you stole my old name.
  16. Oh, okay. I thought you didn't like me at all for a second.
  17. Yaaaaay! For the apartment, that is.
  18. Aw man, I can't beat that. >_<
  19. Of course. When it comes to crews, I happen to be the crew master. CREW MASTER, CORE!
  20. Not to sound stupid, but I like granola.
  21. Yes. In fact, I helped to code the Resource Center. I also upgrade the wiki software, but in terms of actual Reference, I haven't done much. Officially speaking, though, no, I'm not staff of BS01.
  22. BoMEpsilon

    Three Years

    It went the same way when I got my spinny MoL- I completely forgot it was coming up. Congrats!
  23. I don't have a fanny pack. -Omi I beg to differ; that's a pretty oddly shaped waist.
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