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    I've returned. I'm here to begin the start of the classics collection.

    I enjoy StarCraft, Command & Conquer and various console games, including the emulatable Metroid series, Pokemon (first three gens), Jak & Daxter, and Metal Gear Solid (Kojima kaminandesu!).
    For Music, try LP (yes, I'm old), System of a Down/Serj Tankian, and various other silly things. I tend to listen too much to the music made for MGR.
    I am a huge fan of Jurassic Park, Alien, the Matrix, and superhero movies. I also collect Yu-Gi-Oh cards.
    I have Aspergers and I was only diagnosed about a year ago. Just so you know.

    Steam: SCDivide
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  1. If anyone can send a message to Flintsmith (apparently his pm doesnt work or something) or can make metal masks themselves, please let me know. I want to request three masks for veeeery personal reasons.

  2. SO by this rule, does that mean Makuta's name isn't Teridax?
  3. IC: Konaro "Yeah, completely," Konaro replied, being careful not to lean too heavily on his injured arm. "Not gonna be in battle for a few days, but we should look for any full doctor with a Mask of Healing." He paused for a minute and then asked, "After we're all fixed up, what are we gonna do?"
  4. not a real pressing concern. Tbh I'd give it 7/10. I'd love to see you do the other ones.
  5. It's a fascinating setup you have for his design, but I'm not sold on the lack of blue.
  6. IC: Bohrei [Ta-Koro Hospital] She gave a taut smile. "'Doc'? That's a new one. Most of my 'patients' aren't very talkative. I'll leave the esitmates to the fellow who's healing you, but bar catastrophe you shouldn't be out for too long. I'm afraid I can't vouch for the practicality of any heroics, though. As for weapons, I'm afraid I haven't kept up with that sort of thing in a while." (This was only mostly true; a woman had to know where to get replacement parts for her revolver, after all.) "As for what happened back there... that's what I'm trying to get a picture of. It's one thing to mark a victim's cause of death as 'hole in the chest', it's another to understand who put it there and why. If you're feeling well enough to talk, what do you remember?" IC: Konaro Konaro briefly nodded. "Yeah, I do. Would help at least. Last thing I remember was I was lunging for someone, I was shooting some ice bolts at someone during the battle, then the Skakdi (Raaka I think his name was) and I came here looking for medical attention. last thing I remember was that the heat hit me like a wall." He paused for a moment. "I hope Raaka feels better soon. I'd like to get to figuring out what to do now about our current situation."
  7. IC: Konaro "So, how long before we're back in commission, doc?" Konaro asked. "I can't exactly idle my time away when there's heroism to be undertaking. Especially when it comes to that hospital in Ko-Koro. What happened there, by the way? And is there any place I can get decent weapons? I'd like to add to my collection."
  8. IC: Konaro "Hmm." Konaro mused. I thought it was only my head that was hurting. I don't feel any-" He cut himself short and drew in a sharp breath as he slightly slid his leg barely an inch to the left. "Ok, felt that one. Least it's not my mask. Right?"
  9. [OOC: For the sake of interaction I'll roll with this, but for what it's worth Bohrei and co. should be carting corpses at this point, not general patients, so if a third person winds up not-dead it's going to get a bit ridiculous. No worries, though! And sorry for the slow followup. ...Also, apparently I had a complete reading comprehension fail a while back and thought there were many more refugees/dead people than there actually were! My bad. Well, as Perp pointed out this allows for some Monty Python-esque "I ain't dead" moments, so maybe it's all for the best? Sorry for the confusion!] IC: Bohrei [Ta-Koro Hospital] The sound that came out of the Skakdi's mouth started as a groan and slid into a sigh as she thought better of it. "Dead people," she said to the room at large, "put the dead people on one set of carts, that's all I asked. It should not be a difficult concept." She looked down at her first 'patient' for a moment. "Stay there." She looked up to the Guardsmen. "Would one of you go fetch a doctor before another corpse turns out not to be?" Without waiting for an answer, she stepped over to where the Toa of Ice lay sandwiched between two bodies and carefully lowered the top - a glassy-eyed Voritxx - to the ground before turning her attention to him. "Hospital. No, you're not dead, contrary to surrounding evidence. Name?" IC: Konaro Konaro's head swam as he sought out the answer to the question. "Neoru Konaro. I believe I came in with a Skakdi. Where is he?"
  10. when I was living in the capital, I found that all the Toas save for a few Lewas and A whole lot of Pohatus were ravaged. Last I checked they only brought in more Galis and Lewas. They had a ton of protectors left. It was almost embarassing.
  11. IC: Konaro (Ta-Koro Hospital) Konaro opened his eyes and the blur before his senses settled into defined shapes around him. Unaware of what had happened, he looked around. "Uh," He said, "Where am I?" The pain in his head seemed to have subsided, and he felt confident he could comprehend whatever answer was given to him. OOC: Edited IC leadin for context purposes. Waiting on GSR as per Perplexed's advice)
  12. Ok, so I got the clear Kaukau and now I need a lime Rau.

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