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  1. Tahuri

    Plenty of Fish

    I read somewhere you're supposed to post a comic once every six years, right? Link -Tahuri
  2. Tahuri

    Months Of Refreshing

    This isn't really a comeback or anything. It was just a fun comic. You haven't answered my question.Are you planning to use all your characters more?Well the question is a bit irrelevant if I don't plan on posting another comic ever again after this, and I don't know because that might be the case. Because of that, I have no idea what characters I'd use in a "future comic," I really just use whoever I feel like other than Tahuri. Thanks, it's good to be alive, haha.
  3. Tahuri

    Months Of Refreshing

    This isn't really a comeback or anything. It was just a fun comic.
  4. Tahuri

    Months Of Refreshing

    Alive and doing well. Thank you. Yessir. Still do, it's kind of like a signature style. A style that has quite amazing results if you don't mind me being blunt.
  5. I second the notion (Superb Vahki by the way).
  6. *Gasp!* Yes a comic, I thought of it a while back when the forums had just crashed. Just thought I'd share. Enjoy! http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Tahuri/Comics/Comics/TahurisComics/Comics/comic25.png -Tahuri
  7. looky me pics

  8. Will you make comics again?

  9. http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.



    spread the news tahu is a ninja . c

  10. *music stops*

    what... i ment in your comix! 'agah' character sheet!

  11. *DN Angel - Mitsumeru Saki ni wa music on* sorry... tahuri im gust only well dono how to post anymore i wish my family can teach me how to...

    im phillipPbor

    phinto for short.

  12. can you let me join in your comix?

    phinto is my new name. so call me phinto.








    element:rain and ice

    think you! ;)

  13. Hows school? =)

  14. school got out 4 days ago, but I have summer homework >

    but its not too much, so I'm gonna be making some more comics too :)

  15. One week till my school gets out. =)

    which means I just opened my comics again =)


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