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  1. lol i thought i was on my own profile for a second

  2. You sir, are awesome.

  3. You were Hapori Dume in the epic I wrote, but I sort of stopped it... I hope I can still be your friend.

    But seriously, You got banned for a topic. Really, it should have just been closed. You shouldn't have been banned. You could've become a GM! Things can change!

  4. brakelatabasaasta to you too.

  5. You got banned before you could even get 10 posts. wow.

  6. conner has no friends -_-

  7. the previous comments are hilarious

  8. So, you're conner?

    THE conner?

    The upper-class twit that brought us the Secret Stomach Message?

    Lord Almighty of Extreme Spam...

    I salute you.

  9. No, conner, feed ME. I want a pastrami reuben on wheat, but I like spicy mustard, not that 1000 island ######.

  10. Please. i Know im not a staff member /reference kepper but please stop posting in banned members comment's. It's off limits

  11. Oops, I added that twice :o

  12. On the contrary ;)

  13. On the contrary. ;)

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