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    I'm right behind you, seriously.
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    My interests? You want to know my interests? Well, I'm flattered!<br /><br />Video games, writing (or typing, for the over-critical), occasional reading (especially Michael Crichton), movies, computer stuff, like BZP, long walks on the beach, thinking (yes, I'm aware), existing, etc. ya know, the usual<br /><br />I'm a devoted Christian, though I've still got life ahead. (I'm not typing this on my deathbed, I can't even find it. I think I threw it out by mistake...)<br /><br />I have nearly dominated every video game I own, including but not limited to: Zelda:Ocarina of Time, Zelda:Twilight Princess, Super Mario 64, Starfox 64, Star wars republic commando, star wars knights of the ol' republic, lego star wars 1 2 and complete saga, mario kart wii, pokemon snap, stadium, blue rescue team, diamond (I lost it not long after I got a shiny adamant natured Arceus [AR]), emerald, blue, yellow, gold, silver, red, hey u pikachu, animal crossing wild world, lord of the rings 3, midnight club dub edition, mario party 2, DDR Extreme, shadow of the collossus, bionicle heroes, We [heart] Katamari, Star wars battlefront 1&2, nintendogs, guitar hero legendz (stuck on medium, dang the orange button), and mario kart DS. Voila<br /><br />your probably thinking "Gosh, what a freakin' nerd! This fool has no life!"...<br /><br />you are wrong<br /><br />hasta la vista!

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    is my secret identity
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