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    I enjoy filming and writing. I've written over fifty stories with about a hundred poems. I also enjoy video games, HALO 2 ROCKS! Buying and playing with SW action figures. Lego's also kick butt. Bionicle rocks obviously! Computers are a high interest of mine, trying to find out something new with them. I take 'em apart and put 'em back together again, swapping parts to try and make them better. I took my first computer apart at 13. I work by doing people's computer's actually. Being able to do something I'm good at is great. And I can do so much more than that. I'm a total geek and nerd. I'm 6'6". I tend to wear black alot but I'm not goth. I'm learning how to play the guitar, not exactly excellent at it but I can play some Metallica. Music is awesome. Rock music is the best. There are so many awesome bands out there. I love Anime. I love Cartoons. I have such a long list! I can't really fill out everything. Comic books are great too. I have every Bionicle issue! As you can tell I'm a total Bionicle fan. Books are AWESOME! I love The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy series! Star Wars as well has a hand-full of great books, but I stray from New Jedi Order, it sucks. I love Graphic Novels. I have the entire Ultimate Spider-Man collection, and Batman: Hush. The entire Star Wars: Republic series. Comics are a great piece of writing, and the art is pure amazment. Mark Bagley is, hands down, the greatest artist in Comic History! And Brian Michael Bendis is the greatest writer to come from Marvel, ever really. Loeb is also another writer who actually did Batman right with 'Hush'. I hope to be a writer soon. I've actually, all ready, put together a short shory Murder collection. As well as my own little world of heroes and villians, which will be a great thing one day. English and Science are my two favorite classes. Math is a terrible thing for me. LOL. But I try. I love Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, 24, Justice League, Xiaolin Showdown (The greatest animation and story-telling ever!), Transformers, Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents, Beast Wars, Loonatics Unleashed, House, Supernatural, and countless others.

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