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    To continue my look into the world of Bioncle I will discuss Vakama, and all his aspects. He has to be the most intriguing character of the entire series. From his first appearance I could have never expected Vakama to have been a villain in the past. That's just epic, as I said before. No matter what anyone states when you look at it from a 2001 standpoint, it's just a shock, and a darn good one.
    Vakama is the most troubled Toa we have ever seen. He didn't want to lead, self-doubt over-took him. And he had the worst temper and anger problems there is. The makings of a fine character. Vakama is the Anti-Hero within the world of Bionicle.
    But through all the troubles and trials that he faced. Vakama stepped up and became one of the greatest Toa. He became a hero, saved all the Matoran, and prevented the end of all time as they knew it. Even with all odds against him. The other Toa had no trust within Vakama, nor did they even believe he could lead them.
    Vakama succeeded. And is now the wisest Turaga. But in his heart he holds the greatest regret. Deep down he knows the others will always look at him differently. But he stands above it. Vakama realized it's not about what others think. It's about who he was to himself. He is a hero like no other Toa.
    The most complex within all of Bionicle. Vakama, you are the greatest. And he is what made 2004-2005, the Greatest Years Of Bionicle.
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    Bionicle has always had an intriguing setting. As such, I'll allow my first entry to share the details of my personal history and views on the Bionicle lore. My first figures were Kopaka, Tahu, and Lewa. Kopaka had been my favorite character since first hearing about this mystical world set on Mata Nui. I actually completed the entire 2001 collection.
    I lost interest after the Toa Nuva, didn't care for the designs of the Nuva but bought them anyway. Kopaka had a cool one. The Kal story line seemed rushed and just not necessary. Mask Of Light brought me back, I actually have the entire Trilogy on DVD. Love the Movies.
    I think GregF is an amazing writer, but with everything comes mistakes. The Metru Nui Saga are my favorite years thus far. My all time favorite Bionicle character being Toa Hordika Vakama. I have all the Hordika and every other set from 2005. Something which I hadn't done since the Nuva.
    I also believe the Hordika to have the best designs ever. 2006 has been lacking. The designs are terrible. I've had the toys in hand and they just suck. The Piraka are fun, but the Toa are un-interesting. The only good thing about 2006 has been Stuart Sayger coming on as artist. He is one of my favorite artists EVER and love his work on Bionicle.
    He has brought a very stylized and Gothic feel that I've always believed the comics needed but never had. He's amazing at visuals and his backdrops are always spectacular. He's brought an interesting life to the characters that I can't enjoy with the toys. Except Brutaka and Axonn, love them.
    I hope he stays on for a better year to come. Here's hoping for 2007 with better Toa designs and a bit of a deeper Story. This whole story has seemed really predictable. Inika get mask, save the world, move to next Island. The only urgent feeling is that Mata Nui is dying. But even that's predictable. He won't die. And this year has lost the mystery and depth that I feel every story needs.
    The Toa aren't interesting. I don't find myself caring for them as I did the other Toa. And I don't even spoil myself. At least Sayger makes the art awesome. This whole arc wins over the others because it's just beautiful. Props to Sayger for saving the comics. Now don't get me wrong, GregF is an amazing writer, he's had a great run. But every story hits those little marks. Those rough roads, as it were.
    No, this has nothing to do with being 17 and growing up with Bionicle. This is coming from a writer. I know good story telling, and this isn't Bionicle at it's greatest. The story is passable, but it isn't spectacular. I will continue with the series, reading the comics, but I'll save my money for 2007. From what I've read 2007 shows promise.
    Of course, no matter what, 2005 will probably always be Bionicle's greatest yesr. The ever feeling of dread. A weary and separated team of Toa. The epic feeling of unexpected betrayal. Let's face it; when Vakama first appeared back in 2001 no one could have guessed he would have betrayed them all before. That was epic. And it deepened his character so much.
    I love Bionicle, and as long as it's around I'll follow it. But I don't have to love everything that comes from it. And I obviously don't. Bionicle could have done this year better after an amazing year from 2005. And Bionicle deserved better justice. So 2007, let's hope you give Bionicle justice.
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