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    Wherever you imagine me to be...except there. Sicko.
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    Hey, ervrybody.<br /><br /><br />So yeah, I like music. Metal, mostly. Here's some awesome bands:<br /><br />Accept, Agent Steel, Amon Amarth, Angel Dust, Angel Witch, Annihilator, Anthrax, Armored Saint, Artillery, Atheist, Bathory, Black Sabbath, Blind Guardian, Bloodbath, Bolt Thrower, Bonded By Blood, Bruce Dickinson, Burzum, Candlemass, Celtic Frost, Coroner, Dark Angel, Dark Throne, Death, Deicide, Demoliton Hammer, Destroyer 666, Destruction, Detente, Diamond Head, Dio, Emperor, Evile, Exciter, Exodus, Exumer, Flotsam and Jetsam, Forbidden, Gamma Ray, Halford, Hammerfall, Heaven and ######, Hellhammer, Helloween, Iced Earth, Iron Angel, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, King Diamond, Kreator, Lazarus A.D., Led Zeppelin, Malevolent Creation, Manowar, Mastodon, Mayhem, Megadeth, Mercyful Fate, Metal Church, Metallica (first few albums), Monstrosity, Morbid Angel, Morbid Saint, Motorhead, Municipal Waste, Nile, Nuclear Assault, Obituary, Onslaught, Opeth, Overkill, Ozzy Osbourne, Pentagram (US), Pantera, Pestilence, Possessed, Razor, Rigor Mortis, Running Wild, Rush, S.O.D., Sabaton, Sabbat (UK), Sacred Reich, Sadus, Sarcofago, Satan, Savatage, Saxon, Slayer, Sodom, Tank, Tankard, Toxik, Testament, Tyrants of Steel, Vader, Venom, Vio-lence, Warbringer, Warlock, Witchfinder General<br /><br /><br />And I'm probably the most tolerant metalhead you'll meet on the internet. I'm not going to go around criticizing people for having different tastes than me. It actually feels nice knowing I'm not like everyone else.<br /><br />I also enjoy movies. It has never ceased to amaze me how they get the pictures to move and talk. Must be witchcraft.<br /><br />I like anything made by Kevin Smith, Heavy Metal, Tenacious D, Wayne's World 1 and 2, both Harold and Kumar movies, anything with Beavis and Butthead, Little Nicky, any old horror movie, and many others.<br /><br />I also enjoy anything interesting or entertaining on TV. Hurray, TV.<br /><br />Whoopty Freakin' doo.

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  1. I just recently started getting back into bionicle lore and thought I should try to log into my old account. It's been a fun way to cringe at myself
  2. I just made mine up from my name

  3. No, I decided to name myself after Eddie, the mascot of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden, and put Toa in front.

  4. Hey you stole my name I made up

  5. oh yeah, I had one of those. Lost it though... its okay, I got 3 other maiden shirts lol

  6. yeah, i plan on getting El dorado with my Birthday money. I also got an Iron Maiden Tshirt with trooper eddie.

  7. YES. Have you heard El Dorado? At first I didn't like it, but after 10 or so listens, I now find it amazing. It's wierd.

  8. Are you getting the final frontier?

  9. I thank you, I thank you.

  10. Hey, Toa Ling, why you gotta be like dat man?

  11. dude I freakin love your avatar. Motorhead rules.

  12. You too, good Antich-I mean, sir.

  13. Gotta love the metal. Ever listen to Bathory?

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