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  1. IC: Reliable Narrator | Relic Fields The untethered shambled slowly up the stairs, eying each step carefully before it moved. It moaned again. The sound traveled up the stairs and into the office. Niidak realized it was getting closer. IC: Reliable Narrator | Suva of Water Holding up a handful of glowing algae, Drokk moved into the water. The pool quickly grew deeper as she approached the dome-like structure that sat in the center of the grotto, the seawater lapping gently against its surface. By the time she got close enough to reach out and touch it, the water was lapping at her chin. As she touched it, the elderly skakdi realized the suva actually floated in the water. It was not a dome, but a giant metallic sphere that rose and fell with the tide. It was too big and heavy to actually move anywhere, but it could be rotated with a little effort. One side of the suva was covered in the bioluminescent algae, while the other was bare. This made it appear to have a light and a dark side, although the metal underneath the glowing plant life appeared identical. IC: Reliable Narrator | Cliffside Temple Whira and Cravious looked more closely at the suit of armor, but it produced no further movements or signs. Cravious's query did not receive a reply. A long moment passed. Perhaps they were just going mad? Should either of them turn away from the suit of armor to look up at the room again, they would see they were not alone. Each darkened doorway that went forth from the room like the spoke of a wheel was now filled by a rahkshi. There were six of them, one for each doorway. They watched the intruders silently. Their armor was sleek and shiny, and each creature bore a different color to mark its particular power. Their spines, too, differed according to their type, as did their staves. But all had in common a menacing aura. Their cold eyes and cruel claws suggested the brutality of which they were capable. That they had not immediately attacked was proof enough that they did the bidding of their master—left to their own devices, rahkshi are fiercely territorial, and will slaughter anything that enter their domain. But these six did not attack. They stood quietly, as if waiting for a sign. Then one took a single step forward from its doorway. Its armor was black as pitch, and its silver spines were covered with jagged bumps. The room seemed to grow colder and emptier as it moved inside, as if it drank energy from the very air. It planted its staff on the ground with a thud that filled the room, and it spoke. "Welcome," it said. It did not speak in the hissing cry of a rahkshi. It spoke with a deep, dry voice, like the voice of an empty well. "It has been a long time since guests were received in the halls of Icarax." IC: Reliable Narrator Nektann wanders, adrift in an ocean of grief. He does not know why he mourns. He does not remember what he has lost. All he knows is that he has lost something. Something precious and gone forever, like the flame of an extinguished candle. Loss is all he knows, and he cannot escape it. It surrounds him and follows him and dwells within him. It is a void that cannot be filled. Where do dead things go? Is it the same place we go when we fall asleep? He does not have the words to ask these questions, but the questions themselves exist in his spirit, gnawing at the edges of his brain. They taunt him. A sudden burst of fury causes the surrounding rains to intensify, and he stomps a nearby hill into rubble. The violence is cathartic, but it does not answer his questions. The storm grows stronger as he continues southward. Where are the trees? The earth is brown and dead. He opens his mouth to weep, but can only bellow. His mournful cry echoes over the island like the sounding of a vast horn. Unbidden, a fragment of a memory from another life drifts through his mind. Sun-dappled leaves. A cool wind in his face. The smell of roses. lost gone for ev er ... The sky darkens over Kini-Nui. The clouds threaten rain.
  2. IC: Reliable Narrator | Relic Fields Using the seismic pickaxe, Niidak easily cut through the door's lock in a shower of sparks. A shower of sparks that, coincidentally, lit up the inside of the room to be seen easily by anyone outside. The wandering untethered look up, its undead eyes fixating on the brief burst of light. With a low moan, it began shuffling back towards the tower, searching for a way in. Niidak was too busy opening the door to notice. The door swung open to reveal a rather tidy office, especially in comparison to the messy desks and tables in the bigger office behind her. There was a trim little bookshelf was stuffed with thick tomes, and a filing cabinet containing —if she opened it to investigate— thousands of papers meticulously catalogued and categorized, and cross-indexed. There was a desk and a chair, both a little dusty but otherwise well-cared for. A pile of neatly stacked papers sat on the desk, along with an i-Stone, which appeared to be in pristine condition aside from a long crack gracing its screen. The chair was empty save for a faded blue cushion with a pattern of yellow flowers. IC: Reliable Narrator | Cliffside Temple Cravious bent down to polish one of the armor's kneecaps. When he looked back up, the helmet, which had been looking off towards one of the walls of the room, was now staring straight at him. Whira moved cautiously over to the hallway she'd chosen, but when she looked back, she realized the armor was facing a different direction. Neither of them had seen or heard it move. Had it really been looking in the other direction this entire time? Maybe it was just their minds playing tricks on them...
  3. IC: Reliable Narrator | Suva of Water Drokk descended. Out of the sun, back into the interior of the tower, then further down. The rotting wooden steps creaked and groaned under her weight, but held firm. The earthen walls were slick with moisture and algae. Then she came to the bottom of the spiraling staircase and entered a grotto beneath the island. There was space enough for about fifty matoran to sit in prayer on the sand, which circled around a pool of ocean water in the center of the cavern. The grotto was lit by bioluminescent algae that floated gently in the water, and in the center of the pool rested a circular suva. One side of the suva was encrusted more than the other with glowing algae, which made the shrine appear to have a light and a dark side. The seawater gently lapped against its surface, and lapped on the sand a bio or so from Drokk's feet. If she looked around, she would see the rocky walls of the cavern were draped in mosses and crusted with barnacles. Here and there, a little crab scuttled over the rocks. But between the flora and fauna, she could make out what looked like carvings on the walls. IC: Reliable Narrator | Cliffside Temple Whira and Cravious walked further into the dark hallway. The shadows quickly became thick enough that seeing was difficult even for Whira; this darkness seemed almost alive. Wherever the two looked, it was there the shadows seemed darkest, like they were actively trying to impair their sight. They saw movement out of the corners of their eyes, but nothing was there if they turned to look. It felt like someone was watching them, though no signs of life could be sensed nearby. Should Whira try to command the shadows, she would find they resisted her. It was like trying to tell a dog to sit when it didn't belong to you. These shades served a different master. The hallway turned into a spiraling stone staircase that ascended steeply. This time it truly ascended, and did not merely return them to where they had been before. They found themselves emerging in the center of a more open space. It was a wide, circular room, with multiple exits going forth from them like the spokes of a wheel from its hub, the hallways beyond utterly dark. The room itself was cluttered with the remains of things that had long since lost the battle against the ravages of time. Piles of mossy wood where once had stood tables. Bits of glass and metal that had once been arcane instruments. Rotted stacks of books whose pages disintegrated with only a glance. The air smelled of dust and decay. A single beam of gray light came through the single window, falling upon an empty suit of armor that reclined upon a stone chair nearby. The armor was old; the metal was half-eaten with rust and draped in all manner of lichens, mosses, and ivy. Plant life crept up the chair and twisted through the armor's gaps and crevices. Whoever owned this set of armor had clearly not donned it in a hundred years or more.
  4. IC: Reliable Narrator | Suva of Water Drokk stepped up onto the second floor of the abandoned watchtower. The parapets were half-fallen down, and the floor underfoot was sun-bleached and sandy. If she looked out to the northwest, she could just make out the mask of water breathing carved into the cliffside, the falling water glimmering in the afternoon light. If she looked southwest, she could see the place where the Riggers' home base had once stood. Now it was little more than a heap of driftwood; the aftermath of Nektann's passage. IC: Administrator | Ruins of Air "My protocols are interested exclusively in the protection and maintenance of these temples," the Administrator replied crisply. "I cannot control what happens outside, though Builders know I've tried. Of course, I don't want any heretic to possess more power, but I cannot stop it from happening. Nor can I barter with the god of nightmares on your behalf. What I can do is learn their rites, the better to defend myself against them should any come knocking." The temple was silent for a moment. A lizard skittered across the floor and gobbled up a bug. The Administrator had no clear idea of how to achieve the learning of taboos, for it was a dark art of the heretics and, naturally, unknown. Its first hint had proven unhelpful. But it scanned its databanks and came up with another idea: "If the remaker drives too high a price, then perhaps you will find more luck in the southern isles. It was there the Builders hid the darkest and most perilous magics, the better to isolate them and keep them from contaminating the rest of the world. I have never visited myself, so I can make no promises as to what you will find there. But if you are absolutely out of ideas, then perhaps it's worth a shot." IC: Tuyet | The Coliseum Tuyet walked the halls of the Coliseum like she knew them by heart. She didn't wait for Exuze; either she was confident he could keep up, or she didn't really care if she left him behind. IC: Tuakana | The Great Telescope I seek many things, the titanic aspect replied. The disks you spoke of. And a new form. To wield greater power. They were silent for a moment. They gathered their thoughts. Then they gestured to their body. This mind cannot wield the power necessary. It is not strong enough. IC: Oreius | The Ambling Alp Oreius glowered at the Aspect. He knew very well he was helpless to thwart Stannis's will. Had they really been brothers once? Now he was nothing but a slave.
  5. IC: Reliable Narrator | Stone Suva The Administrator's anger had no effect upon Sorilax—although a nearby lizard blinked slowly in astonishment at the intensity of the tirade. Within the bubble of silence, all was calm. The Rahkshi pressed its claw to the six-pointed star. Instantly, Sorilax felt his mind compress to a single point within a vast universe of stars. He was only a mote of light in a sea of lights; he was one dream among many dreamed by a single sleeper. Then, in a rush of gravity, heat, and light, he felt himself return to the Rahkshi's body. Knowledge passed through his mind like a storm. He saw twisted shapes whose meanings he could not discern. He heard voices cry out in meaningless languages, shouting words of victory or loss. He felt the cold needles of rain on his back and the blast of a furnace's heat on his face. Over all these sensations, he heard the thunderous words of a Taboo spoken without a voice and heard without ears.: Goodbye One by one you all will fall Your past and future all will dance In this moment you will stall As we stare you lose your chance Hello The shapes became clear. The words gained new meaning. In a moment of perfect clarity, Sorilax discerned the knowledge he had been given, and his mental understanding was reflected by the physical branding of the Taboo's symbol somewhere on his body OOC: @Kal the Guardian Congratulation on learning the Rites of Repose! You may add the following power to Sorilax's profile:
  6. IC: Administrator | Ruins of Air "Welcome back, Viltia of Le-Metru Nuva," the Administrator said in a voice that sounded like it was smiling. "Unfortunately, my protocols regarding this knowledge are quite clear! My task is to guard these sacred places, not to barter with heretics. If you are not willing to pay Irnakk's price, then perhaps you do not truly want it enough." IC: Administrator | Stone Suva Sorliax reached out to touch the Taboo when an angry voice startled him: "You! Heretic! What are you doing?" IC: Tuyet | Throne Room "Brilliant," Tuyet said. "Thanks, Spooks. Maybe you're not the worst after all. I'll feel bad when you're assassinated later. I mean... earlier?" She shook her head. "Whatever. Might not even happen! Toodles!" She walked out of the room at a brisk pace, the stones in her armor glimmering in the dim light. IC: Tuakana, Axxon | Great Telescope They gently took the sword from their sister's hand. It chilled them. Their essence retreated at the sight. It gleamed in the sunlight. Each ray refracted through the crystalline blade, lighting it from within. If one listened carefully, the crystal seemed to be singing in the light. A high-pitched tone chimed at the edge of consciousness whenever it moved. They swung it slowly. Carefully. Testing the weight. Hating its song. They knew without knowing that is was dangerous to their kind. Axxon recognized the sword, and marveled that it looked as polished and sharp as the day it was forged. Time had not dulled its edge nor softened its shine. Here, they said mentally. They pulled an old sword from its place at their belt. They handed it to their younger sibling. They had come across it in the desert. It was more rust than iron, and bits flaked away as it changed hands. But it would be enough to exchange for her sword of flames. Retrieve your weapon, little one. The world is not safe. IC: Oreius | Kini-Nui Oreius watched and listened. He sympathized with Knichou. Every second Aurax sat on the throne of Metru Nui was an affront to his spirit. But he knew Vulimai's argument all too well. Could he really sacrifice the lives of his people on the altar of his righteousness? Once, he might have said yes. But now? It was hard to say. As for Sidra: he didn't know her. But he liked her. She seemed to have her head on the right way. He saw Whisper wander away. He didn't care. IC: Taja | The Desert...? Taja stood on the shore and tapped a foot, arms crossed. She was bewildered. She stood on a peninsula that stretched out into the waters of a bay she didn't recognize. Last time she had traveled this way with Whisper, the desert had slowly changed into the swamps, one step at a time. But now the two were starkly divided. She stood on sandy ground, and across the channel, she could make out the green shapes of trees. The island was evolving before her very eyes, and she didn't like it. She didn't relish the idea of swimming across (even if she was a good swimmer, who knew what horrors these waters contained), and the other options were to build a boat, or start walking east or west and see if a land bridge appeared. She looked around. The desert was, well, a desert. Nothing much in the way of building materials. That left... She frowned at the thought. She'd practiced disk surfing on disks made of shadow, but she had lacked the concentration thus far to stay airborne for longer than a few seconds. Maybe conjuring a raft of shadows would work better? She doubted it. If a storm came up halfway across, she was dead. The quicker she crossed, the better. "Huh," she said. This would take some thinking.
  7. IC: Tuyet | Throne Room "Cool. No problem," Tuyet said, snapping her fingers. "I'll get right on it right after I finish, you know, saving the world." IC: Reliable Narrator | Mysterious Temple, Kumu Peninsula Whira cautiously began to ascend the spiraling staircase. The stairs were steep and worn smooth by the passage of time. There was no handrail, or anything else to aid in her ascent. As she turned the corner, she saw the steps led up to another hallway. She stepped up, only to come face to face with Cravious, who had been about to start descending.
  8. IC: Reliable Narrator | Suva of Water Drokk looked up at the watchtower. It stood alone on an island populated otherwise only by scraggly trees and crabs. It had once been two stories tall, but it was now falling apart. Its walls were bleached by the sun. Its stones were worn smooth by the wind. Parts of it had fallen down, letting sand and water in. Plants bloomed out of every nook and cranny, mosses and lichens having reclaimed this piece of civilization long ago. If she stepped inside, she would see a circular room full of sand and puddles of salty water. What had once been furniture was now driftwood scattered here and there. A staircase led up to what remained of the second floor, and also led down. The stairs were little more than packed earth and rotting floorboards, but they looked sturdy enough to hold her weight. IC: Tuyet | Throne Room "Go ahead and stop me, then, big guy," Tuyet said to Xaril, beckoning with both hands in a come at me kind of way. "But first, let me know where your mom lives. I'll leave pieces of your corpse in her mailbox in, like, ten different timelines." The two beings faced each other, neither blinking. Then Aurax broke the silence, and Tuyet jerked her head in acknowledgement. "Sure thing, Spooks. Like what?" IC: Spiriah | Spiriah's Labyrinth "No." Spiriah's voice was hard. Perhaps this final insult had pushed his patience past his limit. "Not conceding, you little figment of imagination. Ascending." The Mesi serving as Spiriah's voicebox suddenly crumpled to the ground. The shadows, gathered and coiled in preparation, flung themselves at Arkius with deadly intent. A dozen spears of darkness lanced through the air from every direction. Silent as nightfall and sharp as knives, their wielder directed them to skewer the presumptuous toa from every angle. IC: Reliable Narrator | Kumu Peninsula Dark clouds hung heavy in the sky as Whira and Cravious ascended their shadowy stairs. The tower loomed above them. It was difficult to tell where the cliff ended and the building began: the temple was built directly into the cliff, and its spires seemed to emerge naturally out of the rocky face as if formed naturally over million of years. Its edges were crude and its windows were few, but what it lacked in beauty it made up for in menace. It was a cold, cruel place. Yet it was not entirely lifeless. As the pair approached the entrance to the main tower, which gaped open like a mouth, they saw lichens and mosses clinging to the rocky walls and peeking out of its crevices. Strands of ivy laddered the rough-hewn sides of the structure, and algae grew out of the cracks between its stones. Water dripped down its surface, forming miniscule streams that trickled down the mist-wreathed cliffside to the ground far below. As the pair passed under the shadow of the doorway, they felt a sense of unease come creeping over them. Even Whira, who was unaccustomed to fear, was surprised to find that she felt a slight sense of trepidation as she crossed the threshold and stepped into the temple. The interior was as dark and cold as the inside of a tomb. Even though the open door stood behind them, the scant daylight seemed to immediately become lost in the gloom. Of course, darkness was nothing to an Aspect. Whira examined her surroundings and saw that she and Cravious stood in the entryway to a long, dark hallway. The floor underfoot was rough stone, and the walls were the same. As she took a few tentative steps forward, she saw two doorways ahead: one on her left that contained a set of stairs spiraling downward, and one on her right that revealed a set of stairs spiraling up. The main hallway continued straight ahead into a darkness even her eyes could not pierce. IC: Reliable Narrator | Relic Fields. The emergency kit contained a pack of bandages, a thin blanket, an empty canteen, and a battered-looking flare gun with a single flare. Niidak tried the handle to the closed door, but it was locked. IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui Kilo climbed up the mech and pulled itself into the front seat of the open cockpit. Its limbs shook with exhaustion: opening the door had taken all the energy it had. Sinking into the silicone of the seat, the Kralhi found it to be much more comfortable than the seat in Atamai's mech, although it was sure the seat had looked exactly the same only a moment ago. The seat had also changed to match Kilo's favorite color. Perhaps the robotic NUVA's tired circuits were crossing. The rest of the cockpit looked nearly identical to the other mech, but Kilo felt a strange sense of kinship that it hadn't felt before. Unbidden, its mind drifted back to the memory of the placcid lake it had envisioned during the NUVA awakening. Its feet rested on the still water, and another pair stood beneath, like a mirror. At the time, the shape had been dark and unrecognizable. But now Kilo knew exactly what it had seen. Without prompting, the cockpit began to close. It slid back into the spine of the ACR between the armored shoulder blades. It sealed with a hiss, and everything was dark for a moment, but it was not a dangerous darkness. It was quiet and calm, like the moment before the sun rises. Glowing circuitry began to light up, illuminating the walls the ceiling, the floor, and even Kilo itself. The machine was waking up. As it awoke, the ACR jostled and shifted, but Kilo didn't need to worry about keeping its balance. A sort of magnetic seatbelt tugged at its body, keeping it fastened to the seat. It was not uncomfortable or restricting. It just felt safe. Kilo raised its hand, feeling around for some kind of control panel, but it was greeted instead by the shrieking noise of tearing metal. It felt the ACR rip free of its metallic bonds, and then it had pushed itself up onto all fours and begun crawling towards the light of the tunnel's entrance. Each step seemed to shake the ground. Kilo found it could not feel worried about the mech's imminent exit, even though it was barely in control: the Kralhi was lost in the machine's excitement, its yearning for freedom. Then everything became light and Kilo realized the ACR now stood tall above the Kini-Nui, looking down on the ground a hundred feet below. This ACR was a machine, and yet it was more—much like Kilo itself. It was alive; it trembled with excitement and battle-lust. The Kralhi could feel the warmth of the sun as it dipped in the sky; it could feel the cool wind as it passed over the mountains, carrying the barely-perceptible salt-smell of the sea. Everything felt new and strange, and yet it also felt familiar, like reuniting with an old friend. The hands that swayed in the air, and played with the tips of the trees did not belong to Kilo, but it could assume control of them with the slightest thought. Its will passed effortlessly over them, almost like it was possessing them. Puffing clouds of steam vented from the mech's mouth, keeping time to Kilo's own internal clock. At some point in the past minute, its powers had fully returned. Its batteries and energy reserves were completely renewed. Not only that, but it felt even stronger. More than NUVA, Kilo felt as strong as three of its kind. And with each passing moment, Kilo felt more comfortable existing in this shared space. It was both pilot and mech; it was simultaneously driver and vehicle. It looked up, and saw Atamai's ACR from a new perspective, and a warm sense of kinship blossomed in its chest. The mech recognized its kin. And as it recognized one of its own, it spoke. It was a voice without gender or breed, and it spoke both in Kilo's mind and through the mouth of the titanic machine: "I am Patiwairutiki, Great Kaita of Prosperity, bound in my casket and shroud. My strength is unmatched, and my purpose is clear as the dawn. My pilot is K1R1 Kilo-M9 NUVA, one blessed in the light of Tren Krom.” A spear appeared in the ACR's hand. It had not been there a moment ago, but now there it was: as cold and solid and real as any weapon could be. Its shaft was illustrated with dozens of etchings of planets and constellations, each unique, and each visible in the night sky should the intrepid astronomer know where to look. The long blade at the tip looked as thin and delicate as a leaf, but it was sharp enough to cut the wind. Kilo felt where the weapon had originated: the suva kaita down in the center of the Kini-Nui. Patiwairutiki had called the weapon up to its hand with only a thought, choosing it from a vast cache of other weapons designed for the slaughter of the great rite-born monsters. The ACR raised a fist to its kin, and Malhukuraia returned the gesture. The two titanic fists connected in the traditional toa salute, sending a boom echoing across the valley that sent the birds scattering from the trees. "I now give myself to my pilot," Patiwairutiki said. Kilo could feel the presence of the kaita even as they submitted to their pilot's will. It raised its six eyes and looked out over the mountains, whose slopes were slowly deepening from gray to blue as the sun sank down towards the western horizon. IC: Reliable Narrator | The Wastes As Barius's life trickled onto his bed and stained the sheets, Nektann raised his head and unleashed a mighty bellow. The Tahtorak's cry split the clouds that surrounded him and shook the mountains down to their very bones. The rain fell harder, washing hills into plains and turning the wastes into a vast, silty swamp. The winds blew harder, tearing rocks from the cliffs and throwing them to the ground. The clouds swirled and thickened until the sky was black as pitch. He turned, and his tail made rubble of a mountain as he turned. He began lumbering south, weeping with rage and loss.
  9. IC: The Rock Rahi | Kumu Peninsula "Everyone has a name," the rock said cheerfully. "But until I learn someone's name, I just call them a potential friend." The fortress towered overhead, as if daring them to scale its cliffs and enter. IC: Tuyet | Throne Room "It's because he doesn't belong here," Tuyet said to Xaril. "He's a kid sitting at the wrong lunch table, and it's messing with the feng shui." "And that's the big question, isn't it, Spooks." Tuyet rolled her eyes at Aurax. "Um, he hitched a ride with me when I was trying to fix a different problem. Lemme tell you, your reality is just full of holes, and they're tearing open as fast as I can fix them. Like, three new paradoxes have probably started unravelling since this conversation started, and my knee just started aching, so a fourth is probably on the way. So, like I said, I should be going." IC: Reliable Narrator | Relic Fields No sounds came from below as Niidak ascended. The staircase eventually opened into a dim room, lit only by a broad window that let in what remained of the daylight. More of the same awaited her: cluttered desks, paper-strewn floors, and astronomy equipment in various stages of disrepair. Only one of the desks was strangely tidy (it probably belonged to a middle manager). If she moved over to the window to look outside, she would see an emergency kit sitting underneath. At the far end of the room, a closed door suggested there were further rooms beyond. IC: Spiriah | Spiriah's Labyrinth "Oh Arkius." The voice was softer and almost benevolent now, like a parent humoring a small child. "You don't understand, do you? "There is no happily ever after, and there is no justice. Not for you. Not for any of us. Did you think a story titled Apocalypse would end with us sipping bula juice on the beach? Fade to black, roll credits, with a post-credits scene to delight the die-hard fans? No. We are the doomed shades of a cancelled universe, a universe our creators couldn't let go. We are all sacrifices on the altars of our various gods. We live only at their whims, until we die or until we are forgotten, set aside to wait for a promised third act in a story that will never see its end." The shadows coiled, ready to strike. "You die here, Arkius. Your story is over. But count yourself lucky that you get a proper ending at all." ... "You are more fortunate than most." IC: Tuakana, Axxon | Great Telescope Yes, came the simple reply. The titan's mouth did not move, but their voice sounded through Mahrika's mind. It is I. This new body was given to me to serve the cause. Now, little one. Where is the sword? IC: Taja | The Desert As the sun began to sink back towards the horizon, Taja opened her eyes. She sat up and stretched, feeling reinvigorated. She made a quick breakfast of water and a handful of dried fruit, then continued her trek southward towards the swamp. The sandy earth sent up little puffs of dust with each step.
  10. IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui The river of golden protodermis quickly abated. The last few drops dripped from the edge of the tunnel and sank deep into the earth, destined to one day be uncovered by intrepid miners in the form of the purest gemstones. Kilo advanced into the mists of the tunnel, stepping cautiously over grooves in the floor into which the insatiable doors had retreated. The Kralhi's steps splashed in little puddles of golden energized protodermis, and it heard the splashing echo off the back of the tunnel that was still ahead of the, hidden in the mists. Kilo was welcomed by the sound of vents releasing steam, accompanied by the smell of ozone. The mists surrounded, deep and impenetrable. But at last, the dark shape that lay beyond was revealed. A massive ACR rested on its knees. It came into clearer view as the mists dispersed from the tunnels. Kneeling, it was the height of several toa, but Kilo could tell that once standing, it would easily be as tall as the doors through which it had entered. The vast machine was bipedal and of a rather lanky design, with long, strong arms and legs. It was plated with colorful armor. Thick ceramic, glass, and protodermis plating protected the core structure, joined together without any sign of bolts or welding. The craftsmanship was impeccable. This ACR, unlike many, had a head: it looked similar to the head of a maskless toa, save for the six eyes across its brow. Golden protodermis dripped from its open mouth, revealing the source of the stream. Each droplet hit the ground with a plip that echoed back down the tunnel. The mech's hands were large and strong, with thick armor around the exterior of the knuckles. The entire ACR was traced with lines of glowing energy that made the enormous machine appear very much alive. As Kilo approached, it felt a breath of hot air wash over its body, which confirmed the mech's appearance: it was a living machine. Kilo had not heard the sound of venting steam earlier—it was the rhythmic breathing of the mechanical titan. Kilo waited for some sort of sign from the ACR, but it did not move. Upon closer inspection, it realized that the mech was shackled to the ground by metal cuffs around its ankles and wrists. It was imprisoned here in this tunnel, waiting for its pilot. Kilo's eyes were drawn to the cockpit hatch protruding from the ACR's back. It was open and ready to be occupied. It was waiting for its living key. Should Kilo ascend, it would see three seats in the cockpit. Covered in supple, shock-absorbing silicone, they were more or less identical to the seats it recalled seeing in Atamai's mech only moments ago. OOC: @pokemonlover360
  11. @Harvali Ollem approved. @NorikSigma Kantai needs a different physical flaw. Having combat training is not a flaw, even if that particular brand of training isn't particularly useful in this setting. Sanso also needs a different physical flaw. Different parts of his profile appear to contradict each other, saying he is both proficient in combat and not really competent at combat. Prasral approved. I like that his primary weapon uses electricity, but he's also weak to it. Krozen approved. GMs will provide quests if necessary, but also keep in mind that there are several PCs already in-game with the knowledge and skills to forge, craft, and repair equipment. A more organic way to to "level up" your equipment would be to meet up with those characters and go on quests for them in exchange for their help. For example, Viltia (played by Kal the Guardian) is a skilled crafter who lives in the heart of the Fau Swamp. She might be able to help repair some equipment in exchange for someone helping her acquire more Vuata Maca crystals. Knichou (played by Bulik), an ex-Nynrah Ghost, would probably improve your equipment if you promise to help with his plans to thwart Aurax and his army of Vahki. Those are just the two off the top of my head, but it should be enough to get you started. GMs will keep an eye on these interactions and assist when required to make sure enough effort is being put in to justify the reward. tl;dr yes.
  12. IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui The door's hunger seemed insatiable. As Sidra, Atamai, and Kilo put their strength together, they sensed the void pressing against their minds. It sought to consume everything they could offer, and more. It was an emptiness that demanded filling, no matter the cost. The three beams of energy splashed against the door. The metallic surface shivered and crackled, but continued to drink. All three NUVA began to feel twinges of doubt at the backs of their minds. Would this work? Would it be enough? As before, Sidra and Atamai felt the door nibbling at the edges of their memories. It threatened to consume everything: more than power, it sought to devour their very selves. The three NUVA could not not break the connection if they tried. The door was in control now. They were plugged into it like batteries into a machine, and it was draining them dry. They felt their elemental reserves approaching empty. They had so little energy left to give... But, in their unity, the NUVA prevailed. As the last drops of power left their bodies, leaving them utterly exhausted and empty, they felt the door's hunger abruptly recede. With a loud hiss of venting gas and a high-pitched hum, the door split horizontally and began to open like the jaws of a gargantuan beast, releasing a flood of golden liquid as it did so. The energized protodermis splashed and shone in the sunlight, flowing over bare ground and leaving green grass and plants in its wake. It flowed down the hill towards the lake where the temple of Kini-Nui floated. The door opened, and no one died. The three NUVA had faced their fears and looked the void in the face, unblinking. Their courage satisfied the door's requirement. All three buckled as exhaustion swept through their bodies. Their limbs trembled and their lungs gasped for breath, but the weariness was tempered by the thrill of victory. The doors opened upward and downward until they vanished into the ceiling and the floor, revealing the entrance to a massive tunnel. The golden protodermis continued to trickle slowly out. A soft white mist floated out of the tunnel, obscuring what was within, but the silhouette of a large shape could still be seen. The mist hid its form, but the shape was nearly as tall as the height of the tunnel. It waited inside, unmoving, and the mist did not clear. Anyone who looked upon the silhouette, except Kilo, felt compelled against entering: they could sense whatever waited within was not meant for them. IC: The Rock Rahi | Kumu Peninsula "Yup," the rock said cheerily. "That's it! There's another pool inside that weirdly-shaped cliff. Someone else lives there too, but he's boring." IC: Reliable Narrator | Relic Fields The interior of the tower was dark. Niidak clutched her dagger tightly, heart thumping. She held her breath, the better to listen for the untethered's steps. She thought she heard its soft, keening wail, but wasn't sure if she was just hearing the wind. After a long, tense few minutes, the untethered had not appeared. Perhaps it was safe to go out? IC: Tuyet | Throne Room Tuyet rubbed her temples. "It's like I toldja. This whole universe is an unravelling paradox. It's falling apart at the seams. If I can find Axonn and send him back where he came from, like, I might be able to fix it. But the longer he's out wandering around, the worse it's gonna get." IC: Spiriah | Spiriah's Labyrinth "Oh no, Arkius," Spiriah said. "You had your question. Now it's my turn." The darkness seemd to grow thicker. Arkius could feel it pressing on his eardrums and the soles of his feet. "You brought me two blood-soaked talismans, Arkius. Offered them freely. And for that, I thank you. Now, before I kill you and swallow you whole, I would know one thing: why? Why did you sacrifice yourself to me?"
  13. IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui The door continued to consume. Atamai felt his elemental reserves beginning to grow low. Kilo felt the same, but also felt like the door was trying to consume more than they could offer alone. They needed more power, or Kilo would inevitably need to give up its life to sate the door's inexhaustible hunger.
  14. IC: Spiriah | Spiriah's Labyrinth "All the questions in the world," the voice said. "And that's the one you choose?" The darkness seemed to grow deeper and darker. It was almost palpable: a thick, strangling presence. "What about where am I? or why did you bring me here? Those are things people want to know. But who are you? Everyone knows that already. What a waste of exposition." The voice paused for a moment. When it spoke again, it sounded contemplative, almost rueful. "You are of Onaku's brood. Perhaps you will soon be cast aside, as so many often are. Too many names. Not enough time." Another pause. "For your sake, then, I will answer. For the sake of all the stories left unfinished. I am Spiriah. Aspect of Faith." IC: Tuyet | Throne Room "Alright, alright, I get it," Tuyet said, raising her hands. "Nice talk, Spooks. If you're not gonna help, then I guess I'll be on my way. Any chance I can get a lift outta here? Axonn's not gonna find himself." IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui The door eagerly drank in the offered power of both NUVA. Its hunger was so voracious, it almost seemed a living thing. The negative counterpart to the NUVA themselves, a living void aching to be filled. How much more would they give? IC: Reliable Narrator | Relic Fields The untethered monstrosity shambled slowly after Niidak, into the shadows of the towers. She could easily outrun it, but she knew it would easily outlast her. As long as it could see her, it would continue its pursuit. The towers loomed in the dying light like massive gravestones. The wind sang between them, filling the ruins with an eerie whistle. Every so often, the untethered would echo back the sound with its own keening cry. IC: The Rock Rahi | Kumu Peninsula The Rahi moved on like a rolling stone. It rolled over bare rock and over patches of scraggly grass. It rolled through algae-crusted puddles. It rolled ever south. Gradually, a shape began to emerge from the mists. It was a tall, twisting tower carved out of. the rocky face of a cliff. Its spires pointed accusingly at the sky. Its windows were dark. It was still a ways off when the rock rolled to a stop. "There, it's just over that-- oh, did we lose someone?"
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