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  1. Name: Oreius Species: Toa of Fire Faction: Metru-Nui Description: Oreius’s body is orange and black. He stands a little shorter than the average height for a Toa, but he would be taller if not for the odd hunch he carries over his right shoulder blade, which causes his neck and head to jut forward. This lends him a perpetually hunched appearance, and does nothing to improve the glower that rarely leaves his face. Usually, his golden eyes are knitted in a frown and his jaw is set, betraying little emotion and less friendliness. He wears a set of silver-gray experimental armour. When the armour is actively being used (i.e. when kinetic force is activating the Kanoka), the power lines and the attached armour will glow gold due to the energy moving through them. This glow fades when the armour is not actively being used. (see Mask/Tools) Background/Occupation: Oreius’s history is about as penetrable as his perpetual scowl. He has served for centuries as a protector of various islands in the Silver Sea, moving from place to place as need calls. His original homeland is lost to history, but some say it was destroyed by an ancient power, and he has spent his life on endless combat as a way of atoning for his failure to defend it. Regardless of what drives him, he only stayed in one place long enough to defeat whatever threat it faced before moving on, refusing any thanks beyond provisions to get him to his next destination. Eventually, he joined Metru Nui's forces and served Turaga Dume as a military leader on the front lines of the war against the League of Six Kingdoms. Powers/Abilities: As a Toa of Fire, Oreius can control fire and heat in all its forms, from heating or cooling an area to creating powerful blasts and beams. He can absorb or release fire at will, and can detect sources of heat. He is also resistant to high temperatures. Having spent his life in battle, Oreius is a consummate warrior. His body is a weapon that he wields with brutal grace, honing in on enemies’ weak points and finding cracks in their defences. His martial skill is formidable, as is his knowledge of tactics and strategy. Mask/Tools: Oreius wears the Mask of Pain, a rare Kanohi that allows him to detect flaws and weaknesses. The mask is always on at a low level, informing him of the most effective way to incapacitate anyone around him. He can mentally focus to receive more detailed information, but otherwise, the mask will simply inform him of the most efficient way to inflict debilitating injury. Oreius carries a single short sword, which he straps to his back when not in use. This blade is utilitarian in appearance, bearing more resemblance to a butcher’s knife than the ornate weapons that other Toa often carry. The sword is one of a pair, but he lost the other while capturing an island from the League. To make up for his lost sword, Oreius donned an experimental suit of light armour. This armour is built to accommodate four Kanoka disks in four sockets. From these sockets run four cables, one to each of his limbs, where they attach to two gauntlets and two plates on the top of his feet. When one of these pieces of armour is subjected to sufficient kinetic energy (through a punch or a kick, for example), the attached Kanoka is activated and transmits its energy to whatever object was punched or kicked. The disks are permanently installed in the armour, giving Oreius the following powers: Freeze, Weaken, Regeneration, and Reconstitute at Random. Flaws: Oreius does not deal in subtleties or shades of gray. He sees the world in black and white, good and evil, and has made it his life’s purpose to root out anything that threatens the Matoran. As such, he will not stand down against anything he perceives as evil, and will fight until his last breath, never allowing thoughts of surrender or retreat. His armour can be disabled by severing or crushing the power lines that run from each Kanoka. If a connection is broken, Oreius can no longer activate that power until it is repaired. *** Name: Taja Species: Toa of Sonics Faction: Metru-Nui Description: Taja stands at average height for a Toa, with a slender black body and dark gray armour. Her blue eyes shine from behind a gray Huna, and she carries a Kanoka launcher strapped to her back. Background/Occupation: Taja used to live in Ko-Metru, whose quiet streets and even quieter inhabitants suited her well, being sensitive to loud noise as all De-Matoran are. She worked as a scholar in the Knowledge Towers, where she studied the stars and translated the work of other scholars. However, unlike many scholars, she enjoyed more lighthearted pursuits in her spare time, such as disk surfing. When the Krom Sphere changed the skies, Taja travelled to Ga-Metru to consult with the Astrologist, Nixie. She met Okuo and Kohara, and they joined forces to recover Ga-Metru's Great Disk. Upon successfully obtaining the disk and returning it to Turaga Dume, Taja was transformed into a Toa, and she joined the battle for Metru Nui. Powers/Abilities: Taja's sensitivity to sound is both a weakness and strength. Her enhanced hearing allows her to listen over long distances and to hear sounds that would go undetected by others. As a Toa of Sonics, Taja can control sound in all its forms, from imitating noises to unleashing powerful blasts and beams. She can absorb sounds to create silence, manipulate soundwaves to weaken structures, and use sonar to "see" without her eyes. She's a fair shot with a Kanoka, preferring it over using her powers. As a Matoran, she learned to surf at high speed through the chutes and canals of Metru Nui. Equipment: Taja wears a great Huna, the Mask of Concealment. This mask has been modified to include silencers over her ears, which can be manually adjusted to allow more or less sound through. Her Huna also sports a custom lens over one eye that she can activate to enhance her vision, which aided in her work studying the stars. She carries a protosteel Kanoka launcher strapped to her back, as well as a small collection of various Kanoka disks. Flaws: Like all De-Toa, Taja is sensitive to her own element. To avoid noise, she tends to isolate herself, and speaks as little as possible. She's slow to trust others, preferring to keep her own counsel. Being a new Toa, she is unfamiliar with her new powers and has limited control over them.
  2. IC: Taja | Ko-Metru Taja watched in horror as Sans's impact broke the bridge, sending both Pridak and the Turaga tumbling down to the cold streets far below. She reached out a hand as if she could somehow will gravity to reverse its terrible pull, but she was no Ba-Toa. Desperate, her concentration lapsed and she accidentally opened the conduit too wide, and her elemental energy came forth in a torrential burst of sound that seemed to shake the very earth beneath her feet. A long, low, rumbling note sounded, pulsing until the air itself seemed to wobble. A few League soldiers nearby staggered to their knees, their bones vibrating under their skin. Clenching her fists, Taja wrestled the sound under control, abruptly cutting it off. She looked up and her heart leaped as she saw Sans suddenly airborne, carried out of the chasm by a strange Toa of Air. In her relief, it took her a moment to notice that the deep, growling sound was still shaking the ground. She frowned and looked within herself, but it wasn't by her power. The entire world seemed to be trembling of its own accord, shuddering like it was in pain. A booming thu-thump echoed underneath it all like the beating of an ancient heart brought suddenly to life; almost too low to hear, she felt it more than she heard it. Then the skies changed again, and she thought would have been used to it by now, but she wasn't. Last time, the stars had simply rearranged themselves into new constellations; this time, the blue sky faded to be replaced by night, and the darkness was studded with thousands of strange stars whose names she didn't know. They glittered in the darkling sky, whispering of new prophecies yet to be deciphered, and their language was foreign to her. The shaking grew stronger and the Toa of Sonics fought to keep her feet. The knowledge towers shivered around her; as the quakes grew more intense, their foundations failed and the sound of the crystals cracking and splintering filled the air like the music of chimes over the bass line that still rumbled underneath. They began to fall one after another, tilting slowly and then falling quickly before smashing to pieces on the frozen ground. The wisdom of the stars lay in ruins around her, all the scholars' knowledge reduced to piles of broken ice. A final, violent movement finally knocked her down; it felt like the entire universe had been suddenly wrenched out of place. A vast crack! boomed through the world, like the breaking of a colossal neck. The stars whirled overhead, their alien constellations reduced to smears of light. Stomach churning, Taja closed her eyes tightly; she felt like reality itself was gyrating wildly, like she was on an enormous merry-go-round that was spinning out of control. She reached out with her powers, trying to listen for anything that might make sense out of the chaos, but everything was drowned out by the deep, rumbling song whose words she did not understand. Once again, the stars had changed, and now fate had set them all on another path. The song of the future was sung by different voices. Destiny had undergone a great and terrible rebirth.
  3. As the current HF RPG has been inactive for two years, I suggest making a new one. Of course, any ideas for new RPGs should be posted in this topic first, where potential GMs can get an idea of what players want and how many people are interested. If enough people are interested in playing a Hero Factory RPG, then go for it!
  4. IC: Oreius | Ga-Metru "You can sense his weakness, I can feel it. You can end this threat permanently, protect those you have sworn to. And you know that it requires only one stroke..." Indeed, Oreius's mask detected all the weak points he had seen in Skorm concentrated in the Av-Matoran; the fearful, confused Matoran was the point that would cause Skorm the most pain. The Toa wanted nothing more than to scour this bridge in cleansing fire. Whatever these... things were, they were abominations. They were unnatural, and only moments ago the sum of their parts, the Toa of Light and Shadow, had stood in his way. Stood between him and the Matoran he was sworn to protect. It would only take a moment. All he had to do was reach for that flame that burned in his chest, that gift from the Great Spirit, and let it out. But something stopped him. He looked down at the Matoran and saw that it was afraid. Perhaps this was all a trick, and danger still lurked, ready to strike. Perhaps this being was only an illusion, or the bait on some trap that would spring shut the moment he lowered his guard. Perhaps... or perhaps not. A flicker of colour ran across the Matoran's frame, like its armour reflected light that no one else could see. And Oreius remembered. "I still don't get how you do it." "Do what?" The Ta-Matoran leaned back, hands behind his head. Before him, a yellow beach sloped down into the rolling surf. "You know. Change colours." The other Matoran shrugged, a splash of orange rippling across his body as he moved. "What's there to get? I'm an Av-Matoran. It's what we do." "I know it's what you do, but I still don't get how." The Ta-Matoran reached over and placed a hand on his companion's arm. As if on cue, the armour under his fingers bloomed green. The colour of the grass at the edge of the sand. "It was white just a second ago. Now it's green. Did it really change? Or is it just an illusion?" The other Matoran shrugged again. "I don't know. It's got something to do with light, I guess." "Obviously." His companion looked smug. "If it's so obvious, then why didn't you say so?" The Ta-Matoran sighed and flopped back onto the sand. "Never mind." A long moment passed, marked only by the slow, measured pace of the tide rolling up and down the sand. The Av-Matoran looked down at his green arm and frowned in concentration. The green withered under his gaze, his arm returning to a pristine white that matched the rest of his armour. He paused, then frowned again. The white darkened to a deep gold that splashed across his torso, quickly covering his entire body. When the colour settled, he looked over at his friend lying on his back. "What do you think?" he asked. The other Matoran looked over. "It looks good," he said vaguely. "Good?" "Yeah." "Better than the white?" "If you say so." The now-gold Matoran smacked him on the shoulder. "Do you say so? I'm asking." The Ta-Matoran shrugged helplessly. "You know what I'm going to say." "That you don't care." "No. That you look fine either way." "Fine?" "Okay. Great. You look great." "Now you're just pandering." The Ta-Matoran sat up, half-laughing. "I can't win with you." "No." The Av-Matoran looked satisfied. "I'm always the winner." "If you say so." "I do say so." "Then you're right." The two of them sat in silence for a long time after that, watching the sun sink down towards the horizon. At last, the Av-Matoran spoke again. "I just want to look good for tomorrow. You know. For the ceremony." "You'll look great. Don't worry about it." "Well, what if one of us is chosen to be a Toa? Does that mean..." He seemed briefly lost for words. The other Matoran seemed to realize that this was the heart of the issue. "If you become a Toa, then you'll be the best there's ever been. Don't worry." "No. It's not that." The Ta-Matoran looked confused. "What is it?" "If one of us is chosen..." The Av-Matoran bit his lip and stared resolutely out at the horizon. "...then we'll leave. Maybe for good. Go off to be a Toa and I'll be left here..." "Don't be crazy," the Ta-Matoran said sternly. "First of all, I won't be chosen. Who needs another Toa of Fire?" He reached out and placed a hand on the other Matoran's shoulder. "Second, I'd never leave you. I mean... how could I?" "Easily." "Don't say that," he said roughly, pulling the Av-Matoran in for a hug. "I mean it. I love you." A long pause. Then the golden Matoran released a long breath and relaxed into his arms. "...I love you too." His vision suddenly blurry, the Toa of Fire stayed his hand. The fire in his palm went out, and he lowered his sword. He knelt down next to the Matoran, who looked at him with a mixture of confusion and terror. If this was a trap, then he would allow himself to be captured. For the sake of another Matoran, from another island and another time. "It's alright," he said. "My name is Oreius. I'm here to help you."
  5. IC: Taja | Ko-Metru The rookie Toa followed Sans, fending off the occasional League soldier as they made their way towards Pridak. The supersized Turaga was absorbing the brunt of the League's attacks; Taja didn't know how long he could sustain his assault, but it was a lot of punishment for a Turaga, even one the size of a building. She scanned the surrounding buildings for long-range attackers, feeling fairly confident that Sans could take out anyone who foolishly wandered into melee range. There— a soldier with some sort of energy gun was firing on the giant Turaga. Taja focused, drawing upon the well of energy that only minutes ago had seemed inaccessible. Now it felt hard to contain, like tapping into it might unleash something she couldn't control. Carefully, she drew a mental line from her fingertips to the Takean, tracing out a path for the sound to travel. Then, like Sans had taught her, she extended her own vibrations beyond herself, sending a high, keening bolt of sound out into the world that shrieked through the air and blasted the League soldier off his feet. They were getting closer. The Toa of Sonics looked for another target and prepared to fire again.
  6. IC: Taja | Ko-Metru Her shout had yet to finish echoing when Taja raised her launcher and fired a disk. A Takean suddenly found himself half-encased in ice, his limbs quickly going numb. The Toa of Sonics hoped that would hold him as she loaded another disk. Before she could fire, another soldier was upon her, broadsword raised to strike. With nothing else at hand, she braced her right arm with her left and caught the blow on her launcher. Sparks flew as she staggered under the assault, but the metal was undamaged and so was she. If there was a moment to remember how she'd called forth a blast of sound in the airship, this was it. Pointing her left hand at her attacker, palm outstretched, the De-Toa looked inside to find that thrumming energy she'd felt earlier. It was easier this time, almost like tuning into a radio station. She felt the familiar vibrations begin to reverberate through her bones, and directed them out of her fingertips into the air. All this was accomplished in half a second; she had no time to choose the frequency or dial back the decibels, and the resulting blast of sound was so low that she felt it more than she heard it, and so powerful that it knocked her off balance. The Takean soldier received the worst of it: she was blown back and launched ten feet into the air before crashing back down to earth, knocking one of her comrades to the ground. Taja took the opportunity to fire another disk. It was a weak shrinking disk: the unfortunate recipient shrank to half his size, almost cutting his own head off with a weapon that was suddenly bigger than he was. She felt like she was starting to get the hang of her new powers, but she still felt more comfortable with a disk launcher.
  7. IC: Taja | Ko-Metru They landed safely, but Taja hardly had time to appreciate it. Pridak's army surrounded them, mostly alien beings with long limbs and cruel jaws, and all bristling with deadly weapons. The Toa of Sonics swallowed her fear and readied her disk launcher when a strange Toa suddenly sprang from the enemy's ranks before blasting several soldiers with lightning. "I'm on your side," she said. Unexpected, but the day was already full of surprises, so Taja accepted it without much question. They were going to need all the help they could get. At least this was a good chance to live up to the title of Toa. She figured she probably wouldn't ever get a better one. A handful of heroes standing against an army of bloodthirsty invaders... these were the stories she'd grown up reading. These were the legends that, even now, still echoed in the stars. If this was her destiny, well, it was a pretty epic one, all things considered. She'd never asked for it or even dreamed of it, but the stars had sent her down this path all the same, and she would walk it to the end. Raising her launcher, Taja yelled a battle cry. The shout seemed to come from her very soul, and it started out as her voice but quickly turned into something louder and stronger and stranger, like the sound of a vast trumpet sounding from somewhere beyond the clouds. The blast of sound reverberated out from the Toa in a circle, the air itself shimmering like they were suddenly underwater, and the knowledge towers around them seemed to shiver in response.
  8. IC: Oreius | The Great Temple The situation was growing stranger. The newly formed Toa of Light seemed less inclined to violence, so Oreius chose instead to focus on the Toa of Shadow and its inky counterpart. He figured getting rid of all the shadows would be a good start. The Toa of Fire made a fist, then pulled upward in a sharp, jerking motion. Heatless fire burst to life in a large circle surrounding the seven beings. The bio-high flames licked the air, dancing like ordinary fire would, but the light they cast was colder and harsher, and it emitted no warmth. All shadows within the circle dwindled away. That accomplished, Oreius reached to place a hand on the Kra-Toa's shoulder... OOC: @Keeper of Kraata
  9. As a kid who was obsessed with pirates, I've always loved the LEGO Pirates line. In fact, I remember when I first came across the Barracuda as a kid. It was awe-inspiring. I purchased some of the later Pirates sets over the following years, but none of them seemed quite as awesome. I wrote it off as childhood nostalgia—after all, nothing is as cool as it was when you were a kid, right? That's what I thought, but now I'm not so sure. This set really captures that same sense of wonder, especially with all the little details and play-ability. It looks incredible, and I love all the little touches that hearken back to those old Pirate sets of the 90s. I'm really tempted to splurge on it, even at that hefty price tag. There's no amount of money you can pay to recapture your childhood, but looking at this set kinda makes me feel like I'm six years old again.
  10. IC: Taja | Aboard the Airship Taja did her best to swallow her frustration and follow Sans' advice. She stretched her hand out, fingertips quivering slightly as she concentrated. "Imagine your entire body is composed of sound." She closed her eyes. She thought back to the moment of her transformation, when Dume shouted her into a Toa. His shout had resonated through her bones; her every cell had seemed to vibrate at a single frequency, like she might shimmer out of existence at any moment. She imagined she could feel it again. She imagined that her body was made of sound, a wavelength stretched and coiled into a person. When Sans spoke, her entire being rippled in response, absorbing the vibrations of his words into herself. "Your entire body is sound..." Each word was composed of vibrations, each syllable a frequency she could pinpoint on a scale. Opening her ears beyond the Turaga's words, Taja listened to the sounds of the ship. Leklo's heart thumped with excitement and fear, each low bu-bump reverberating through the air and echoing through her own body like the sound of a drum. The engines hummed a low D-sharp; the ting of a disk striking the hull rang a high, clear A. The wind outside whistled around them, singing up and down the scale like it was showing off. And beyond... sounds too faint to understand, but she knew they were there because the air carried their vibrations long after the sound had lost all meaning, and they, too, rippled through her body, her every atom vibrating in response like a still pond rippling long after the thrown stone has come to rest on the sandy bed. "...now reach out and shift your body to extend beyond your physical form." She realized now, in a blurry, roundabout way, that receiving sound was only one side of the coin. Just as the reverberations of the air could set her whole body vibrating, so could she reach out and send her own vibrations into the world. The power had been there all along: even as a Matoran, she could shout or sing or whisper sound into being and these were all lesser manifestations of the power that she felt deep within herself, resonating like the taut skin of a snare drum. Now, as a Toa, she didn't need to move her mouth to bring sound into the world. She had only to allow her body to resonate at the frequency of her own elemental energy. It sprang forward eagerly, travelling through her veins like liquid fire and out from her fingertips into the air, which now seemed as easy as anything, as simple as moving her own fingers, like the air itself was an extension of her own body, carrying whatever vibrations she wished to their destination. She directed the path of the sound. Target: box. She carefully decided on the frequency—a B of some kind, high enough to hear but low enough to be pleasant—and a low note sounded through the airship's cabin as the air rippled, moved by an unseen force, and struck the box, knocking it over. Her heartbeat thundering in her ears, Taja raised her hand and looked at in wonder, as if seeing it for the first time. I— I'm a Toa.
  11. IC: Oreius | The Great Temple Sko looked at the Ta-Toa. "I fight for the sake of all. I can't abandon my-" He was interrupted as Tekmo's mass of writhing vines hit him and entangled the Light being. As they grappled him, he could feel himself getting lifted off his feet. Sko began charging light energy in his fists, focusing a beam of light between them. "Your masters are slaughtering innocents," the Toa of Fire replied. "And you are guilty by association. Matoran blood is on your hands." Conjuring a fireball in his off hand, Oreius prepared to strike. "If you do not surrender now, then your blood will be on mine."
  12. IC: Taja | Airship to Ko-Metru The newly minted Toa of Sonics looked doubtful at Turaga Sans's suggestion. Was it really a good idea to tell three rookie Toa to just start blasting when they were hundreds of bio in the air? The hull of the airship, which had appeared sturdy and reliable only moments before, suddenly seemed paper-thin, like a sneeze would tear it open and send them all hurtling to their doom. Taja frowned and tucked away these morbid thoughts. The Turaga was right: they needed at least some practice before they threw themselves into open battle. And knowing the consequences of a misfire made it all the more necessary to learn control now. Extending a hand, she closed her eyes and looked inside for the well of elemental energy that Sans had described. The only problem was, she didn't really know what she was looking for. Was it supposed to feel like a warmth? A buzzing like an electrical line? What did energy feel like? Her body felt the same as it had before, just bigger, stronger, and more unwieldy. She didn't feel any new "essence." She was the same Taja she'd always been. She clenched her fists and resisted the urge to kick something. She was already nervous, and this failure to locate her own elemental power wasn't helping. She hated feeling helpless. They were minutes away from confronting Pridak's forces and she couldn't even muster a shout. What was going to happen when they touched down and all she had was a fancy disk launcher and two big feet to trip over? Some help she would be. She had to keep trying. Her power had to be there somewhere. If she just tried hard enough, surely she'd find it. ...right?
  13. IC: Oreius | The Great Temple The Toa of Fire hung back for the first few seconds of the fight. Uncharacteristic, perhaps, but he knew that this battle would be long and hard-fought. The Barraki's siege might go on for weeks, and he needed to stay in fighting shape until the bitter end. He couldn't afford to spend everything like he had done on the last island. So he waited, concentrating on this odd Toa's weaknesses, taking every advantage he could get. The Toa of Light and Shadow (it was now obvious that's what he was) was similar to the Toa of Fire, in a way. He preferred to get in close, to move first and hit hard, as extended combat quickly took a toll on his strength. Oreius supposed this was partly due to the self-contradictory nature of the Toa's powers: every blast of shadow weakened the next burst of light. Skorm was a man constantly at war with himself, and Oreius sensed that this was a weakness too, although he had little idea of how to exploit it. Doubt was certainly a flaw, but it wasn't something you could really take advantage of in a fight. Then the Toa split into two, and everything got a little more complicated. The Toa was literally two beings, one of Shadow and one of Light, and yet his mask informed him of no new weaknesses or strengths. As far as his Kanohi was concerned, these beings were no different fused together than they were apart. Gripping his sword, Oreius approached Sko. "Stand down, Toa. I will destroy you before I let you harm my people." OOC: @Keeper of Kraata
  14. IC: Taja | Aboard the Airship The airship rose quickly from its berth, then began moving west towards Ko-Metru. Despite Sans' empowering speech, Taja couldn't help but feel a little nervous. Actually, make that a lot nervous. She was a scholar, not a soldier. Defending the city was a task for the Vahki or for Toa... but she was a Toa, wasn't she? It felt odd to call herself that, like she was adopting a new identity. Anyway, she'd only been a Toa for a few minutes. Not enough time to get used to her new height, let alone learn how to fight. Speaking of fighting... she needed a weapon. Taja slung her disk launcher off her back, only just realizing now that it was still there. Like her, the launcher had changed. It was bigger, for starters, and the weather-beaten metal had turned glossy and silver, like it was fresh off the assembly line. Its crude, mass-produced shape had softened and lengthened, stretching blunt edges into graceful curves. It was beautiful in a sleek, alien way, like something from another planet or another time. She strapped it to her arm, but it almost seemed to attach itself without any effort on her part, like it was eager to be used. Once the clumsy weapon of a Matoran, it was now the elegant tool of a Toa. Taja stole a look at her new companions. They looked nervous too, but more ready than she was. The Toa of Gravity with the shadowy arm and the Toa of Plasma who had seen... things in Dume's office. She wondered if they had been like this before the transformation, or if turning into a Toa came with a unique gimmick, like getting a plastic toy in your Happy Meal. She hoped it was the former. She didn't want any of her limbs to start melting away. She cleared her throat, breaking the silence as the airship soared through the sky. "Hi. We haven't met yet. I'm Taja." OOC: @Azibo @Crimson Jester @EmperorWhenua
  15. IC: Taja | The Coliseum "Ko-Metru?" Taja turned to Sans, the name of her home making its way to her ears like a paper boat borne on a sea of noise. The thought of a Barraki warlord laying waste to the towers and slaughtering her fellow scholars was nauseating. Why else would she have been given her powers, if not for this? "I'm coming with you."
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