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  1. Great article! It's fascinating to see just how many iterations BIONICLE went through before it became the line we know and love. It really seems like it became a bestseller against all odds—who could've guessed "Bone Heads of Voodoo Island" would eventually become a global phenomenon?
  2. IC: Dar Poroka | Aboard the Wombat As Knichou begins to fire, the ship abruptly alters its course. The Wombat ceases spinning and suddenly dives down. His shots pepper the underbelly of the ship, missing the Hagah cannon by scarce inches. The lightstones blast through the thin hull into the weapons chamber; were the red Vahki within a being of flesh and blood, it might startle in response. But its circuits do not register panic or surprise, and so it calmly directs a telepathic observation to the bridge. Weapons under fire. Likely an airborne hostile. It receives an affirmative response, along with another observation: the village of Metru-Koro is once again within range of their pulse bolt generator. The weapon has been primed for minutes now, so the red Vahki need not wait to obey. The ship shudders as the weapon fires, and another bolt of energy falls to earth, blazing through the sky like a falling star upon the little village. * * * Within the ship, the combatants suddenly experience weightlessness as the ship turns to one side and falls out of the sky. Amarth's shurikens bury themselves in the wall. * * * The brown Vahki's programming dictates that its primary function is to protect the ship and its captain. Its secondary function is to protect itself. The secondary function may not override the first; if necessary, it will gladly sacrifice its body for the good of the ship. This is not a rule the Vahki finds oppressive: it is only a robot, after all. An automaton of circuitry and steel. But sometimes the two functions can both be served simultaneously. As Druu's eyes begin to glow, it calculates that the intruder's unknown vision power may do damage both to itself and to the ship. Nullifying said vision power is therefore an efficient use of resources. Druu fires, but the blast fizzles out before it has traveled halfway down the corridor. "Do not resist," the Vahki chirps sweetly. "You are in violation of several major airspace codes. Do not resist." * * * Poroka tummy feel funny again. Suddenly all floaty. Let's go, Poroka! Big smile. Show your teeth! Pull out other sword. Now two swords. Use tentacles to pull Poroka down the hall really fast. Gonna swing at new person when get close!
  3. Velika makes sense as the new "big bad" antagonist. I could see him portraying himself as the "father" of the MU inhabitants, having been the one to give them sentience. I think that's a more interesting angle—instead of him just wanting to rule because he thinks he could do a good job, he believes it's his divine right to rule over the beings who owe their very intelligence to him. If G1 were to be revisited, I would make it a soft reboot. Start the new story by alluding to an ancient conflict that devastated the planet. This would be the fight between Velika and the Toa/Glatorian. In the battle, most of the Toa and Glatorian would be slain, but Velika would also lose his physical form and become a vengeful spirit. A thousand years have passed since that war, and the remaining tribes of Agori and Matoran live on the tropical island of Mata Nui, named for a benevolent Great Spirit who blessed the planet with life before falling into a deep sleep, or so the legends say. The Matoran must be constantly vigilant, as savage creatures called Vorox prowl the island under the shadowy influence of Velika, the ancient brother of Mata Nui. But legends tell of six Toa who will be called to the island to achieve their destiny and awaken the Great Spirit. ...hmm, I think I've heard this story before.
  4. IC: Tuakana | Ruins of Fire They found these doings too complicated to comprehend. Things were moving quickly. They simply nodded slowly in response to the young one's question, their ancient face dipping and rising once in assent.
  5. IC: Dar Poroka | Aboard the Wombat Poroka can't believe eyes. "New person." Above head, hear thump noise on ship. Poroka don't care. Probably just bird. Poroka more care about new person and friend in ship. They make Poroka angry. * * * While Poroka stares down the boarders, the brown Vahki accompanying him notes the sound of something impacting the ship's hull. The earlier boarders landed undetected somehow, but this next party is not so lucky. The brown Vahki beeps, wirelessly relaying its observation to the bridge... * * * ...the blue Vahki receives its comrade's communication, and sends out a silent alarm for the other Vahki to hold fast. Simultaneously, it beins to interface with the ship's navigation systems, directing engines to whine into high gear and commanding disks to strike... * * * "Brace yourself for evasive maneuvers, captain," Brown whirs. Poroka confused, but listen. Put one hand on ship wall, and two tentacles on roof. Other hand still hold sword. Then ship suddenly turn to one side! Wall is floor. Ceiling is wall. Floor is ceiling. Round and round Poroka goes. Careful watch new person. Will he fall down...? * * * Under the ship, the red Vahki braces itself in the gunner's seat. As the ship begins to spin, it directs the ship's Hagah cannons to fire. Ehlek's special weapon is of little use in a dogfight, but the usual guns will do just fine. As the Wombat spins, it begins to spit blasts of energy into the sky. Perhaps they will collide with an unlucky skydiver, or even a ship... * * * As Knichou points to the bridge and called out to his allies, the ship suddenly begins to rotate beneath his feet. The Wombat continues to rise at a brisk pace, but now it is spinning in an attempt to throw the boarders off and keep more from landing at all. The slick hull of the airship is treacherous at the best of times, but now it is sliding frictionless underneath them, slippery with the inevitable condensation that accumulates at altitude. Those boarders already landed have less than seconds to act before they are thrown off into open air, and those still falling will find it quite the task to successfully land on such a perilous target.
  6. IC: Dar Poroka | Aboard the Wombat Poroka look out window. All dark outside. But on ground, far down... there be lights. It's the village. "Approaching Metru-Koro," Blue says. Green beeps and agrees. "At present speed, the village will come within range of our pulse bolt generator in approximately five minutes." Poroka lean back in chair, hands behind head. Tentacles wave happily. Smile. Gonna be good time. "Hmmm-mm. Mmmm. Yeah." "Captain?" "Sorry. Just hum little song. You ever hear 'To Karz' an' Back My Darlin'?" "Negative, captain." "Really?" Poroka raise eyebrow. "Old song from south islands. You never go south?" "Negative," Green says again. "Vahki are programmed to serve and protect, and that protection has historically been limited to the island of Metru-Nui. It is unlikely that any Vahki has ever been father south than the northern Continent." "Huh." Little quiet time. Poroka feel little sad for robots. Not go anywhere? Not see new things? Sound like bad time. Only live with Matoran. Not much fight time, Poroka think. Matoran too puny. Probably squish 'em on accident. Boring. "Well, I sing song then," Poroka says. "So you know about it. And pretend we're at south islands, okay?" "Affirmative, captain." Deep breath, Poroka. Make good singing like Mama teach. "Way down those southern islands Is a girl I long to see. She's got a smile like summer sun, And roses in her cheeks. And every morn I miss her; Every eve my heart does yearn. Oh, to Karz' and back, my darling, I do swear that I'll return. To Karz' and back, my darling, To Karz' and back, I'll ride; To Karz' and back, my darling, I'll be with you by and by." It's a good song, Poroka. Make feel homesick little bit. But that's okay. Bomb village make feel better. "Thank you for the song, captain," Green says. "Metru-Koro is now within range. What are your orders?" Poroka smile. "Fire, please." Green make whirring noise. Feel ship hum. Big gun charge shot. Bigger, bigger, bigger— then fire. Feel it go off. Poroka look out window and see big light go down toward village. But it not only big light. One more big light come from sky nearby. Poroka frown and look away from village. Not see what happen. Why big light come from— Ship suddenly roll to one side. Almost throw Poroka off chair. Big light roar across sky, all red and yellow and white. "Captain, we are under attack," Green says. Blue make beeping noise, and ship jump up fast. Poroka feel a little green. "An unknown airborne entity has fired upon the Razorfish. It appears to be an elemental blast. We are attempting to gain altitude to better execute evasive maneuvers." "Shoot other ship!" Poroka shouts. "We are attempting to locate it," Green says. "But it appears to be utilizing a cloaking device of some kind. Weapons are primed to fire upon detection." Control board suddenly beep. Red light go off. "Air pressure has dropped significantly, suggesting a breach in the hull." Green continues. "It appears we may have been boarded. Sending unit G-18A55 to investigate the breach." Poroka grab sword handle. Feel little angry. First new person. Now this? It like someone know everything, and always do perfect thing to mess up plans. Not fair. Well, Poroka see how well this new new person handle the pointy end of a sword Stand up, Poroka! Let's go! "Okay. I'm go too," Poroka says. "Keep flying good, please." "Affirmative, captain." Poroka leave bridge, ready for fight. It been a long time since last good fight. This could be fun!
  7. IC: Dar Poroka | Aboard the Wombat Wombat keep fire blasts into big ship, then suddenly slow down. Ship tilt back to normal. Not go up more. "The line has been severed," Green says. "Returning to our previous elevation." Poroka look out window. Watch big ship go up, up up. Keep go up. Not stop. Big ship get small. "The Inferno has been critically damaged," Green chirps. "But our weapons were unable to disable the levitation mechanisms. It appears the vessel will continue to rise indefinitely." "Okay," Poroka says. Sit back in chair. "How far to bomb village?" Blue make whirring noise. "Absent further interruptions, Metru-Koro will be within range of our weapons within twenty minutes." "Good," Poroka says. Still little angry at new person. Shoot things will make happy. "Call other ships, please. Tell them things okay here." "Yes, Captain." Green beeps, then press button to send radio message. "This is the Wombat. We have sustained only cosmetic damage; all systems are functioning at 100%. The captain suggests resuming our course to Metru-Koro at the earliest convenience." OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Toru Nui @Onaku IC: Taja | The New Archives Taja did her best to ignore Iradra and Whisper's bickering. She figured the two of them, being polar opposites, were unlikely to ever get along. Even though she was now a being of shadow, she didn't want to become like that. So she remained quiet, even though Iradra's little light made her skin crawl. Better to be silent and keep the peace. Whisper was right. Her senses seemed to fill the gloomy cave, much like her sense of hearing had done before. But unlike hearing, it wasn't a physical sense. It was more like a feeling. She could sense the shape of the darkness that lingered in corners and crannies. She could sense how the shadows echoed the physical movement of bodies in the light. Whenever someone raised their hand or tilted their head, she could feel the effect it had on their shadow. Just like spoken words had once reverberated through the air, leaving trails of vibrations she could follow, so now physical movements could be seen without eyes, simply by following their dark echoes. And deeper in the caves, further down the tunnels, she could sense something deeper and darker than her little shadow, as much as the ocean is deeper and darker than a puddle. These underground places had never seen the sun, and the darkness that lived here was older than the mountains. It was a vast darkness whose slow waves lapped at the shores of each lightstone's illumination, receding only reluctantly. It was an unfathomable darkness, wider and deeper than eyes or could see or mind could understand. She felt suddenly small in its presence; it was not unlike looking at the night sky and realizing the enormity of space. Unnerved, Taja pulled her senses back to her body. It had been so easy to reach out into the shadows, she had done it almost without realizing it. It felt instinctive, much like controlling sound had been only days ago. But her thrill at exploring her new powers was tempered by a lingering fear. The darkness that rested beneath the island was ancient and deep, and they were only safe if they did not provoke its notice or awaken its hunger. Shaking her head free of these dark thoughts, Taja returned to the conversation. IC: Tuakana | Ruins of Fire They were too old for puzzles.
  8. IC: Taja | The New Archives "Of course." Taja accepted the water-skin with a grateful smile. The water was cool and refreshing, even though its container had imparted a slightly musty taste. She passed the water-skin to Iradra, fairly certain that Whisper didn't need any. The low voices of the other villagers rustled around them. Snatches of overheard conversations suggested that everyone was thinking about the League's attack. How could they not? Once again, Taja found herself feeling guilty for staying here in the cave while other, more capable Toa risked their lives. She wondered what was going on outside. No battle-sounds had yet reached them; had the fighting even started yet? Had the League wiped out their defenses with ease? Were they even now advancing on the caves, ready to finish off the Matoran once and for all? Taja shook her head clear of these oppressive thoughts. There was no point in being pessimistic. If it came down to it, she would fight with whatever power she had, even if it only bought a few more seconds. But until then, she would remain hopeful. OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Onaku @Vezok's Friend
  9. Wow, these are incredible! You've managed to capture so much personality in each MOC through both the general shape of the builds and the little details scattered throughout. My favourite probably has to be Hakann solely due to his smile... I must've stared at his mouth for a solid minute trying to figure out how you made those teeth. But the others are no less impressive: I love Avak's bulky body and Vezok's aquatic theme. And the Inika look great too. Like others have said, you've really managed to capture the spirit of these characters in a way that their official sets didn't. And the customized baseplates are the cherry on top. Absolutely stunning. My one qualm might be Hakann's feet, which look a little small and basic compared to his gorgeous upper body (now there's a phrase I never thought i'd say). But it's a minor quibble. Overall, you've done an amazing job here!
  10. IC: Dar Poroka | Aboard the Wombat Guns fire. Lights hit big ship. Poroka watch bridge crumble into fiery mess. Bye-bye, new person. "Captain. I recommend you take a seat." Poroka wonder why, but sit down anyway. Front gun fire again. Direct hit, but not on bridge. Hit side of ship instead. "The Inferno is ascending rapidly. It appears the last command before the destruction of the bridge was to send the vessel sky-high." "This bad?" "As we are still tethered to the Inferno, I must respond in the affirmative." Ship tilt up. Tummy feel funny, like in elevator. Good thing Poroka sitting in chair. Look for seatbelt, but no luck. "M-04A27 has located the harpoon and is attempting to sever the line," says Green. "Until confirmation of disconnection, we must match the Inferno's trajectory to avoid catastrophic structural damage." Ship shudder again. Poroka hear guns fire. "Regardless of ascension, we will continue to fire upon the Inferno until an alternative command is given." Poroka smile at good news. "Good job. Don't stop, please." OOC: The Wombat is matching the Inferno's pace and flying up to avoid being pulled along by the harpoon. While flying alongside the Inferno, it will continue to fire shots into the bigger ship. @Onaku @Nato the Traveler @Toru Nui
  11. IC: Oreius | The Coliseum Oreius turned away from the broken window. He couldn't stop the airships, but he could still accomplish his mission. If Pridak died, that would give the Matoran more time to prepare for the next assault. Or, best case scenario, the power vacuum would result in infighting, and the League would collapse back into separate kingdoms. They would spend their resources contesting each other's claim to the broken city while his people rebuilt their strength. He opened the door to the hallway. No one had appeared yet. The Coliseum was a vast structure, and most of it was probably unoccupied. Any alarm set off by breaking into one of these offices would take a while to respond to, if the alarms still functioned at all. Still, he had to be careful. There were surely Vahki patrols around, and if one of those robots saw him, they would instantly spread the word. The overhead lighting flickered where it wasn't altogether destroyed. The hallway was cluttered with debris that had fallen as a result of the cataclysm. Ceiling tiles and fluorescent tubes laid broken on the floor, and frayed wires hung here and there like old cobwebs. Evidently, this level hadn't been cleaned up yet. Oreius moved quickly but deliberately, trying to disturb as little of the wreckage as he could. If he could make it through the tower without leaving a trail, so much the better. And the faster the better: that meant using the elevator. It was risky. There were probably cameras in the elevators—but then there were likely cameras everywhere, some broken and some not. The biggest risk was that someone would see him and manually stop the elevator between floors, leaving him to twiddle his thumbs until a force could be sent to apprehend him at their leisure. But taking a longer, slower way only increased the probability of running into a Vahki squad. Time was of the essence. So he made his way down the hallway until he came to a small lobby, its receptionist's desk long empty. Across from the desk stood three sets of doors, their lights off. Hopefully only the lights were defective, and not the lifts themselves. Oreius pressed the call button and waited. After a painfully long minute, he heard something moving behind the leftmost set of doors before they creaked open. The elevator chamber looked to be in decent shape, so he entered and pressed the button for the topmost floor. He doubted it went all the way to Pridak's throne room, but the higher the better. He could make the rest of the journey on foot. The doors closed with a grinding sound, then Oreius felt his stomach drop as the car began to rapidly ascend. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  12. IC: Taja | Metru-Koro Outskirts The "New Archives" was a generous name for what amounted to little more than a pair of caves outside the village. Taja, Whisper, Iradra, and Nixie arrived after most of the others, and were happy to put their burdens down once inside. The caves had probably been excavated by some large (and hopefully extinct) Rahi in ages past. The entrances were large and shallow, but as the villagers moved deeper into the darkness, the tunnels began to descend sharply into the bowels of the earth. Some enterprising Onu-Matoran had already begun to dig their own tunnels that branched off from the main ones, and it was here they stored the few treasures with which they had escaped Metru-Nui. The ground and walls were made of solid rock, and a light dusting of sand settled on the tunnel floor. Nothing lived here except for the odd spider that scurried away from their lights. Lightstones were installed in sconces at various intervals, providing enough light by which to see, but little more than that. Onu-Matoran preferred dim light anyway. Taja was grateful for this small blessing. The subdued lighting was perfect for her new eyes, which had grown sensitive since her transformation. She was not troubled by the darkness. Where others stumbled over uneven ground, she walked with an easy, unperturbed stride. The two main caves were almost twice as tall as a Toa, and were connected by a few smaller tunnels dug between by the new archivists. It was in these lesser tunnels that most of the villagers settled, clutching what few belongings they could carry and speaking in soft voices. No one wanted to venture too deep into the main tunnels: not only did their slope quickly change them from horizontal caves into vertical holes, but there was an unspoken sentiment that hovered at the edges of thought and conversation: go too deep, and the creator of these tunnels—or some other, greater horror—might awaken. The depths were better left unexplored, especially when their home was already under attack. Taja set down Nixie's things on an unclaimed section of earth. She stretched, her muscles grateful to set down their burden at last, and looked around at the nearby villagers. It looked like they were the last ones here. With the exception of the fledgling Guard and the crew of the Taku, Metru-Koro's people had assembled in this last refuge. She shook her head. Two homes abandoned in as many weeks. Would they ever find peace again? OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Onaku @Vezok's Friend
  13. IC: Dar Poroka | Aboard the Wombat "Captain, the Razorfish appears to have damaged the Inferno's main thrusters. The ship is rising rapidly—" Green stop talk because hear big thunk. Blue make funny beep noise, like surprised. Poroka look out window. See big ship look up at us like shark. "What that?" "The Inferno has fired a harpoon," Green say. "Our ships are tethered together. M-04A27 will attempt to locate the harpoon and sever the connection." Poroka look at Blue. Feel a little angry. "Blue! Poroka say keep ship safe, right? Why not fly away?" Blue make sad beep. "Apologies, captain. The speed of the inferno's ascent was unanticipa—" Poroka wave hand. "Okay, okay. It's okay. Anyway, big ship easy target now. Fire all guns, please." "Affirmative. Firing on the bridge." Ship shake a bit. It keep moving over big ship so not see gun under big ship. Poroka big gun under ship charging, and gun on front too. Then fire. Poroka watch bright lights zoom down at big ship. Shoot Poroka ship? Big mistake, new person... OOC: The Wombat is firing on the Inferno again, this time with both Ehlek's pulse generator and the Hagah plasma cannon mounted on the front of the ship. @Onaku @Toru Nui @Nato the Traveler IC: Tuakana | Ruins of Fire They followed Enra into the portal. The relentless cadence of their stride did not change as they passed through. They would not be denied. OOC: Tuakana is also going through the portal. @Unreliable Narrator and the other Fire Ruins peeps.
  14. IC: Tuakana | Ruins of Fire "Then we will follow," they said patiently, speaking for those Aspects who remained. "And receive what we were summoned for." OOC: @Toru Nui
  15. IC: Taja | Metru-Koro The trio made their way quickly to Nixie's hut, where the astrologer was already busy dismantling her telescope. The hut was in disarray, with pages of notes and charts scattered around like fallen leaves. Taja and Iradra took over dismounting the telescope, as their strength was better suited to the task, while Nixie began gathering up only the most vital of her notes. There wasn't time or room for all the things she wanted to save, so she had make choice after agonizing choice. Her half-completed map of the Zakazian sky? A must-save. A six-year-old chart of Metru-Nui's constellations? It hurt to leave behind, but what good was it now? Those skies were empty; those stars were no longer lit. It was only a piece of history now. Before long, she had collected a box of materials to keep. Meanwhile, Taja had not forgotten her years of work in the astronomy towers, and the telescope was already dismounted. She helped her friend gather a few more sheafs of papers, then regretfully indicated that there was no more time. They left the hut with everything they could carry, but there was even more they had no choice but to abandon. The streets were quiet now, all the other residents having fled to the caves. Taja, Iradra, Whisper, and Nixie followed their example, setting a quick pace through the empty village toward the refuge. OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Onaku @Vezok's Friend IC: Tuakana | Ruins of Fire Apex snarled and howled, as was her wont, but they seemed not to hear. Their mind was elsewhere. For a moment, they thought they could hear something far away. A voice composed of background noise. Words made of rippling water and windsong. Then it faded, and they returned. They surfaced again, as if from a doze, and realized that they still awaited an answer. This place surely held secrets long-forgotten. They had been summoned, but perhaps there was more here for them than the Ringer alone. These seekers sought it too. Power? Knowledge? Whatever the treasure, it would not be denied them. "Admin...istrator," they said, their stilted voice stumbling through the unfamiliar syllables. "How may worth be proven?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
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