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    Top Five Movies: Inception, its a Wonderful Life, Lord of Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Incredibles, The Matrix.

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  1. I'm gonna interpret the title of the thread a bit differently than everyone else, and start with fleshing out the first and second years. Firstly, 2015 would have two additional sets: Makuta the Mask Maker, to go with Ekimu, and a sixth skull creature corresponding to Water. Skull spiders would also be expanded to Skull Spawn, with unique forms for each element. So in addition to the scorpions that we got in the stone sets, we could have skull swimmers (with webbed feet), skull striders (water striders-esque legs, but able to stride over magma), skull swarmers (with wings), and skull skiers (treaded rears like the Muaka and Kane Ra from G1). Then, 2016 would have two additional elemental beasts, corresponding to ice and air. I'd also allow Umarak the Destroyer to double as a stone beast, with an alternate beast head included. And finally, we get to 2017, the canceled third year. II have no idea what they were planning, but I'll tell you what I would have wanted: Dark Masters and Dark Protectors. The Shadow Toa never got a chance to shine in G1, and the evil Tohunga plot was cut entirely apart from Ahkmou, so bringing back thesae concept and fleshing them out as the elite minions of Makuta in G2 would have been rad. As such, I actually built Dark Masters for my personal G2 collection, mostly out of the parts that were left over after I combined the Masters and Uniters into singular forms. Meanwhile. the third versions of Tahu and Co would be called Lords. Lord of Fire, Lord of Water, etc. Not sure where they would go from a design perspective. But one thing that would have been cool to see, would have been for them having official combiner forms ala Toa Kaita, and the design process taking this into account far more than the Toa Mata did. Finally, the minions included with the Toa could be an evolution of Skull Spiders, but each taking a dark form of the Lord's masks. If successful, I'd also leave the door open for a longer plot that would eventually culminate in Makuta turning out to not be the true big bad, but the Mask of Ultimate Power itself, ala the popular fan theory at the time. A several year arc would involve the Toa hunting down several additional great masks. First the mask of Time, which had flung itself forward into time to hide itself from Makuta. In a cool inversion of G1's Metru Nui arc, Tahu and co would chase after the mask of Time, first into Okoto's high tech future, and then an alternate, dark future where Okoto has become a wasteland. After that, Tahu and Co would hunt down three other masks over an Ignition length trilogy involving pirate raiders, a far away island kingdom, and culminating in an actual final battle against the Darkness, with Makuta fighting alongside the heroes, and the six great masks being spiritually forged into the Mask of Unity, a flawless version of the Mask of Ultimate Power that rightfully can not be wielded by one being alone. I could go into greater detail about all of this, but my post is already long-winded as it is.
  2. There is apparently an explanation for this, and it's a doozy. I don't have the quote on me, but back when DeeVee was a lego ambassador, he claimed that he had been told that G2's marketing budget was slashed considerably at the last minute. The reason for this was that lego needed the funds to undo what I would argue was their dumbest business decision since greenlighting Galidor: canceling Ninjago at the height of its popularity. You will recall that Ninjago was canceled in 2013, and was revived the next year with a much smaller number of sets. 2015 was when the theme once again kicked into full gear, with two separate subthemes, each with a season of the television show. And that year was also the year Bionicle G2 launched, conspicuously with extremely bare-bones marketing considering how much Lego had initially hyped up its return.
  3. CyclonatorZ


    Where do you live? I'm currently attending one of the top five IT programs in the country, and we're not doing any programming, because there are many other jobs in the IT sector that don't require that specific knowledge - at least in this area. The program's rate of employment upon graduation is 98 percent, BTW.
  4. That's because they were winging it the whole time. There was a very simple way to make sure that they actually had answers to all the mysteries in the show: they should have had a darn story bible and planned things out from the beginning. I can speak to the effectiveness of this. James Roberts planned out literally all of the twists in Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye from the start. And apart from one controversial reveal that involved a whole bunch of red herrings, every single twist was received very positively, and many of them were outright predicted by fans because of all the subtle foreshadowing - including one twist involving the backstory of a character that was planned but didn't even make the final cut.
  5. This is the first of many G2 MOCS I have already posted on my Twitter account (@CyclonatorZ). They are part of a G2 headcanon I have devised that throws out basically everything written by a third party (so, yeah, pretty much everything other than the shorts.), and also changes or expands upon many other story elements. My Kopaka is based heavily on the Warcraft character Jaina. I got the inspiration from the massive shoulder pads both Kopaka Master and Kopaka Uniter with Ketar have. (Please excuse the slightly poor quality of the picture. This was the first I took using my smartphone camera. I've gotten much more adept at using it since then.)
  6. CyclonatorZ


    Dystopian future, yes.
  7. I've legitimately not heard of any headlines comparing Green Book to Gladiator. The headlines I've seen have made the much more sensible declaration that Green Book is the worst Best Picture winner since Crash.
  8. I think I'm getting deja vu. Is there any reason you posted this entry twice with two different names?
  9. There's no reason to feel exploited by Bumblebee. It was made by an actual fan of transformers, and did well enough at the box office that Michael Bay is never going to be allowed to touch the brand again. Yes, Paramount executives are friggin' morons that will probably find a way to screw their new golden goose - but that's par for the course in Hollywood. Like, seriously, Spiderverse was fantastic DESPITE Sony executives, not because of them. Tom Rothman, Avi Arad, and Amy Pascal are all morons (and in the latter case, a racist moron). The movie was good because the directors attached to it are the modern day Midas: everything they touch turns to solid gold, no matter how bottom-of-the-barrel the concept sounds.
  10. He shared the story at one point on his blog that he had previously fought a major illness. But if you want an actual detailed summary of how his personal battle with cancer shaped the Bionicle Mythos, read the Bionicle chapter in the book Brick By Brick.
  11. Sometimes a bricklink store being suspended doesn't necessarily mean the seller was doing anything shady. Sometimes the story is a lot more complicated, as it was in the case of Gary Istok. You may not have heard of him unless you've heard of his amazing Unofficial Lego Sets/Parts Collectors Guide. But I can vouch that the dude is absolute legit - and he explained some time ago that his store on Brlcklink only got shuttered because sudden, major issues in his personal life got in the way of him being able to fulfill his most recent orders in a timely fashion.
  12. Hah, that's interesting re: Maryland. Meanwhile my state, Tennessee, was so divided over secession that people wanted right back into the Union as soon as the war was over. It seems to have rubbed off on my town at least (thankfully), because its not nearly as "deep south" as a lot of the surrounding area. (Our popular, longtime mayor immediately declared he would officiate gay marriages as soon as the SCOTUS ruling happened.)
  13. This forum is so dead, but I can't let go of it for some reason. So here, for those of you who still frequent what's left of BZPower, have a little humor courtesy of the r/bionicle discord. (And hey, come join us if you want to talk about Bionicle regularly instead of over an average of five posts a day.)
  14. Already looks a lot more polished than the last attempt at such a project. But to be fair, Lego Island 3 was just the project of a single teenager being done in unity, so that's completely understandable.
  15. I understand the need for environmentally friendly products, but Biobuddi is delusional if they think consumers - especially American consumers - are going to push for that over affordability and quality. Even more so if they think they have a chance to take some of Lego's marketshare solely because of this - for god's sake, the only bricks Biobuddi manufactures are a duplo clone. Tell me when they have a monster hit theme comparable to Nijnjago that uses System-styled pieces, and I might be more inclined to believe them, but I expect they never will. Themes like Atlantis, Monster Fighters, and Pharoah's Quest were never meant to last more than one or two years. The only one that outright had a wave canceled as far as we know, was Alien Conquest. Regardless, they're not considered everegreen like Ninjago, so their short run has nothing to do with sales.
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