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  1. I certainly hope I don't have to scan everything, because that sounds like it would be very time consuming and boring to stream, haha.
  2. Type: Giveaway

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    Battle the First Order with buildable and posable Rey! Battle the First Order with buildable and posable Rey! Grab the staff and pistol and get ready to help Rey fight against the First Order. Turn the wheel to swing her arm and send the First Order forces flying! Buildable and highly posable Rey figure features a real-cloth desert outfit, staff, pistol and a wheel-activated arm-swinging battle function. Turn the wheel to swing Rey’s arm. Move the limbs into any battle pose. Sturdy and durable design for intense action play. Play out exciting hand-to-hand combat with this iconic character from the blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. Figure stands over 9” (23cm) tall. Prize donated by The LEGO Group.
  3. I've been meaning to reply here for a while, but I guess I'm technically not late since we still have a couple weeks before our next stream? Sure, I'll go with that. There is going to be a lot of this. I feel like even if all we played was Dimensions we could stream weekly for a year and still not be done, haha. I think we will bump things back to 7:30 PM, just to make sure I don't have to rush through dinner or anything. It's certainly an interesting concept. I'm curious if TT Games made up the story or if they got input from The LEGO Group or the movie team. Duly noted! I'll head back into the other DLC next week, and then start working my way back through the previous worlds to finish collecting bricks!
  4. So many questions! That mystery may be lost to time, but it would either have been Dimensioneer or Binkmeister or some talented artist they picked out from the early days of the community. There were definitely a few batches in the first few years, but I don't think we've added any in quite a while. Not intentionally, but some may have been lost during server moves and upgrades. There were definitely a bunch that came with the forum software and others appear to have been made to match that style. Matt is Ninjo, a former Administrator and one of the best people to ever be on the staff. I can't think of there ever being one, and I haven't given any thought to adding more, but never say never I guess?
  5. I can confirm that the folks at Team Kanohi are very dedicated Bionicle fans and are in contact with the broader Bionicle community including BZPower and BS01, among others. The game looks pretty fantastic and I look forward to seeing what else they come up with.
  6. In 2001, there were only six Toa, and they were just 'the Toa.' Then in 2002, the Toa Nuva came out and we needed a way to distinguish the first group from the second, so we called them the 'Toa Olda.' Then in 2004 we went to Metru Nui and met the Toa Metru, and we collectively decided that 'Toa Mata,' as in 'Toa from Mata Nui,' sounded better than 'Toa Olda' and worked better in context with the Toa Metru. It has nothing to do with the actual meanings of the words.
  7. That was definitely a really interesting mechanic, and like you said allowed for a lot of creativity and freedom. Just the rules that they must have come up with to procedurally generate the pieces was really interesting as a concept to me, and I'd love to replay one of those levels just to mess around and see how much I could build, haha.
  8. Type: Giveaway


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    Jump into action with warrior monk Chirrut Îmwe! Trust your senses with this buildable and highly posable LEGO® Star Wars Chirrut Îmwe figure. Featuring his folding bowcaster with spring-loaded shooter, textile tunic and decorated elements, this sturdy and durable figure is perfect for reenacting action-packed scenes from the blockbuster movie, Star Wars: Rogue One. Buildable and highly posable Chirrut Îmwe figure features a folding bowcaster with spring-loaded shooter, textile tunic, decorated elements and spare ammo mounted on his back. Take aim with the special folding bowcaster with spring-loaded shooter. Move the limbs into any battle pose. Features a sturdy and durable design for intense action play. Play out exciting action scenes from the blockbuster movie, Star Wars: Rogue One. This figure offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 8-14. Join the battle against the Empire with 75525 Baze Malbus! Figure stands over 9” (23cm) tall. Prize donated by The LEGO Group.
  9. I played this game for about a year after it was first released, and while there is some fun in it, there's not much endgame, at least when I eventually quit. In this episode, you hear from the original developers in Toronto, but what they don't mention is that the parent company, Gameloft, took the game away from them and gave it to a much smaller team in Hungary which struggled to support the game and add new content. I'm sure they've added some new stuff and are working as hard as they can, but it seemed like it was on its last legs and might get turned off soon.
  10. It was definitely a lot of fun! I think the last time we played a new game was September to November last year when we played LEGO Rock Band, which of course I had already played before. So it's been over a year since I checked out an entirely new game. It looks like I got 7 of 13 achievements, so by that metric I'm about halfway there. Of course achievements usually start fast and slow down, but hopefully I can finish next week!
  11. It's probably up on the BioMediaProject somewhere, although the demise of Flash will mean you have to download and play it locally.
  12. I think Builder's Journey should definitely be viable. I'll have to do some tests between now and then, but it should work.
  13. I'm pretty sure it was! Or if I did it last time, that was sixteen years ago and I complete forgot about it.
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