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  1. Do you know around when it happened? That way I can easily go back and watch the stream and see if it happens on the recording. Yep, I definitely have a physical copy of that, so we can look into playing it next. Technically there's another LEGO game that can only be played on the 360-generation - LEGO Rock Band - but I'm not sure how viable that would be to stream.
  2. It was announced back in July that they're coming back in a limit capacity and a very different format.
  3. I think there were a couple of factors. First, I took the past two weeks off, so it could have been released at any point in the last three weeks. Also, I only use that Xbox 360 for the streams, so it usually only gets played on Tuesdays, so there's definitely some bias as to when I see updates, haha. That is crazy and probably not something I would have ever noticed. I definitely saw the Vahki getting back up again, but never noticed a pattern of their colors. Woohoo! Only a month or so before we have to figure out what to play next.
  4. I guess that's the one time it didn't actually convert things to Pacific time. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. Not as of now, but we will be making sure to filter out duplicates, so you only get one entry. Better safe than sorry!
  6. Brickset also has a very comprehensive listing. Thread closed.
  7. No worries! I know you had mentioned there being sound issues for the past couple of streams, and I thought this was just that getting worse. It was probably for the best, because before I restarted the stream was lagging a good bit behind, so this caught it up. Yeah, I'll have to pay closer attention next time, because that is definitely different behavior. No guarantees that I'll be streaming on November 5th. We'll have to see when I get back from BrickFair on Monday and how much stuff I have to catch up on.
  8. I keep looking into this when I can, but I can't find any rhyme or reason for why it's not working for some people. It's an ongoing thing.
  9. Appreciate the in depth notes as always! In addition to the weird glitch, there also seemed to be a good bit of lag on the stream. When I finished and checked the Twitch feed, it was about a minute or more behind. Not sure what was causing that, but hopefully it doesn't return.
  10. It looks like the issues with the profile and activity feed are fixed, thanks to Invision and our host. Please let me know if any of the other issues you were seeing are still present.
  11. I'll have to look into why some people don't seem to be getting their spinnies yet. If someone has some time, please let me know if there are any particular member groups you see that are missing them, as it may be a group permission I missed somewhere.
  12. The adding of the spinnies is a background job, so my only guess is that it hasn't gotten to everyone yet. Hopefully by morning you'll be set.
  13. Spinnies are back! Once you log in and visit the forums, you will be assigned the appropriate spinny.
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