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  1. I keep looking into this when I can, but I can't find any rhyme or reason for why it's not working for some people. It's an ongoing thing.
  2. Appreciate the in depth notes as always! In addition to the weird glitch, there also seemed to be a good bit of lag on the stream. When I finished and checked the Twitch feed, it was about a minute or more behind. Not sure what was causing that, but hopefully it doesn't return.
  3. It looks like the issues with the profile and activity feed are fixed, thanks to Invision and our host. Please let me know if any of the other issues you were seeing are still present.
  4. I'll have to look into why some people don't seem to be getting their spinnies yet. If someone has some time, please let me know if there are any particular member groups you see that are missing them, as it may be a group permission I missed somewhere.
  5. The adding of the spinnies is a background job, so my only guess is that it hasn't gotten to everyone yet. Hopefully by morning you'll be set.
  6. Spinnies are back! Once you log in and visit the forums, you will be assigned the appropriate spinny.
  7. No, if we tried to manually adjust the post counts I suspect the forums would just reset them again the next time the analytics ran.
  8. I'm looking at the raw video feed to make sure I don't have any lag between the controller and screen, so the chat doesn't block my view. I'll try to remember to move that for next time. Well, I learn something new every day. I had to go look at the actual instructions (remember when games had those?) and it looks like in order to strafe you have to hold down one of the triggers. We'll have to see if that annoying button combination is worth it to use - I suspect in some cases at least it will be. I'm sure there's many equally valid ways to do it. I'm sure once I've upgraded Jaller and Hahli so their weapons are more powerful I'll be much more likely to use them in the levels. And I didn't know that about the level completion - another new thing! My methodology is that the only two Toa I really need are Kongu for shooting and Hewkii for building - with some exceptions, but if you need someone else they generally give you that mask - so I'm pretty much willing to sacrifice anyone who's not those two. With your strategy, it would make me use Toa I don't really want to use, or that would make defeating the area take longer or make me die more. If you have lots of time and are more patient than me, that's great! But I don't think people want to watch me die again and again because Nuparu is so slow or something. Good to know!
  9. Can ou post or send me a screenshot of this? I didn't see any issues when I looked at the blogs in Night Mode. Fixed. No updates just now. All of those were very custom things that had been implemented in the past, and Invision has changed a lot of the forum code behind the scenes. In fact, the file we used to edit for these things no longer even exists. We've looked into publicly available add-ons to do the same thing, but haven't been able to find any. In addition to what @Bfahome said, I think there are other factors at play. When we last had a big forum upgrade, post counts were kept the same as they were on the old forums and then just added onto with new posts. I'm pretty sure the new software has actually gone and re-counted all of the posts, so it just reflects what's on the new board. There's the added rub that the 'post' count now includes blog entries and posts. So people who were more active on the blogs than on the forums or who joined after the last upgrade probably saw their counts go up, while old-timers like you and me had out counts shrink because all of our old posts don't count anymore.
  10. I've done a pass trying to update all of the link on www.bzpower.info to point to www.bzpower.com where needed. Please take a look and let me know what I missed or if there are any other broken links that need fixing.
  11. Good reasoning. I'm sure I came up with a similar system a decade ago, it's just been so long, lol. Yep, we're in the credits! It makes me sad that this is one of a very few LEGO games that isn't available digitally (on Xbox at least) because it decreases the likelihood of people in the future playing it and seeing our contributions. I don't know how much we posted about it on the old forums, but I definitely still have emails with TT Games where we discussed things. There might be a Brickshelf gallery hiding somewhere with all of the assets we compiled for references.
  12. Unfortunately there's no way to bring this back. It was a change Invision made that we had no choice in.
  13. This is just a change to how things are displayed. They're still banned. You can edit the post.
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