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  1. 5/5 whew this is really heavy and really pretty. will listen to more amenra
  2. 3.5/5 nice atmospheric alt rock with pretty chords and crispy guitars
  3. forfty/10 this song is amazing and as an added bonus i will always associate it with bart, nelson, and martin on the open road, free young men with money burning a hole in their collective pocket; inhabitants of a timeless impossible world that will exist forever and also never existed in the first place. haha the ergs! in a nutshell btw that russian bon jovi cover is killer
  4. Brand New - The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot i'm not your friend, i'm just a man who knows how to feel, I'M NOT YOUR FRIEND, I'M NOT YOUR LOVER, I'M NOT YOUR FAMILY, Y E A H ba na na naaAaa da na na naaAaa ba na na naaAaa na na naaa naaa god i hope i can make it to their last last show ever in my state i just want one jude law before its over thats all it doesnt even have to be jude law ill settle for sudden death or 70x7 even failure by design or logan to govt center anything but soco
  5. nice highfive.gif i think its only a party has the better "melissa" line tho HEY THERE MELISSA YOU'RE ###### AWESOME ~i just keep going on and on when youre not around~ Brand New - Archers gained a new appreciation for devil and god on sunday night also im glad theyre coming back one more time before they call it quits (and get a grip, etc)
  6. nice highfive.gif i think its only a party has the better "melissa" line tho Cap'n Jazz - Little League
  7. Snowing - So I Shotgunned A Beer And Went To Bed
  8. Husker Du - Hardly Getting Over It american post-punk is rly underappreciated and thats sad
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