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  1. Section XV is live!

  2. Right of Law Section XV is on its way!

  3. I need you to really wow me, Pokemon

  4. Kingdom Hearts is terrible

  5. When can we talk about Spider-Verse's post-credits scene?

  6. Merry Christmas and stuff

  7. I updated MULTIPLE things in November!

  8. So at least I updated one thing in November

  9. I love Piranha Plant

  10. So Smash looks good

  11. Well, there goes any excitement I had for the DBS movie

  12. Are you ever moved to tears by how much you love a specific video game or am I just sleep deprived

  13. Well, that's some unexpected attention! Thank God for that!

  14. Capcom gave more interesting news than GameFreak, and on the same day. We live in a weird timeline.

  15. I always think it's a bigger deal than it actually is when a story reaches 100 pages

  16. Steins;Gate 0 airing now! :D

  17. Check out Right of Law in the Epics Forum!

  18. The wait is almost over

  19. Smash? I am conflicted.

  20. Sure some of that sounds interesting, but ultimately I still hope KH3 gets cancelled.

  21. Oh, also: Steins;Gate 0 anime is finally beginning in April!!

  22. So it was brought to my attention that there's a Star Force reference in an MM 11 screenshot

    1. Blessed Blade

      Blessed Blade

      Holy-- I see it too. THat's....... interesting, to say the least.

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