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  1. Well between school and life I haven't been able to get much of anything done, have I? Life snuck up on me while my back was turned and started shooting at me, so I was at a bit of a disadvantage and needed to find cover. Of course, once I found cover Life kept shooting and I couldn't find an opening, and it was quite some time before I could step out long enough to deflect some bullets with my sword and get closer, but once that started I gained momentum and eventually got up to Life, cut off his arm, and knocked him out cold. I dropped him off at the hospital with a note addressed to him saying, "Don't mess with the nest." ...Get it? Nest? Because I'm a Bohrok? ... But anyway, hopefully the next chapter of Sekai will be up this week. I've gotten real far behind on that, but I'm still hoping to finish it before (or not far after) the two year mark. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how that goes... I hope you guys like this next scenario. It's still in the Lost Continent 9 arc, and it focuses on Khadaz and Norscu and everyone investigating the Dark Knights' castle. How can they do something like that, you ask? You'll see. B) BIONICLE: The Forgotten Bond has made some good progress, though it will still be a while before I put it online. Besides this and Sekai there are a few other stories I'm working on (for use on other websites), but they're almost done so that may create some more time for both Sekai and Forgotten Bond. And Technic Coliseum...I really need to get better at making frequent updates on that. Registration for the next tournament should begin this week, and once that's over we'll have new recruits and equipment--I'll be making some items for Hero Factory heroes available, sorry it took so long. As for the recruits I don't want to say, but you can probably guess who they are and what equipment they might be needing. And the Krana Xa-Kal...I've still got nothing. Its only storyline function is to wake up the Bahrag--how do you turn that into a battle item? Any suggestions would be welcome. I've also been considering a name change, but I kind of like "Exo-Pahrak Kal Titan"...my new idea was "Paladin Panrahk." I'll have to give that some thought...just saying, I might become someone new sometime soon. Not sure when I'll go back to being an Exo-Zadakh. But that's all I have to say. Until next time!
  2. I'd like to see the story through to the end, plus I am finding writing on a team to be an interesting experience. Every story deserves to be finished, right?
  3. It's understandable, Mangai. It's been a pleasure working with you, and we'll do our best to make the idea you gave us a winning entry! Well, the contest is over. Now the question is: are we going to continue the story or not?
  4. No, I posted and then AZ posted, so now it's Mangai's turn.
  5. What's this? Exo-Zadakh has become Exo-Pahrak? Oh, wait, no one cares lol As usual, I have stuff to say about Sekai! Chapter 90 just went up the other day, and that's the end of the Mutant-Isle arc. Since I have a long weekend I may be able to get you into the Lost Continent 9 arc real soon! The main website is...semi-up-to-date, and as of this typing the Orbs List is complete. I'm attempting to write the first chapter of Fe-Isle, which is going, eh...okay I suppose. I have a few events planned for this island, just not sure how to space it all out so that it works...oh, and Chapter 100 probably won't be anything special, sorry. In BIONICLE: The Forgotten Bond, I've made it past the writer's block I had and right now I'm working on Chapter 4. I'm so far, right? I'm actually a little concerned about how it'll be received...in the first chapter it appears to be a type of story that some people will probably reject, but it's more expanded than it seems at first glance. Also, in case anyone reading this doesn't know that I'm working with some excellent writers in the Library Summer Olympics Epics Unlimited Relay, check out the Team 4 Story Topic to read Shattered Obsidian! I should probably get this out of the way. *ahem* As some of you may know, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is coming out soon, and even though I think the voice acting is atrocious (compared to the Japanese voice acting, at least) I'm still getting it. What this means is that I'll be spending a bit less time on the computer because I'll be busy playing this game. I'll try to get on at least once a day, though, and if at all possible I'll take some time to set down the PSP and type up some Sekai.
  6. My thoughts were something like this: Ijonuu may have been an Order member who was near Johmak's island on a mission, and Johmak saw the intruder and attacked. After the battle Ijonuu could have invited Johmak into the Order, and then became a mentor of sorts as they went on missions for years. Fastforward a bit and Ijonuu and Johmak are battling and etc etc, Ijonuu dies, Johmak shuns her warrior nature and becomes a pseudo-pacifist.
  7. So will Johmak have her 'crystal cloud' ability before joining the Order, or does she get it after joining?
  8. Hm...well there could always be a Makuta attacking the island, but that might not be the most original path. There could be Skakdi involved, or maybe Visorak or Rahkshi or something...whatever it is, perhaps during the battle Johmak and Ijonuu are fighting the same foe, and as Ijonuu is attacking Johmak launches a strike that ends up hitting Ijonuu?
  9. The idea on the species is good--adds some irony to the situation; with the Matoran, I suppose the story would then switch between flashbacks and the present? And will these flashbacks be just Johmak referring to the events, or is it going to be a full flashback with dialouge and everything?
  10. I like the idea; go ahead and start. Do we have any specifics on how the plot is going to go yet, or are we just going to make it up as we go along?
  11. All members of Team 4 for the Epics Unlimited Relay can post here to discuss our story. The plan: win the contest! The details: ...*shrug* So...cue discussion!
  12. Finished that game I was talking about last time, so I had time to put Sekai 88 up today. This one shows more of the invasion, which is almost over, and shows Zak using a new technique he invented. There's also a cameo of a character some of you might recognize...if not, then just wait until Book 3. Writing Chapter 95 right now, which begins the second of two scenarios in the Lost Continent 9 arc. Not sure how long it'll last, though...and still not sure if there'll be anything special in Chapter 100. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to a good typing pattern now, and I'm aiming to finish Lost Continent 9 before August 23rd...which is when I have to go back to school. Not sure if Fe-Isle will be done inside of August, but I'll do my best to get both it and Lost Continent 10 done before the end of September. Lost Continent 10 is probably only going to be only one chapter, so... But going back to school is likely to slow my progress with both typing and writing. I'm going to do my best, but I can't make any promises...hopefully it won't push my schedule for Sekai back too far. Oh, and in case you're wondering about BIONICLE: The Forgotten Bond, I have the prologue and first chapter done, but that's it...well, two or three lines in chapter 2, but that's not much. :wakeup2: Hm...sign off with a random smiley!
  13. Sorry it's been so long since the last chapter of Sekai, but I got distracted by a video game. As usual. I put up a new chapter today, though, showing lots of Forbidden Techniques and Rien vs. Kikanalo, where Rien explains why Spirit Weapon is so powerful. Hopefully I'll be able to get the next chapter up sooner; I'm not finished with the game I'm playing, but I'm almost done. As far as writing goes, I finished the Mutant-Isle arc (which took about half of a 70-sheet notebook) and moved on to Lost Continent 9. Chapter 91 shows some of Khadaz's new skills, and Chapter 92 focuses on events at the Dark Knights' castle. 93 should finish that scenario, and then 94 can have some talking that transitions to the next scenario which will begin either 94/95...not sure how long it'll take, though. Chapter 100 is fast approaching, but I'm not sure if anything special will be done for it. To tell you the truth, in Book 1 I wasn't really expecting to do anything special, but after Chapter 96 I figured I may as well stall for a few chapters and make 100 the Khadaz vs. Union fight. When I get closer to Sekai 100 I'll decide if I can put anything special in it, and I just might be able to due to the point in the timeline...we'll see. I've also been giving some thought to when I'll be willing to reveal things about Book 3, and I decided that I'll at least give out one or two bits of information in 2011 or when Draco-Isle is finished...whichever comes first. Book 3 should start about, oh...mid-2011 if I can keep up with my deadlines, and though I have no idea how long it'll take I'm hoping to keep it a bit shorter than Books 1 and 2. Please don't send any ideas related to Book 3, because it's probably not what you're expecting it to be...but please send in Spirit Weapon designs if you have a character, because we need those. Desparately. Hm, I think that should about cover it...I may as well say that I'm working on a new story independant of Bioni-Lords, but I want to get it mostly if not entirely done before I start posting. When it does go up, though, please check it out! At this point all I can reveal is the title, which is "BIONICLE: The Forgotten Bond"...might change, but not likely to. Please, PLEASE don't use that title--it took me forever to come up with it. This project will take a back seat to Sekai, though, so it might be quite a while before it gets online...hopefully it will be worth the wait. --Exo-Zadakh
  14. Hey guys, how's it going? Sorry I haven't gotten a new chapter of Bioni-Lords 2 up lately--I've been meaning too, but I just couldn't find the time yesterday or today. Hopefully I can get it up tomorrow... Also, thanks to the new Hero Factory website I'm going to begin work on the Hero Factory Bioni-Spirits very soon. Some of them may even be featured in Bioni-Lords 2, and I was thinking about giving one or two of them to the Element-Lords in Book 3. I'm hoping to have Bioni-Lords Book 1 FULLY Rewritten by the end of summer--end of July, if possible--and have Book 2 through Mutant-Isle in a similar time frame as well. Hopefully I'll also update the websites...the main one is behind, and the Orbs List is in need of the Hero Factory Spirits and a few others I have planned.
  15. So much for accelerating my posting process...I've had writer's block on Sekai, and I've been busy with other things so I haven't gotten to typing the next chapter yet. I'll try to get it up today or tomorrow, and hopefully I can smash through this writer's block and get some more chapters out soon...
  16. Here's the first of my lectures, the origins of Bioni-Lords. Even though parts of it are a little embarrassing, and it's not exactly epic or anything, I thought you might still want to know...ahem: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Actually it was the early 2000s, somewhere in the US I won't disclose due to paranoia. I was a kid in the age where Pokemon and Digimon were the big thing, but because my parents thought said shows were too violent my sisters and I weren't allowed to watch them, so...well, in my mind I had to come up with something to counter them. I came up with weird stuff like Claymon, Transformermon, Monstermon (before I realized that the "mon" in those titles was short for "monster"...), and, of course, Bionimon. Through the years the only one that really, really stuck was Bionimon, which saw several different incarnations which were all just kind of...there. Eventually, after I was finally allowed to watch and play Pokemon (Gold version was the first I really got into...loved my Typhlosion...), I decided to make the next incarnation of Bionimon more defined--I gave each Bionimon types and stats, and a few got special effects (Tahu, Kopaka, and Makuta)--and put it on BZPower as a game. Said game was, of course, a complete rip-off of Pokemon: you would take your starter Bionimon, a Bionidex, and several Bioniballs, and have the option of entering grass to encounter wild Bionimon on your way to cities where you would take on the Gym Leader and win masks. I even thought up different types of Bioniballs, Nui Machines (think Technical Machines), and a bunch of sidequests, including one later on where you entered a different world and actually became the Bionimon. Several members joined the game and seemed to enjoy it, and I also held a contest--the original list had only 119 Bionimon, and I wanted an even number. So, some members sent in designs for the 120th Bionimon, and in the end I chose one that towered over all others--Mairi, with an attack that could slay most Bionimon in one hit and an effect that gave it, effectively, twice the maximum HP. The game was rather short-lived, though; the Premier who opened the topic said he couldn't keep up and had the topic closed. Since I was younger at the time I was pretty angry, but I've since outgrown that--the closing of Bionimon is actually one of the greatest things that's ever happened to me. I wanted to reopen Bionimon, but for some reason I thought that if I made another game exactly the same it would just get shut down again because the original one was. So I completely changed it. I took the idea of becoming Bionimon and expanded upon that, changing "Bionimon" to "Bioni-Spirits." I took away the need for Bioniballs as well, for these Bioni-Spirits would turn into glass Orbs filled with sparks of energy when defeated, and humans could then use these Orbs to merge with the Spirit and gain armor that carried the abilities and powers of said Spirit. I used islands instead of cities, "Element-Lords" instead of Gym Leaders, "Battlefields" instead of Gyms, and in place of masks I used "Ultima-Orbs," orbs that were entirely one color that activated the special effects of those select few Bioni-Spirits who had them and let humans use more than one Spirit in each battle. The idea of encountering Bionimon/Bioni-Spirits in the grass was taken out--Spirits would randomly appear on the bridges between islands and in the areas of the islands that were unpopulated. I even doubled each Spirit's HP and changed it to "Fusion Energy." A new name was needed, of course, and I came up with "Bioni-Lords": "Bioni" for "Bionicle", "Lord" as in "Master," so the term roughly translates to "Master of Bionicles." That wasn't enough, however--I felt the need to protect Mairi, the first and, at the time, only Bioni-Spirit who was not designed by me. Mairi's creator bestowed the new name "Obscura" upon his Spirit, and one Premier Application later I opened Bioni-Lords: The Game here on BZPower. More contests were held and eventually I actually held a tournament or two, and I added in healing items and a few other tweaks to the system. Other members contributed more and more, sending in Orbs outside of the contests and, at one point, new Elements were even suggested. It lasted a while, but eventually I gave up on the game and it died...though I have been searching for a Phoenix Down to use on it as of late... Early on during all this I decided to write a story to go along with Bioni-Lords, which was actually put on BZP before the game. Bioni-Lords: The Epic was originally very simple: a kid based on me, "Khadaz" (which is "Zadakh" beckwards, more or less; I was 12 at the time, so he was also 12), would go from island to island and gather the Ultima-Orbs, and since I needed something after that I made him the "Chosen One" (generic...), destined to defeat...hm, what could a generic final boss be called...how about "the 10th Level Bioni-Lord," since there are only 9 Elements? And his lackeys, the Team Rocket of this world, can be called..."the Shade-Gang"...yeah...I'll put up guest star forms just in case people get interested. Quite obviously, the story underwent huge revision, since it went on for, oh...three years. I procrastinate, and then you throw in writer's block and...three years. Some story points were dropped, guest stars came in, my writing improved, characters got developed...you know, stuff like that. A lot of contributions were made by other people, and in the end Bioni-Lords became what I like to call my definitive work. Since I'm impatient, I planned out a whole eight book saga, but then with a litte encouragement and thought I cut three books out and came out with a five book saga. Right now, I'm on Book 2...but I don't think this one will take quite as long as the first, even with more islands and a frequently revesited Lost Continent. There are a few points that can be expanded upon, but I'll save them for their own lectures. I think that about covers the origin of Bioni-Lords, so...thanks for your time; I don't want to keep you any longer, so off you go! Have a nice day!
  17. Well, May is here, meaning that after Wednesday I'll have more time each day for things like Bioni-Lords...and video games. I do have a habit of ignoring my responsibilities and playing video games instead...but I will try my best to get a ton of Bioni-Lords stuff up as quickly as possible. But not so quickly that it reduces the impact of cliffhangers. Mwa-ha-ha-ha... The next chapter is written, just needs to be typed, and the chapter after that...a little stuck, but I'll try and move forward soon. The Orbs List has fallen behind by a bit, so I need to get that done, plus all the profiles and summaries needed on the main site, and then there's the Book 1 Rewrite...I already went through the whole thing and made notes, now I just need to actually do the Rewriting. Also, I was thinking about using this blog to post some Bioni-Lords content, lectures on characters and certain ideas. The one I start with should probably be the origin of Bioni-Lords, huh...? Well, I'll try to start this series soon. I really need to pick up the pace...honestly I'm a little worried that the older I get, the less time I'll have to write/type/post Bioni-Lords, and I really want to get through the saga...
  18. Well I finished writing Chapter 64 Bioni-Lords Book 2: Sekai, where Midori fights the Shadow-Lord, but I don't know how soon I'll get it up...see, I have a bunch of end-of-the-year projects I need to get done for school, so I SHOULD be spending my time doing that. On the other hand...I won't have internet access for part of this weekend, and I need the internet for most to all of this work, so maybe I will get Sekai 64 typed...*shrug* Just letting you guys know. Plus, in May I may (heh...) be able to increase my work patterns; Sekai might accelerate, and I might actually get the websites caught up. We'll see... Command: Sign off. Executing command... ...And WHY is it that whenever I put "Bioni-Lords" in the title of a topic or, apparently, blog entry, it comes out with a lower case "L"?!?! I know it's not a big deal, but it just bugs me!!! "Bioni-Lords" looks SOOOO much better than "Bioni-lords"!!!!
  19. Some of you may be aware of the announcement of Pokemon Black and White, the Generation V games set to be released in Japan sometime 2010. While examining the pictures and hoping this wouldn't be another Generation III situation, I made a shocking discovery...look at this picture: Look to the left, under the bridge... THE TRUCK HAS RETURNED. Those of you familiar with this dreaded enemy know what this means, and those of you not familiar with it should be glad you are not! In order to defeat The Truck I am in the process of forging a sword of infinite cutting power, made of a combination of Adamantite, Adamantium, Mythril, Orichalcum+, Protosteel, Exsidian, Nintendium, and Brightsteel and energized by Lightsaber crystals, but I fear it will not be complete in time... Join me in the battle against The Truck! Bring as many allies and weapons as you can--we must be fully prepared when Black and White are released and The Truck launches its attack! (Yeah, I'm a little insane...pay no attention to the otaku behind the computer screen.)
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