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  1. IC: Ultan; bruised and battered; ruined seashore fortress Ultan had been laying in the mud, caked in black tar and earthly debris, oblivious to anything and all around him. Everything hurt, and his hearing and sight were nothing but a low vibratory drum. He had been making his peace that he would be blind and deaf forever when he faintly felt the sensation of steps approaching him in the mud. A dim figure loomed overhead. As it enlarged in size, Ultan realized they were crouching above him. Their voice fell as if through a veil; Ultan could distinguish its tone before the exact words. It was a friend. Clenching his fists, Ultan summoned what little strength he had to his senses, willing his hearing back enough to make out their message. "I'm sorry... we have been such ... luck since you came looking for... It wasn't supposed to be... like how it has been. If you want to ... you can come with me, back from where we... I... we... unfinished there. And I would rather like your wisdom." Straining to see beyond mere shape, Ultan determined that the speaker was Leklo. If he was alive, then they had prevailed. Perhaps. Ultan attempted to speak, but a gurgle of mud and soot came out instead. His Toa companion gingerly lifted him out of the mud, propping him up. Ultan's head rolled to one side, where he managed to spit out what debris he had left between his teeth. He took a breathe of clean air. "Lead... on... Lek... lo." OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  2. IC: Ultan; Ruined shore Seeing that his companions had either achieved some distance or found a second wind of sorts, Ultan directed his attention to the hulking monstrosity teetering over the edge of the glimmering Protodermis lake, its dark outline simmering beyond the emerald firewall at maintained by his outstretched fingertips. Let's finish this, Ultan thought, digging his heels into the torn earth beneath his feet. Beginning slowly, he began to push the space before him with palms wide open. As he did so, a beam of flame would leave the firewall and hurdle toward the towering Titan in the distance. He brought back one arm and repeated with his other, sending forth another pillar of flame. Developing a rhythm, he began to oscillate between the two, first slowly, then moving into a rapid fire momentum, firing off blazing green missiles in a furious volley. While the firewall diminished with every catapult of flame, the space between Ultan and the pike wielding Titan became a downpour of searing green light. He sent off the final shot with the last of his strength, buckling to one knee as he did so. Struggling to lift his head, Ultan looked up to see the Titan engulfed in emerald light, but to what effect, he could not tell. He could only hope. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  3. IC: Ultan, seaside fortress As Korruhn moved to recover their downed companion, Ultan covered his rear, lobbying fireballs at incoming creatures spawned from the shimmering aura radiating from the mutant titan. Somewhere in the distance the axe-wielding Toa was clambering back to his feet as well. As each shot made contact with these creatures, they stumbled and steamed; much to Ultan's dismay, they continued to get up and lumber closer. The earth around the titan was shaking as well, and thin trails of silver, ephemeral light extended from it like a web to the encroaching minions. We need a kill shot, Ultan thought. Or this is going to get bad. Mustering his full strength, Ultan drew within himself, planting both feet firm in the soft grassy knoll all but shattered by the carnage of their battle. The runes along his armor began to shimmer and glow hot green, light beginning to emanate from his gauntlets and mask. Extending his palms out before him, Ultan let forth a gale of emerald flame, coating the hilltop with a trench-line of brilliant light. Clenching his fists, he thrust his hands up, and with them a firewall extended high from the line of fire, completely blocking off Korruhn, Leklo, and Ultan from the titan's line of sight. The silhouette of the dusky creatures summoned forth by their adversary could be made out darkly through the firewall. Ultan was unsure how resistant they would be to its heat or light, but suspected that the firewall would at least conceal their exact location... for a time. "Get ready to make your shot!" Ultan called over the roar of the flickering firewall, straining to keep it from spreading beyond stability. With a twist of a wrist, a circular gap opened in the firewall, giving Korruhn and Leklo a clear view of their target. OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Crimson Jester @~Xemnas~ @Unreliable Narrator
  4. IC: Ultan, seaside fortress Great, Ultan thought as he witnessed a near dozen apparitions fade into existence around the terrifyingly still titan. As they grew more and more into physical form, they began to lumber and lunge toward Korruhn and himself, with a few trotting their way in the direction of Leklo. Oh no you don't! Planting his feet firm in an ancient stance and bringing both hands in unison back at his side, Ultan thrust both forward, emitting a beam of scalding emerald flame at the two that had gone after Leklo, setting them aflame and knocking them back several yards to scramble and scream. They looked like Matoran, but something in Ultan's heart knew that they were not truly alive. Or at least, not truly alive yet. He turned his attention toward the mass rushing toward him and Korruhn. He stood at his back, ready to support. "Let's end this!" he called out to the shadow Toa, deciding that he would come to grips with his new ally once this strange fight was through.
  5. IC: Ultan, Cliffside Fortress Along the Protodermis Lake Leaving the speeder behind the grassy knoll, Ultan returned to see Korruhn summon a titan of shadow ten times his size, his entire body straining with the effort. Though he had detected something was off about the old cartographer, Shadow-infliction was not on his radar. "That's not good," Ultan had thought to himself, standing at the ready behind him, an emerald fireball aloft in each hand. Shadow Toa were unnatural, save as slaves for... unsavory forces. He recalled the arm injury so long ago that Korruhn had brought to him as a Matoran, and wondered if that had been the beginning of such malady. The shadow titan struck the fortress, toppling it with a single, crushing blow. Both the Toa and his armored assailant fell through the wreckage, and as they did Leklo appeared from the ruins with a flash, landing a well-placed slice against the latter with his blades. Then the armored being soared away through the air, as if he were lighter than a Gukko-chick. Things were never simple, Great Spirit or no Great Spirit, it seemed. Then, the flying warrior dove into the silver protodermis lake with hardly a sound, its shimmering service aglitter with moonlight and pulsating energy. The field grew quiet. The towering shadow creature lumbered to the lake's edge, while Leklo went to retrieve their Toa from the rubble. Ultan looked up to see that the protodermis lake was in fact leakage from the Great Spirit's massive head, no doubt infused with the volatile stuff of the energized variety. To submerge oneself in such substance was to test the Great Beings with fate, a coin toss for a kind of death, or something far worse. A cold feeling ran down his spine despite the warm wind. The spot where the warrior had plummeted began to bubble violently. "That's really not good."
  6. IC: Ultan, Leklo, Korruhn | Abandoned Fortress, Northern edge of the protodermis lake Ultan had been too lost in his thoughts to offer a counter-argument to their detour, and the crumbling fortress along the cragged cliffside was along their route. He had seldom lifted his eyes off of the colossal skull in the approaching distance, the rising moonlight beaming off of its shattered dome. As strange of a sight as it was... something about it was off, and the longer he stared, the more certain of the feeling, though he could not quite place the cause... Their speeders crested over a grassy knoll. As they reached the summit of the coastal castle, the distant clash of steel rang clearly through the crisp salt-licked air. His trance finally broken, Ultan turned to see atop the ruin two figures, one a hulking mass of red and silver steel, bearing a great pike, and a single Toa fending off the brute quite literally single-handedly, one arm clutching a set of artifacts across his chest. "You gentlemen seeing what I'm seeing?" Ultan lifted his hand off of the speeder's clutch and conjured aloft an emerald fireball, flickering in his palm like a ghostly lantern. It gave off a cool heat, the same felt just before a body registers a scarring burn is taking place. "Should we shed some light for our beleaguered brother?" OOC: *airhorns* @Crimson Jester,@Unreliable Narrator, @EmperorWhenua, @~Xemnas~
  7. IC: Ultan, Outskirts of the Great Protodermis Lake Ultan considered asking about the "living corpses," but decided he'd rather not know. In any case, the thought of such things was dwarfed by the immensity of the metallic skull they were fast approaching. It's hollow, lifeless eyes were the size of mountains, and its jaw had been hewn apart in its impact with the sea floor. Sea water openly rushed through its open mouth, and one nostril was nearly submerged. "Metru Nui... was... is inside that?" Ultan muttered aloud. His companions were in a similar state of shock. It seemed undeniable, but the resulting follow-up questions were endless. Many were quite unpleasant. "If Metru Nui was... the brain of this... thing... then that means..." Ultan knew what he wanted to say, though to admit it aloud would make the insanity all the more real. "...The rest of our world - Xia, Karda Nui, Stelt, Nynrah, Artidax, all of it - must be in this thing's corpse somewhere, right?" It was a thought that had crossed the mind of all who bore witness to the gigantic skull and the terrible secret it represented, but to say it aloud seemed to cross a threshold of madness with no point of return. Ultan recalled how long it took to travel to Artidax and tried to calculate the distance, trying to imagine a body that could match the proportion of such a cranium. He knew mathematically how impossibly big that must be, but his brain struggled to conceptualize the what and how of such bigness. It simply went beyond the scope of his imagination, and to feel such a thing expand beyond his previous limits was not a comfortable process at all. While his companions chewed over their response, Ultan found himself spilling another, perhaps more dangerous question: "Which means... there's a universe of our people marooned somewhere out in that vast sea... or..." Ultan lifted his gaze up from the resting place of the head to look to the stars, with one red satellite shining particularly bright. "Somewhere up there?" OOC: @Crimson Jester @EmperorWhenua
  8. IC: Ultan, Leklo, Korruhn; outskirts of Metru-Koro The smoldering ruins of the setting below was a grim sight. Bodies were strewn about, and the stranded survivors were already lining for what appeared to be a terms of surrender beneath a hovering drop ship, many others like it in surrounding wreckage. There was little hope of any in particular being left alive, so reckless and indiscriminate the destruction wrought. While Ultan would have gone with his two new (old?) companions into the brink, he saw now that the wind was taken from their sails, and both looked down in defeat and despair. "You spoke of the League earlier," Ultan began slowly, gathering his thoughts. "They clearly continue their quest for blood and control, and it seems they will not blink at even the smallest degree of defiance or disagreement. If I am not mistaken, you said that they had taken Metru Nui as the seat of their new power?" He turned to look his companions in the eye. "We have nothing here - but if Metru Nui still exists in this desolate place, then we have a chance at something: revenge, or answers, whichever it is you seek." He pointed over the ridge toward the colossal skull that was once the godhead of his world. It was still difficult to process exactly what that meant. "What say you that we take this fight back home, or what remains of it?"
  9. IC: Ultan, Korruhn & Leklo; northern slopes above Metru-Koro Ultan had yet to reckon with the cosmic-sized decapitated head slowly sinking along the fractured coastline. In truth, he had so little information to make sense of such a thing that it had been incomprehensible in his solitude. "If that was our world... what brought it down? Where are we?" ~~~ Korruhn let out a brief chuckle. Answers. It all started with questions, and it all ended with questions. No answers, just more questions. If only he had an answer... to anything at this point. "No answers. We gathered the Great Discs, met Dume, watched him die, witnessed Pridak and his filth destorying everything we ever loved, and now, we're here. When Dume granted us the status of Toa, the mark did something, inflicted me with shadow. Nuju knew of my curse, but he's long dead, and everything he learned is either destroyed, or trapped in there." The Ko-Toa paused a moment, to allow the Toa to intake the enormous amount of information he just gave him. "The League of Six Kingdoms. It started slowly, at the fringe islands, from what I know. Next thing we knew, they were everywhere, and the city was falling. In the collapse, we were caught up trying to defend Metru Nui from the invaders, and didn't get a chance to find out what happened. I suspect all the answers are still back there; but the League has taken it as a fortress, and in the current situational climate, I haven't had a chance to return. We'd hoped to after exploring the Ruins you gathered us at, but instead, it seems the League has once again found a way to antagonize our people." Korruhn's demeanor and tone grew more sour with each mention of the League; warlords and mongrels as they were. With each utterance, he felt hatred well up in his interals, like a great storm of lava bubbling inside a dangerouly compromised caldera. He could barely keep the surge back, but he knew he would get the chance to unleash all of his hatred, rage, and pain back unto the conquistadors that decimated his life, livelihood and home. He relished that day. "As for where we are: I haven't the faintest clue. This world is so foreign, and seemed to function without any knowledge of our world. But we'll have no answer until we can put these animals down, and get back into the ruins of Metru Nui." "And where exactly -is- Metru Nui?" The force of the speeders and Toa pushing the very air out of their way as they sped toward the village made Korruhn's cloak billow and sway with great intensity and regularity, as though it were the drum-beat of the world itself. Were he not so deep in thought and conversation, it would have been a great distraction. "Inside that head, melting now in the acid lake on the west coast. With the right pair of binoculars, you can almost see the Coliseum through it's eyes." A long moment of silence was shared between the two as the dust of what was said settled. "I know it's a Karz of a lot of information all at once," Korruhn empathized. "But, the safety of our citizens is of utmost importance right now. What was the situation when you left? Do you know what we can expect?" ~~~ "Karz..." Another flash, another amalgamation of images. A journey into despair... a darkened kingdom in disrepair... A towering madman... One Ultan had sought for answers... Who was the true madman then? A pair of dim, sunken eyes in a horned skull... Voice full of malice and exhaustion. A flaming chain lifted up and a flash of green, and then... everything went black. A clue to return to another time. "I... I awoke in a medbay alongside other refugees from the... crash. As I was regaining my full senses, a Turaga entered my chamber and enlisted my help. It seemed an attack was underway, though I did not know why or by whom. He simply sent me to fetch you and this Leklo, and gifted me with these admittedly remarkable speeders. I have been alone with my thoughts since our meeting." Another pregnant pause. "As for what we can expect," Ultan began, thinking back on the dire circumstances at his time of departure, "An air raid was underway as I was ushered to leave. Defenses were poor and many were caught unawares. I portend several possibilities, none of which give me great comfort. In truth, I know not if it was the League, or some other hostile force - only that the Turaga seemed to believe survival was improbable without the presence of you two here. I hope his bargain was worth it."
  10. IC: Ultan, Ruins of Ice Ultan had feared that these ruins of ice would be difficult to find amidst the snow-capped wasteland of the high mountains overlooking the distant city, itself shrouded in cloud and smoke. However, this prototype speeder the old Turaga had gifted him was a wonder indeed, its hidden features only revealed by a steady tinkering with its interface along the way. Upon entering in the coordinates of his destination, the speeder automatically went into autopilot, ducking and weaving around trees and canyon bends as smooth as silk. This gave Ultan time to explore its various knobs and levers, one of which deployed a second, smaller speeder from a secret compartment in the rear. This second speeder immediately roared to life and followed on its own auto-pilot trajectory. Ultan could not figure out how to recall it back, so behind him it trailed like a strange metal shadow. The coordinates turned true, and as sure as the mountains themselves the ancient ruin appeared from within the frosted woods, itself a towering structure of untold age. Ultan had little time to marvel at the abandoned fortress, for as soon as he brought his speeders to a halt, he was met with three cloaked figures exiting from its gargantuan entrance. He pulled down his cloak to expose his mask, lifting an empty hand to demonstrate his coming in peace. If these were not the heroes he had been sent to fetch, and instead enemies, he could always blind them with a blast of light and turn to flee. He had been told to look for two; the third caused him to raise his guard. "I am looking for two - one Korruhn, and one Leklo," Ultan called out from across the snowbank. He kept one hand loosely gripped upon the throttle in the event that those he greeted did not welcome his arrival. "Metru-Koro burns, and I have been sent by its Turaga seeking their aid." OOC: @Crimson Jester, @EmperorWhenua, @Nato the Traveler
  11. IC: Ultan, Metru-Koro North Gate Standing beneath the remains of a shattered hangar lining the north gate, airships and explosions thrumming high overhead, Ultan came upon the vehicle that the Turaga had mentioned before his swift departure. Beneath a large sheet lay a sleek vehicle not unlike the hover-speeders common in Metru Nui. Its features were intertwined with unfamiliar and exotic parts that left its full functions a mystery. Ultan did not linger long to inspect it. Glancing at the map given to him by Turaga Sans, Ultan found his bearings. He mounted the speeder and activated its control panel. The vehicle immediately lifted off the ground, whirring quietly beneath him. Tucking the map back into his cloak, Ultan sped out from the hangar and toward the main gate. Sentinels posted above its entrance were too preoccupied calling out orders and taking aim at the invading airships overhead to notice his approach, and by the time he had sped past, it was too late to call for him to halt. Without looking back, he sped toward the snow-capped peak to the north. Visions of a destroyed settlement flashed before his eyes. Terrifying bombs falling from the sky. A terrible lord's cruel, biting laughter. The sirens and screams from Metru-Koro faded into nothingness as he sped further and further away from its borders. "This feels like a fool's errand if I've ever known one," Ultan thought to himself. "I hope this Turaga knows what he's doing."
  12. IC: Ultan, Metru-Koro Infirmary Ultan turned toward the Turaga standing silhouetted in the door frame of his infirmary room. He had heard mentions of this Sans, and his deeds, through the infirmary walls. Though he did not know him, his appearance generated a sense of calm and reassurance. "Well met. I am Ultan," the obsidian-clad Toa replied hoarsely. He had hardly spoken since... well, he was still struggling to come up with a name for what exactly had happened. He still wasn't entirely sure where he was or how things had so suddenly changed. It was as if the entire universe abruptly... shattered. In a maelstrom to end all maelstroms, he was cast out of one world and into another, hard. According to the medics that checked on him periodically, he had been delivered here on a stretcher only a week ago, found washed upon the shore with systems failing and unconsciousness. It seemed less than an hour had past that he had the strength to stand on his own two feet again that the distant air sirens began to sound off. Visions of a razed city flooded his mind, and as he struggled to clear his head of the fog and noise with clenched fist, the Turaga had entered. Like a gentle wind the fog cleared, and for the first time in this strange land he could think clearly. "I suspect that I'm not in the best shape for fighting at this very moment, but I am at your service if you have need for aid." Ultan grabbed his belongings and cloak, though it was cake with sand and mud. He swept it over himself and followed the Turaga down the infirmary hall. "Pray tell me what you can, and how I can be of service. I owe your people a great debt." OOC: @Azibo
  13. Name: Ultan Breed: Ta-Toa Breed Quirk: Resistance to extreme weather and temperatures Faction: N/A Brief Description: Ultan is adorned in obsidian, jet-black armor from collar to heel, intertwining lines of runes running along its grooves and surface. When his passions flare, these runes begin to glow with a vibrant green smolder. The runes are in a pre-Matoran dialect, and even Ultan is not sure of their origins. Since his awakening as a Toa, he has appeared as he has. Ultan wears a radiant neon green Kanohi, hewn by hand in sharp, immaculate relief. Ultan had long suspected it as defective, though kept it as an heirloom of his forgotten past. Over time, he began to suspect its identity as a Kanohi Olisi, a pseudo-legendary Kanohi with the ability to foresee alternative futures. Ultan had heard stories of only one such Kanohi in existence, worn by a fearsome figure of legend. Only after deep study in the Archives of Ko-Metru did Ultan come across records of several such masks existing elsewhere in the known world, though few in number. Still, he knows not how he came to be in possession of this one, if that was indeed what it was. Since his awakening as a Toa, he had experienced premonitions of alternative paths, alternative futures, and alternative pasts. He seldom knows what is the doing of his own mind, or that of the Kanohi he wears. Gear: Ultan carries two plain duel swords upon his back, and travels with a walking staff that can channel elemental energy. When he wants to avoid an unwelcome gaze, he wears a thick, white cloak that covers his outlandish armor, which more than once has attracted unwanted attention. Powers: Perhaps most curious about Ultan’s appearance is that which he keeps hidden within him. Unlike any Ta-Toa he has come across or heard of, the flames he conjures from his core appear bright green, as vibrant as a lush canopy beneath a shining sun. While his flames give off less heat than typical flames, they emit greater light and can create a gale of devastation when put into full force. Even when expelled from his frame, the flames remain green, and seem to rely on less fuel to stay alight. Ultan has long been on a search to find the source of his strange affliction, and has been shunned as an unwelcome mutant by fellow Ta-Toa in the past. Whether it is from his Kanohi or his training, Ultan possesses a unique ability to predict the routes of approach and attacks of his foes, making him a formidable force in combat. However, he has come to avoid violence wherever words and wisdom can do better. Psychological issues: Poor memory, disconnection with reality, thirst for historical and mystical knowledge, sometimes at personal expense Physical limitation: Ultan is largely unable to swim without artificial aid due to the weight of his armor. Because his flames radiate less heat than typical fire, he possesses a unique disadvantage to Ice-wielding entities. Background / Occupation: Ultan was a traveling monk and historian before the Great Cataclysm, trained in the fighting style of the Warriors of Light. He had traveled the world over in search for answers about his lost past, meeting a great number of strange figures in his travels. He sought to understand his place in the greater history of the world, and to help educate those around him to the higher mysteries of the universe. His premonitions made him distant, however, and he grew more seclusive in age and experience. Ultan has no clear memory of who he was before awakening as a Toa, an identity crisis that sent him on many a journey across the known world. After wrestling for centuries with visions of strange Toa he did not know or remember, he had come to believe that he may be a reincarnation of these previous figures. These visions seemed that of vague memories of a past not his, and ancient texts in the Archives of Ko-Metru indicated that ancient Matoran had once believed in such things as not only possible, but the highest truth. Already centuries struggling to understand his faded memory and reality, Ultan was thrown into physical shock when the Great Cataclysm occurred, finding himself washed ashore on a strange island overrun with even stranger creatures, the Skakdi-Xa. Strangest yet, the colossal skull of a machine of immeasurable size lay smote along the storming shores of this land, eyes empty and lifeless. Like many refugees, disoriented and confused, Ultan made way for Metro-Koro to gather his strength and to find answers. After recollecting himself from the throws of the Great Cataclysm, Ultan hazily recalled a strange, towering figure washed upon the shore beside him, rising and lumbering away into the jungle without him. He does not remember who this figure was, or why they were together during the event. He suspects that finding this figure will reveal to him his whereabouts and mission before the Great Cataclysm, of which he remembers nothing. What little Ultan remembers of his previous life before the Great Cataclysm comes in small, unwelcome bursts. He recalls searching for a fabled Mask of Elemental Energy, part of his search for rare and historical artifacts to make sense of his past and powers. In the before times, he had long been visited by vivid dreams of a blazing red star throbbing high in the night sky like a beacon. His life was given a new purpose when, as he awoke on the fateful shores of Zakaz, he looked up to find such a red star lingering high above. Now, he seeks to learn more about this strange celestial object, to learn what caused the Great Cataclysm that turned the world upside down and inside out, and to hunt down the strange figure that awoke beside him upon the shores of Zakaz.
  14. This is fantastic. Really captures the primitive robot devolution idea, and I love the war hammer and spindly but powerful frame. Well done!
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