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  1. hey , What Up?

  2. hey , What Up?

  3. wow, you seem so different now. in a cool way!

  4. i really like smells like teen spirit by green day!
  5. if that was the case it would be in a way that utterly mocks bronies
  6. lih


    Thank you to Windrider for your feedback. Here is an updated version with BONUS CONTENTS!(how did I miss those things, seriously? i'm embarassed. thank you for your wonderful contributions)
  7. lih


    Hello BZPower members today I have a surprise for you!Critically acclaimed comic author lih is joining 'retirement' as a filler author or something (ask someone else like Kortu or I'd settle for that!, I don't know)!They have received rave reviews from all over the internet! Check out these reviews:'lol, no' - Zonis'ok that one was pretty good' - KT'lih is the best author of this series' - KortuHere are two comics (based on true stories!) to start off with."new friend""no fun allowed"I hope you like them constructive criticism please
  8. lih


    these comics are truly marvelousi particularly liked the fitting tribute in the first filler comic.it took my breath away.
  9. ur hawt....

    1. Than the Moa

      Than the Moa

      BZPower is not a dating site.

  10. i spent forever trying to figure out how to change this

    1. Chols


      Megaman you are so beautiful

    2. lih


      i know, right?

  11. lih

    What Happened To Bs01?

    oh lol this always happensevery single timewithout failat least i didnt have to do it all this time!
  12. lih

    So This Is Odd

    it feels really odd seeing BZP back and with a RAD NEW LOOK it's crazy I just deleted a few old draft entries from three years ago it gave me one of those 'amused-but-also-embarrassed-at-your-younger-self half-smiles' so while this place is back I doubt I will be much? I can't even remember what I did here near the end of it? huh go listen to Los Campesinos! so you can fangirl with me over them or something if anyone even cares (probably not!)
  13. lih

    Music Recommendations

    If you're new to Radiohead, I'd suggest The Bends and OK Computer, especially considering your taste. The box set doesn't contain any special extras or the deluxe editions.
  14. You were Kanaya? O_o

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