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  1. The Fanfic Exchange, where ideas are supplied and fics are written, is tons of fun. But why wait for it to come around once a year? What if there was a way to keep the party going all the time? Meet the Fanfic Prompt Meme. It's simple: PM me with a prompt of what you'd like to see somebody write a Bionicle fanfic about, and I'll post it in this topic. See a prompt you want to write? No need to make any formal claims: just go ahead and write your story, post it when you're ready, and PM me with the prompt it's written for. I'll add a link to your story in the prompt's post. Tada! Destiny fulfilled. Not only is there no time limit to filling a prompt, there's no limit on how many people can post fills, either. If you see something you want to write just go for it! It's a party and everyone's invited. Plus, every month, everyone who posted a fill that month will be in a draw for free Lego! The prompt meme will be a permanent installation. If you have any questions, please PM me and I'll answer them in the following post. Let's get to it!
  2. BBC Contest #77 Results! 1. DanielBrickSon2 with Peanut (69 BrickFair votes) 2. Ballom Nom Nom with Manta Kite Akida (27 BrickFair votes) 3. Daler99 with Skull Slice'n Dicer (20 BrickFair votes) 4. ChocolateFrogs with Swamp Thing from Innsmouth (12 BrickFair votes) 5. Xccj with Azari Firedancer (9 BrickFair votes) 6. IvanisIvan with Yeti Man (8 BrickFair votes) 7. Sergei Rahkmaninoff with Mask Snatcher (6 BrickFair votes) 8. (DNP) Mr. Cup of Fail with The Ultimate Mask 8. (DNP) Manuel Pampa with Frezzerbreaker 8. (DNP) Mohamed Marei with Tahu Concept Art For winning first place, DanielBrickSon2 will receive a 71309 Onua - Uniter of Earth and a 71304 Terak - Creature of Earth. For winning second place, Ballom Nom Nom will receive a 71305 Lewa - Uniter of Jungle and a 71300 Uxar - Creature of Jungle. For winning third place, Daler99 will receive a 71313 Lava Beast. All entrants will be placed into a random draw for a 71312 Ekimu the Mask Maker. Thanks to LEGO for the prizes! We asked you to venture into the realm of the almost-was, and you came back with some fantastic realizations! Thanks to everyone who entered, congratulations to our winners, and see you around next time!
  3. While there's a lot of things I love about the Fanfic Exchange, I've been taking some time to work out some of the kinks for the third one. I've just about got the answers, though, so stay tuned!
  4. The Brick Badge Contest Results! 1. Poor Disadvantaged with Silver Lining (12 votes in tiebreaker) 2. Steve The Squid with Fish Tank (11 votes in tiebreaker) 3. Paleo with Fossil Badge! (6 votes in tiebreaker) 4. Kat with Navigating the Open Seas! (4 votes) 5. (tie) Sergei Rahkmaninoff with Piano Badge (2 votes) 5. (tie) Mohamed Marei with Pharaoh's Breastplate (2 votes) 7. CZQ with Aranya Brick Badge (1 vote) 8. (tie) The 1st Shadow with ShadowBadge 8. (tie) IvanisIvan with Ivan's brick badge 8. (tie) TuragaNuva with Uan, Badge of Earth 8. (tie) ~SUMMONER ~ with Not To Be Trifled With Poor Disadvantaged will receive a 75532 Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike and 75121 Imperial Death Trooper. Steve The Squid will receive a 75111 Darth Vader and 75531 Stormtrooper Commander. Paleo will receive a 75117 Kylo Ren and 75529 Elite Praetorian Guard. Thanks to LEGO for the prizes! Without a doubt, you shook up the idea of what a brick badge has to be. It's not about how many bricks you can pack on: it's all about how you use your bricks. Congratulations to the winners, thanks to everyone who entered, and we'll see you next contest!
  5. Official BBC Contest #77: Concept Convention Contest! It's the classic story of "oh, what could have been." For every final product we see, there's countless concepts that led up to it, or could have been there instead, or very nearly made it to shelves too. There's something about concept art that stirs the imagination. And most of the time, that's where it has to stop: the imagination. For better or for worse, these are the designs that didn't make it to the end. Why not do something about that? For this contest, build a MOC based on Lego's concept art. Here's some sources to get you started:http://bzpower.com/story.php?ID=9103http://en.brickimedia.org/wiki/Concept_Arthttps://lego.fandom.com/wiki/Concept_Art(Other sources are fine, as long as you link to them.) Plus, if you'll take a look at the calendar, you'll see it's that time of year again: Brickfair contest time! The final round of voting will take place both on BZP and at Brickfair Virginia, where we will also display the finalists! There's no time like the present to dive into the past - get building! ------------------------- You have from now until Saturday, June 29th at 11:59 P.M. Eastern to submit your entries. To submit your entries, just use this handy form. Only one entry per person, please. ------------------------- Voting: Preliminary Voting begins June 30th and ends July 3rd at 11:59 P.M. EST. Final Voting begins August 3rd and ends August 4th at 11:59 P.M. EST. The contest winner and final voting results will be posted in a separate thread on August 6th. ------------------------- Rules: 1) Entries may not have been posted on BZPower prior to the start of the contest. It can be posted anywhere else before the contest, but it must never have been seen before on BZPower. Once entered, entries cannot be modified: you're committed to what you've entered. If you withdraw your entry, you cannot enter again that contest. If your entry is disqualified, you cannot enter again that contest. 2) Painted parts, non-LEGO parts, and parts edited in Photoshop are not permitted and will disqualify you. All other LEGO pieces are permitted, but the entry must be at least 75% Bionicle/Hero Factory/Technic. 3) Keep it clean, keep it civil. No flaming, no whining. Unsporting conduct will just get you disqualified. 4) Campaigning for votes (mass-PMing, etc), using multiple accounts to skew voting, and sundry other methods of cheating are only going to end in tears for you. Trust us: we'll know when you're doing it. --------------------------------------- Prizes: The first-place winner will receive a 71309 Onua - Uniter of Earth and a 71304 Terak - Creature of Earth. The second-place winner will receive a 71305 Lewa - Uniter of Jungle and a 71300 Uxar - Creature of Jungle. The third-place winner will receive a 71313 Lava Beast. All entrants will be placed into a random draw for a 71312 Ekimu the Mask Maker. Thanks to LEGO for the prizes! --------------------------------------- Contest Hosts: Tufi Piyufi Black Six Well, what are you waiting for? Get building!
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