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    NOTE: Don't ask me to make polls. I am not being mean its just that when I make polls something always goes wrong. Its better if you get someone else.<br /><br />Favorite Toa Nuva:Kopaka <br />Favorite Toa Metru: Matau<br />Couldn't pick two guys with even more opposite personalities could I. :D<br /><br />I really like dragons and furries. And I am the current President of teh SciFi/Fantasy club at my college.<br /><br />I know fenceing and horseback riding. I hope to get back in the sadle someday, I really miss it. Won ribbions for riding, yes, even blue ones.<br /><br />My favorite video games are the Elder Scroll series, teh Sly series, teh Jak series, and the Final Fantasy series.<br /><br />I really enjoy Fantasy and Historical Fiction novels. My favorite authors are Margaret Weis and R.A. Salvatore. I am not impressed at all with Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and really read their stuff cause I had to, I have read, and written, much better. J.K. Rowling is further down the list but is within my top ten. I am currently reading The Sovereign Stone Trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman and the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. As you can see I prefer my books 500 pages or more, I like 'em long! My favorite series/books are DragonLance, Forgotten Realms (especially with Drizzt), Diskworld, Harry Potter, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Legend of the Five Rings, Sherlock Holmes, Bionicle, Dracula, Blood and Chocolate, The Blood Jaguar, Good Omens, The Darkness Series by Harry Turtledove (I am so far behind ><), some of Jack London's works, and some of the Pern series, and Greek Drama. I will read Dune, Starship Troopers, and the Anne Rice Vampire novels I have, I promise I will, eventually...<br /><br />I tend to not watch TV. I am wither working or doing something school related, besides, nothing is ever on.<br /><br />I love anime and manga. My fist series was The Slayers. I also like FAKE, .hack//SIGN, InuYasha (I was into it before it was popular!!), and Naruto. I really want to like Rurouni Kenshin but it drives me crazy for some reason, and most things by CLAMP and let it be known that X/1999 is my series! I like other anime but won't bother listing it all.<br /><br />Don't get me started on movies and music, my tastes form such a huge range that it'd take me years to get it all out. But I love Josh Groban.<br /><br />I am such a sucker for history, which is why I am studying to be an archeologist.<br /><br />I am a college student and am planning on graduating with Honors and recieve my Associate's Degree in the coming fall, so I can get my own home and get my life started!<br /><br />I do a lot of writing and have my own fantasy world, Andara, but still need to flesh somethings out. I do have a huge collection of Bionicle works here on BZP though. I do a little sketching and inking from time to time but I don't care what anyone says about it, I'm not that great. I can't sing though my mom thinks I sound nice, but I love to dance! Mostly of the hiphop variety but I have learned swing and some ballroom.<br /><br />One of my wishes, aside from moving out and living on my own, is to learn Japanese. I have many Japanese dictonaries, grammer books, culture books, J-Pop/Rock, and subed anime. I hope to take a class when I'm living on my own but I was so bad at Spanish I don't know how well I'll fare.<br /><br />Another one of my wishes is to learn a martial art. Not solely for self defense, but also for excersie, discipline, and to be more a part of the Oriental culture I am so fascenatied by. I am learning Tai Chi and am rather good at it.<br /><br />Two subjects I am terrible at: spelling and math. I seriously rock at all the others. I thank my parents for that, always getting fun and educational books and encourging us to read.<br /><br />I AM THE MASTER (or is that Mistress?) OF BIONICLE!! w00t!<br /><br />Yes, I have my computer now. Its in my room on a nice desk. Almost everything is secondhand/given to me and it all works great! Thanks to all my RL friends that helped me out!<br /><br />I am planning on continueing college when I graduate from my community college. Just need a good scolarship!

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