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    I like QQQQing and that.
  1. Man, it's been a while. You've gone through so many name changes, I didn't even realize (and isn't that a Tragedy?) that you were Jay'ko: Master of Illusion... or Cyberstrike3000X... or The Late Great QQQQ... but hey, I remember we had some good times together as Rex and Nick Lightning.

    1. Final Fantasy

      Final Fantasy

      I'm surprised you remember me

    2. PeabodySam


      Well, I was trying to figure out why this "Tragedy" person was viewing my profile some weeks ago. Then I checked your name history and it all made sense.


      When you're an RPG host, you tend to remember your players' names. Even the ones that change every 90 days.

  2. you've made it to a destination your destiny awaits
  3. I bet you've never seen a meme that could scream

  4. Meow

    1. Dallior


      My thoughts exactly, fellow anthro.

  5. Only two more MCU projects left in 2015. Agents of SHIELD returns September 29. Jessica Jones releases on Netflix November 20th.
  6. Final Fantasy


    The eggs are always watching but they never crack.
  7. wow, not even the anniversary event got me to visit here for much long.
  8. The Tohunga title is a leftover from 2001, kept there for historical purposes. I'm a bit surprised that the word filter got changed before that did.
  9. Final Fantasy

    Name Change

    I probably would have disappeared from this site years ago if it weren't for the name change feature. It gives me a reason to come back every 90 days.
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