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    I've decided to revamp this entire thing.<br /><br />If you haven't seen me online in months, it's because I thought my Xbox was incapable of reading discs. It magically started working again when I plugged it in today, but anyways, I'm playing my newly bought PS3 and really enjoying it. I am a fan of Demon's Souls and Metal Gear Solid 4 at the moment. I am completely ignoring my Wii. <br /><br />Anyways, I like to draw. You probably wouldn't know this because it's only infrequently I upload any artwork, since I have no scanner, and the only one I know of is at my school. However, I also enjoy MoCing, and am capable of uploading pictures of my MoCs.<br /><br />Besides being a fan of Bionicle, I am a fan of giant transforming robots, bullet-dodging girls fighting demons and Japanese bug man shows.

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  1. Hello! Welcome to my trade topic. I am selling a large assortment of Bionicle Collectibles, with pictures of what I have below, and prices. (It may be edited as I find more things to sell, so keep an eye on it!) If you have any inquiries feel free to PM me or reply to the topic. I will only be accepting payment through PayPal, and all price are in Canadian Dollars. Silver Kanohi: $5 each Copper Masks of Victory: $10 each Kanoka: $0.75 each Rhotuka: $0.75 each
  2. I understand. It was merely an example of one of the many ways the Bionicle franchise could be revived.
  3. I have always wondered who the rights to Bionicle belong to now that the storyline has ended. Does Lego still have copyrights on the name Bionicle? If Greg was to license High Moon Studios, etc. to make a Bionicle game, would there be any legality issues with this? Who knows.Anyways, as for the identity of this character:
  4. Kaymac


    Yes. And that's why this is awesome.
  5. Kaymac


    Doesn't get much better than this, folks.
  6. Taka! Kujaku! Kondoru!

    TaJaDor! TaJaDor!

  7. ask mormons.

  8. Kaymac

    A Moa!

    [Link Removed]
  9. Miko miko, Aho-chan.

  10. This is going to be as big as that kissing thing!
  11. Kaymac


    Party in the front seat.
  12. I put together Turaga Nokama and Whenua, so my weekend was good too.
  13. How do you work!?

  14. Kaymac


    You can't bad-mouth Peter Cullen! He's the original Optimus! JK, he actually feels like a massive parody of himself in Prime.
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