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  1. So, I got my first 8-string about a week ago, and I couldn't be happier. I set it up in Drop Eb, and it slays.I love it. It's a custom Agile Septor Elite 828, with a 28.625" scale, maple fretboard, flame top, a Hipshot bridge, and Duncan Blackouts.
  2. eh, they never stuck with me :/ seen them twice now, once on scream the prayer and with ABR. they always came off as second-rate ABR rip-offs to me. good time to merch shop though!Take a look at their new album, One Reality. It reminds me more of Parkway Drive or The Ghost Inside than August Burns Red, although you can still hear the ABR influence in their sound.
  3. I was really momentarily excited about the new Emmure, in that Jesse Ketive posted a picture of him playing what appeared to be an 8-string guitar. When I asked him about it, he noted that he absolutely hates 8-strings, and will never play one. Now I am disappoint, especially since I just got an 8-string.
  4. Whoops. I looked up the stats, and you're right. I had the two confused. My bad. I thought Dragonplate totaled 144, not 138.
  5. if you don't know, Daedric is superior to Dragonplate if you don't know, Daedric is superior to DragonplateThat's debatable. Daedric armor weighs less, but Dragonplate has higher stats. It all depends on your stamina, and if you care how heavy your armor is.
  6. So, my friend Jon just released an EP with his band Haddonfield, called Block Music. It's streaming on a social networking site, if you know where to look. It's pretty generic deathcore, but I thought it was pretty well done. If anyone is into Despised Icon, I'd recommend it, because that's what they really remind me of a lot.Also, new I The Breather and Beneath the Massacre albums are fantastic.
  7. So, the other new Meshuggah track is phenomenal too. I can't wait to hear the songs they used 6-strings for on this album!And as for the Emmure debate, I really like them, and am totally serious about that. Their first album was awesome, and pretty solidly melodic hardcore, rather than deathcore. I think their "deathcore sound" really came into play during Felony, which I didn't even like, but they perfected it on Speaker Of The Dead.Also, the new Veil of Maya album is amazing.
  8. New Meshuggah song, new Meshuggah song, new Meshuggah song!It's called Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion, and it is devastatingly heavy.It's on SoundCloud, but not Meshuggah's SoundCloud. Would it be against the rules to link it?
  9. Decapitated is opening, with Baroness as main support.
  10. agreed on his voice being better for hardcore than deathcore. i liked it, a bit generic but still good. i look forward to more from themDefinitely. They remind me a lot of The Ghost Inside. I'm sure that since it was the single, it's a "safe" song, and they'll release better, less generic songs with their album.Also, Meshuggah is coming to Chicago in May. I. Must. Go.
  11. Dude. The first single from Obey the Brave came out today, and it's seriously awesome. They're a metalcore band from Montreal, although they're a bit on the hardcore side of metalcore. Their vocalist is none other than Alex Erian (vocalist/ex-drummer of Despised Icon, ex-drummer of Neuraxis). I'm so glad to see him in a new band, because he's one of my favorite vocalists. And I really think his vocal style fits much better in a hardcore band than a deathcore band, so this was a great change of pace.
  12. I'm so jealous. Structures is one of my absolute favorite bands.
  13. So jelly. Not that you're seeing SFTP, but that since Structures is on that tour, you'll be seeing them. I love Structures.Also, until all of Sumerian's new signings, I'd seen the majority of the 'Sumeriancore' bands. (So, not Asking Alexandria, or Dead Letter Circus, or Periphery, or etc.) I was only missing out on Circle of Contempt, The Faceless, and The Contortionist (I've seen BoO, VoM, AtB, and CftG already), but now they have Structures, The HAARP Machine, Betraying the Martyrs, and I The Breather too. It's gonna take me forever to see all of these bands ಠ_ಠAlso, my Rareform tat, so you can admire it more The black outline has since been filled in with green, but I don't have any decent, recent photos.
  14. After the Burial is easily the best live band I've ever seen. And, I have a Rareform tattoo, so when I hung out with them, they put pictures of it on one of their social networking pages, and gave me a free shirt, which was awesome. They were super chill, and I can't wait to see them again. Their tour with Whitechapel totally ignores Illinois and Iowa though :|And, I saw Born of Osiris about a year ago, and they were pretty good. Saw them with Darkest Hour, The Human Abstract, and As Blood Runs Black. Darkest Hour definitely stole the show from them, though. However, the pit during Bow Down was pretty brutal. Some 6'6" skinhead in a leather jacket, and combat boots was in there, and headbutted me in the face. He broke my nose. It was pretty awesome/awful.
  15. Good God, I'm so bummed that I can't afford to see that. I would love to see JfaC and The Faceless :drool:However, I'd much rather go see Veil of Maya again. I saw them with After the Burial, Misery Signals, Within the Ruins, and Your Memorial in October, and it was amazing. Danny Hauser is such a chill guy (so are Marc and Brandon, but Danny hung out with me for like two hours and watched the World Series with me, he's a Cardinals fan too ). The guys in After the Burial are super chill too, but Danny just took the cake that night. I really hope I can pay off the loan my dad gave me before Veil of Maya tours again so I can see them.
  16. So, any other BZPers here with ink? Feel free to share pictures of tattoos, meanings if you have any sentimental ones, stories about getting them, tattoos you'd like, etc.I turned 18 about six months ago, and in my state, you can't get one until you're 18, parental consent or not, so I got my first one a month after my 18th birthday.There's now green inside the black outline, but I don't have any recent pictures of it. That was about an hour after I got it.I intend to get a half-sleeve on my right arm when I can afford to. It's going to be based on the cover of the album Cursed by Ion Dissonance, and I intend to follow it up with a shark wearing a suit that someone did as graffiti.
  17. All of the Above by Structures. It's technically an EP, but I like to listen to it all the way through, since the whole thing flows well. Right now I'm at the very end of track one, Departure, which leads into Transitions.
  18. My New Year's Resolution was to learn all 20 minutes of All of the Above by Structures (I know it's technically an EP, but it flows well enough that it could be one song). It was going all well and good, and I learned Departure easily enough, but then I realized I couldn't find tabs for any other songs on the EP. Fantastic :|
  19. My God it has taken me ages to figure out how to get back into my account ಠ_ಠAnyway, I have fantastic news! I am in a new band, which is tentatively being called The Hedonist. We play a mix of metalcore (but don't rely on breakdowns) and technical death metal. Think Viraemia meets Structures meets Misery Signals. We don't have a decent recording setup, but you can hear some programmed previews of our music on our SoundCloud.The majority are just small previews, but there's one nearly completed track, also. No vocals in the previews, obviously, but we do have a vocalist.Also, I'm pretty bummed. I was going to go see The Ghost Inside and Attack Attack! in a few days (mostly for The Ghost Inside and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, although I don't mind Attack Attack!), and now I can't go, because my hours at work got cut >_<
  20. The title of that song was actually taken from Hindu mythology, it's also where the band name Pierce The Veil comes from, because that refers to the Veil of Maya.

    And you're absolutely right, it would be ridiculous to compare those bands XD

  21. Once or twice. I didn't dislike it, but I didn't love it. Why do you ask? Lol.

  22. Decided not to pick up where you left off? :P

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