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  1. Just a few quick points that came up: 1. Onua's introductory book chapter has an odd error in it. Where the original text uses "you don't seem too certain about our success", the website says "you don't seem too certain about your sources". 2. There are several style guide excerpts missing from the website, even though you've used some of them. Is that intentional?
  2. Just as an idea for the website, I think an easier way to navigate it would be nice. Adding links to previous chapters rather than just the next ones would already do wonders, but I think some kind of a table of contents would also be very useful and make the website more user-friendly. A page where you can see all the chapters of a given book and select them separately. Speaking of that, how have your plans to include tables of content in the PDF's themselves? I think it might be useful to have the page numbers for each chapter, perhaps alongside info on what story sources are used for them? With regards to the media links, I know I already messaged you personally about it, but I'll present it here as well so others can comment: I think it might be a good idea to have media links to specific sections of the movies, according to the events the chapters depict. There are also videos like the MNOG II cutscenes that I think should still be added.
  3. Wait, the arc actually ended? Well, I said I'd wait for the next arc before rejoining the game, and I suppose that's actually happening now. Can't wait to see what the third arc is like!
  4. Ah, sorry, I actually mixed things up here. The Ga-Koro chapter of MNOG actually takes place in the middle of the second comic, so I suppose those two should be placed next to each other, one way or another. I would recommend either moving them all after the Morbuzakh saga, since that's when the sets were introduced, or placing each animation after the chapter where they were first used. For example, the Keerakh video would go after the chapter where Nuju and Whenua encounter them while searching for the Ko-Metru Great Disk. Actually, there's a place where they fit quite nicely: right after the chapter where Vakama, Nokama and Matau escape the Coliseum and hop into a chute. It seems to be the place where all the comics are meant to go. They should definitely also be back-to-back, since they represent a continuous story. Fair enough. I don't know if I really agree with the reasoning, but it's not a big problem to have them separated. Well, it spoils the fact that Makuta wins in the end by taking control of the universe. I think it's much more effective to allow the reader to think that the Toa will actually win, rather than letting them know right away that Makuta wins. I mean, the books keep hinting at Makuta's victory, but doesn't outright state that "Makuta wins". It's just foreshadowing without giving any plot details. I would move all of Makuta's Diary entries after the epilogue, honestly. But if you're really keen on dispersing the chapters, I would at least place all of them in the Mata Nui Rising section.
  5. I kept my eyes on the site during Bzpower's downtime, and I really like its new presentation and style. It's easy to navigate and looks nice. However, I noticed numerous oddities with the order of the different entries. Here's just a few examples I noted on the fly: The Ga-Koro chapter of MNOG should come after comic #3: Triumph of the Toa. The Vahki animations are in very strange places. I feel like it would be better to include them later on. The last two comics of the 2004 story are in very puzzling places, where they contradict the canon massively. Why are the Phantoka, Mistika and Mata Nui Rising parts divided? They're parts of the same arc, and are quite short on their own. The way Makuta's Diary is dispersed across the 2008 story spoils the ending of that arc right at the beginning. The last chapter of Brothers in Arms should be earlier, not because of the canon, but because it makes for a bad conclusion to the story as a whole. By the way, in case it's helpful to you, I have a collection of many of the guides here, including transcriptions of some of them.
  6. A very interesting read. I was asking around for sources of Lhii's origin a few years ago, and I see that the whole Pakari thing is still a mystery. I'm baffled as to where that could've come from... For future posts, it would be interesting to see the original intent behind the Red Star talked about. It was such a fascinating concept before Greg retconned it into a revival machine.
  7. I, too, love the Miramax style. They went beyond just animated toys, they showed us the characters how they would look in real life. They could've made the movies completely set accurate for the sake of selling toys, but they decided to dedicate themselves to providing an authentic, realistic portrayal that respects the internal rules of the Bionicle universe. I have a huge amount of appreciation for that decision alone. That's not to say I don't like set accurate portrayals. The old CGI promo videos in particular look stunning, and the MNOG style is very classic and endearing.
  8. Well, he might've changed his view on them. About time, really.
  9. From the Greg Q&A Nov 15, 2003: Note how Greg seemed to think that the golden Kanohi also only had three powers... that's a weird one. And much later, in Mar 10, 2007: In summary, Greg never saw the silver Kanohi as representing unworn Kanohi. However, from very early on fans have interpreted them as such, because it makes sense. Just another example of a situation where it's simply better to ignore Greg. But canonically, the silver Kanohi are combinations of three mask powers.
  10. Interestingly, back in 2002 we were told that the silver Kanohi represented fusions of three ordinary Kanohi, whereas the golden masks were fusions of six. It wasn't until later that fans started to see the silver masks as not-worn Kanohi. Understandable really, since it makes much more sense that way and we never had any "lesser versions" of the golden Kanohi in story.
  11. I can buy Whenua's, Nuju's and Matau's tools being transformed into their badges of office, but I don't get why Onewa's hammer is considered to have been transformed from his proto pitons (which share no functional similarities). As a Matoran, he used a hammer identical to the one he held as a Turaga, just like Vakama and Nokama did with their own tools, so it would make a lot more sense for him to also use his old Matoran tool. Has it ever been explicitly stated anywhere that his tools just transformed into the hammer?
  12. The Rahi Beasts PDF is actually the version hosted on Biomedia project, so I had no part in making it. Could you mention the pages that have this problem though? What device are you using to view the PDF? I only know that it was shared by a person who used to work at Lego as an intern or something like that. Apparently the synopsis was shared with people along with the style guide, and served as a sort of introduction to the story for potential business partners of Lego, like companies that were interested in cooperating with them. I don't know for certain though.
  13. That is awesome, thank you! When you've made the PDF, I'll add it to the list.
  14. In that case I think you should get rid of the sub-bullets. Not sure what the alternative should be though... And as for the game links, well, you could just put a link to MNOG at the first MNOG walkthrough chapter. For example. I don't know if linking MNOG would even work that well in the end, I was just making an example of what the QR codes could be used for. For other games it's less complicated, since they don't span an entire story year like MNOG does.
  15. At least for MNOG, the version on Templar's own website would be fitting. For other games, I suppose the Biomedia project would be the best place to link to. The new layout is an improvement. One suggestion though: for those books that do have the QR codes, remove the spaces between the lines. They look a bit inflated with the extra space between the different versions.
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