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    Lego, Nintendo (though any system is fine), MoCing, Watching TV, Zombies, Marvel Zombies, movies, Wikipedia, ######, MSN, Resident Evil, Metroid, Paper Mario, Donkey Kong, reading, Among other things...

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  1. I thought they stopped doing that after that little stunt in 2005.I'm sorry, what stunt?Sorry, never mind. I was wrong. I recalled that the internet pretty much stole a whole tonne of pieces from Lego's new piece service. I must have read something wrong or something.
  2. I thought they stopped doing that after that little stunt in 2005.
  3. Fifty dollars for Exo-Toa, Balta, and Lewa Nuva?
  4. Alright, so I need a two pieces. It's those two hoses that stick onto Roodaka's feet. I'm Canadian and I have Paypal.So. Anyone?
  5. The first one was a Christmas gift, the second was from the one of the most wonderful people on eBay, and the other four were on Bricklink. Altogether, I'd say I spent...$357.00 US?
  6. I have six Exo Toa in my possession, and I was wondering something.With the help of an old website that sadly cannot be mentioned here, I modified three of them to accommodate Gali, Pohatu and Onua, while making it look like it's exactly the same. Tahu, Lewa and Kopaka's have an extra piece stuck on behind the right shoulder to hold their swords.Question is, does this lower the value of the GPO suits because of their modifications? Or, because they can now hold the "odd-shaped" ones, increase those one's value?
  7. Dcuv'ek

    Final Polls

    I vote for Ausar. Good luck, bud.
  8. Dcuv'ek

    Preliminary Polls

    I vote for (The) Argetlam, Ausar, and Shadow Rahkshi. Good luck, guys! And Ausar? We're even now. -Storm
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