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  1. FYI, the original creator of Miserix recently shared more photos of the original model: https://imgur.com/a/BJFH0pU
  2. A great article as always. When I was young, the Kaita and Nui were always one of my favorite features of the sets. It's too bad that this element of Bionicle appeared so seldomly in the story. I do wish the story team had laid out the parameters for forming Kaita and Nui more precisely. That Matoran Nui artwork is boss. I've added a link to your blog on my own website. Do you have a Twitter I can link to?
  3. The video you watched is called "Mata Nui Saga." It was featured on the front page of bionicle.com in 2010 and was released in chapters.
  4. Nice work! I guess I'm going to be the first one to ask... why did Black Six have a copy of the intro to Invasion? Greg mentioned a few times that he never finished Invasion. IIRC he only finished half of it. He claimed that what little he did write was lost to a computer virus.
  5. The BZPower news archives actually have all that information. Some of my timelines are a bit iffy in places, but the 2001-2004 ones are pretty solid.
  6. Don't forget that Jaller, Hahli, and Nuparu sailed from Metru Nui to Artidax in just a few days. It's also obvious that the section of Bara Magna we saw in the story must be only a tiny, tiny portion of the planet. Yeah, it's best not to take it too seriously.
  7. Global warming thaws Toa canisters and brings them back to life?
  8. Interesting read. I look forward to future posts. I think we all wish that Lego had spent a lot more time building the 2001-era world, and I agree that it would have been nice to have intelligent enemies to oppose the Toa earlier on.
  9. I've also thought about this before. I think the circular writing system lends itself to a base-12 number system. It seems really weird that digits 0-5 use a single circle in the middle, but the double circle symbols only cover 6-9 rather than 6-11.
  10. The little wraparound flap on the booklet has the number 4229983.
  11. Sorry, I don't right now! Maybe I can get back to you next time I do. I'd like to solve this mystery too.
  12. I can confirm that the US Toa Metru sets did not have CDs. I wasn't aware that they ever came with mini-comics. I only have one copy of the mini-comic and it appears to be the Matoran version.
  13. Since I don't like the idea of using fan-invented titles, I would go with more obvious names: Quest for the Masks The Bohrok Swarms The Mask of Light Legends of Metru Nui Web of Shadows Island of Doom Prisoners of the Pit The Final Battle The Legend Reborn Epilogue
  14. Why would you assume that the bipedal creature is a human? Every character we met on Spherus Magna was bipedal, and they weren't human.
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