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  1. Nice to see new art from you. Well done; love it. Hope you've been well.
  2. wil

    Defining "bionicle"

    Well... Perhaps extending into late 2008. At that point, there is still this unseen superpower upon which everything depends, which must be saved. In '06, you have the entity's existence being questioned. In '08, you have the entity dying. But not until the end of '08 / start of '09, we don't know these entities as having physical embodiments. It was that mysticism that made the story for me, so I stopped paying attention after that point. :/
  3. wil

    Defining "bionicle"

    So, I was talking with a really close friends of mine about our past, more youthful obsessions. Her's ("hers"?) was Pokemon. Mine was Bionicle. Now, we're both major bookworms. She said that she considered reading the books in elementary, and decided against it. Then, she asked me what they were about. After about half a second of deliberation, I said that it's "like Zoroastrianism, but with robots, supernatural powers, and a religion-thing". There it is, folks'. Bionicle in a nutshell.
  4. Anyone care appraising these, I think, one-of-a-kind items?
  5. What's the average time between finishing and publishing? I need a distraction from my Chemistry, and this looks lovely.
  6. wil

    It's A Girl :)

    Oh my gosh, amazing news! Congratulations, enjoy being a father. Has she been colicky?
  7. Liek omg your back! :D

    Wait, you left? XD

  8. Tronec

    Wil! You're back!

  9. wil


    Yes, I've returned. I've returned from the crypt. Boo. ---- Not much has happened... Life is good... What's happened since I've been gone? Bionicle has been cancelled. Who didn't see that coming? They sped up the storyline in '06, the books stopped selling well, they cancelled a year of story in '08, and they have a massive reboot in '09? If that doesn't indicate poor sales, I don't know what does. Other than that? Well... Omi's been banned. That's pretty much all I can come up with.
  10. Do you believe in ghosts? :P Yes, I have my account back. xD

  11. wil

    Blast From The Past

    I still have an old love for the '01 sets... I don't after that. It'd be nice if we could see some of them, not the PSDs and such, I know there no question about that happening.
  12. Tronec

    What exactly is your Google email? I can't add you in Google Chat with the one in your profile.

  13. What format is the game in? I have Flip4Mac installed, and it is making quicktime treat it as a movie file, so nothing happens. Right now, I'm in the Safari 4 public beta. I've also tested it out in a few other webkit-based browsers, no differences among them, so it can't be just a Safari issue. The game works fine for me in any gecko based browser, among them, Firefox, and Camino. The 3D work is amazing, this is quite a step up from previous games, bravo.
  14. I saw that episode just last night, it was epic. XD
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