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    Bionicle of course, Star Wars, BZP and my cat, Hahli. I also like Transformers, Marvel, Halo, Pokemon and both model and real trains(Favriote are steam engines ^.^). I also have quite an interest in voice acting, writing and Machinima.
  1. Just read this whole thing and I have to say I quite enjoy it. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. I enjoy seeing things people do things in Bionicle that we never got to see in the story, like a dictator Toa running an island. The only criticism I would offer at this time would be to separate different characters' dialogue into separate paragraphs so it clearer to see that someone new is speaking. Other than that, I really like it.
  2. I remember reading your original spoofs like it was yesterday back in 2005. I always loved your spoofs and this one is your best. Keep it up, I can't wait to read the next chapter.
  3. Hello everyone, today I am here to show you my entry: Vezon - Master of Anarchy! Entry Picture On one of his many dimension hopping adventures, Vezon ended up on the mystical island of Okoto. There, he realized the the local Toa team did not recognize him, so he hatched a dastardly scheme. He claimed to be the Master of Anarchy, and vowed to fight beside the Toa for justice. But that charade can only last so long, and Vezon will eventually have to kill Tahu and his friends. Close Up Spear of Fusion I wanted to do a different take on the Spear of Fusion, so I took inspiration from Vezon's debut comic appearance where his spear is oddly warped. It also reminds of Loki's scepter from The Avengers, and who doesn't like Loki? Side View Back View I dunno Vezon doesn't know how he got here. Heroic Pose Vezon strikes a pose to show how much of a hero he is. He got sick soon after this photo was taken. Shhh, be vewy quiet, I'm hunting Tahus! Vezon arrives on Okoto and prepares to take out Tahu. Let me tell you a tale Vezon recounts tales of glory to his new BFF Tahu. The inevitable betrayal All good things must come to an end, including the Master of Fire. So there you have it, I hope you guys like him and constructive criticism is welcome. I don't think I'll win but hopefully I'll get a few votes at least. Anyways, have a nice day.
  4. That would be okay. Interesting. So just curious, how does removing a chest printing differ from painting a part? I would have thought they'd be on the same level.
  5. I was looking at the list again and I was thinking that The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet should be in 07 since it references the Pit, Hydraxon and Botar.
  6. If I'm not mistaken, Vakama's jetpack is a secondary ability of the weapon itself, which means it would have worked the same even if a non-Toa had it.
  7. This should be a rather easy question to answer: Can any element be channeled through any Toa tool? Example, could Vakama have picked up Matau's aero slicers and shoot flame from them? I'm pretty sure that is the case, but BS01 didn't say and I wanted to be sure. Bonus question while we're on the subject of Toa tools: Can any object be used to channel elemental powers? It would seem so since Vakama used his mask making tool in the LOMN novel. So how far down the ladder does it go? Can a stick be used as a Toa tool, or do you need something more robust?
  8. In the spoiler free order, I think that The Mutran Chronicles and Federation of Fear should come before Shadows in the Sky as the former indirectly mentions Matoro using the Ignika at the end of it, and Icarax is mentioned killing Botar in the latter, which would have been before he left for Karda Nui. I feel that order might work better but I'm not sure. Otherwise, I really like this list, I had been looking for one like it, good job
  9. I know I'm a bit late in replying to this, but thank you very much. I wasn't sure how my Whenua voice sounded as I have typically not been very good at doing older voices. Your compliment means a lot to me
  10. I'll add my opinions into this discussion. First I just wanted to help clear a few things up. First of all the Bahrag are not Rahi, the Matoran would consider them to be because of their monstrous appearance, but they are intelligent. The Matroan do the same with Zyglak, Krana and Kraata. They seem to jump to conclusions on a few things Second is I am fairly certain that the Komau is more effective on dumber Rahi than smart, as it is a simpler mind to control. Although I believe there are Rahi that are too dumb that cannot be controlled by it. I am guessing that the Mask fo Rahi Control's upper hand is it can control those Rahi, as it is contorling Rahi and not minds. The next thing Baron is that you see Teridax not using his power on Keetongu as him not being able to use it. Remember that Makuta have 42 different Kraata powers, along with the power of shadow, their masks powers and incredible brute strength. In Antroz's own words: So while it is possible that Teridax could not control Keetongu, I find it more likely he did not want it to be over so easily, and so used his other powers instead. Same goes for him controlling the Manas. Maybe he couldn't control all of them, but he is also so sadistic that he probably turned them on each other just for the laughs. Now that that is out of the way, your theory does make some sense, but there is a hole. Kraata and Krana do not form civilizations, yet they are not Rahi, and thus I would not think Rahi Control would work on them, although I do not believe this has been proven. Also, BS01 says that most Rahi do not have the willpower to resist the Mask of Rahi Control power, with possible exceptions of Krahka and Keetongu. So I'd say the answer might be in there, that the deciding factor is willpower and not intelligence. For example, gorillas are intelligent, but they don't really have the same willpower that we do in being able to push their bodies through pain to do things, resist a sort of mental invasion, etc. And it seems like possibly even Krahka and Keetongu wouldn't be able to resist it. I hope that all made sense VMN
  11. I guess I figured that maybe the Great Beings did some designs, although as I type this it doesn't make any sense Why I thought that the Matoran standaridzed mask shapes was this line on the Kanohi page on BS01: That would imply Matoran mask makers in my mind, but that could just be me. I guess it's also vague enough that it could mean they just copied what the Great Beings set up. But other than that, your explanations make a lot of sense. Basically, Protodermis is a mystical object that can do a lot of things And yeah, I missed your point about the whole Toa armor thing, my fault on that. Makes sense now. Also, about Vakama, I do agree now looking at it that the general look of it does seem a bit more Noble than Great. One of the things that was throwing me off I guess was that he had an actual "mouth", compared to the "electricity mouth" the Noble does. Also the Huna page is where I read about it being a Great mask, and not a Noble mask: http://biosector01.com/wiki/index.php/Huna As you can see, it clearly lists Sarda and Balta as having Great-shaped versions, as we know they clearly do, and Vakama is there as well. Where Macku and Tehutti are listed as having Noble-shaped versions, which we know they clearly do. Anyways, the wiki could still be wrong. Also, why my last sentence in my last post didn't make sense was because I meant the movie version of Vakama's mask as a Toa, not Vakama's mask as a Matoran Edit: No, I just meant that the technology would be similar. If it could imprint the life force of a being, it wasn't a stretch to say that the mask retains the power it was carved with in its molecules. Just wanted to clear that up VMN
  12. That makes sense as far as making the mask with the proper disks, thanks for that insight So powerless masks would have an imprint of sorts of the power they were made with? That would actually make a lot of sense since we know masks hold an imprint of a being for a while, example of course being how they revived Jaller. I just have two problems with this idea. 1. Wouldn’t the mask designs of had to been set when the MU was created? It is my understanding the Matoran standardized the mask designs sometime later. It would seem that the designs would have had to been programmed into the Toa Power from the start, but I could be wrong on one or both of those things. 2. Wouldn't the Toa Power also be thrown off by a slightly different shaped mask, such as Lhikan's, or Nuju's or any of Nuhrii's? Or would you surmise it is "smart" enough to account for minor differences? So if this is the case, are you saying Krakua was transformed with his Suletu, or the Order gave it to him? Because BS01 says that Krakua had a Suletu as a Matoran, but they could just be assuming that. Also, off topic but: BS01 says that Vakama's mask was the Great version of a Huna, although I also thought for a while that he wore a Noble version, as it does have some similarites to it. Upon closer examination however, when you compare it with the Great version, especially the movie version, it has more in common with the Great version than the Noble version, but that's just my two cents on the matter VMN
  13. Hello everyone, man I haven't been here in a while. Anyways that's not the point of this topic. My question is, what decides what mask power a Toa gets? For example, what happened for Vakama to get a Mask of Concealment? I know on BS01 it says Toa Power transforms Matoran and Noble masks into Great masks, but what decides the power? Surely Toa Power can't sense the shape of the mask, and Krakua's Hau-shaped Suletu would disprove that theory. And I don't think it would matter on what disks were used to make that Matoran mask for two reasons. 1. The power leaks out of the mask after it is made, making it powerless, so it really isn't a Huna anymore is it, even if it does have the shape. 2. If they were making Matoran masks, why would they bother using the proper disks? Seems like a waste of material if you ask me. Juts carve it in the correct shape and call it a day. So what are your guys' thoughts? I look forward to your ideas. VMN
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