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  1. Your comment got me thinking if I could find that US catalog, xccj. Would this happen to be it by any chance? Page 63 mentions "#8508 Extra Discs, Ages 7+, 5 randomly assorted discs, $2.50," but doesn't feature a picture of the box and explicitly states "Not available in any store." You might just be right that they used the European release to fulfill those orders.
  2. That's exactly what I suspected too. I'm really curious if anyone was ever able to obtain any 4-7-pip discs in North America by calling that phone number. Thanks for your reply!
  3. If there are any fans of the Throwbots still around, perhaps someone can tell me how (or if) extra discs were distributed in North America? I've only ever seen a European release of the #8508 set and in hindsight, I've never actually seen a North American eBay listing featuring anything other than the regular discs that came with each set. Interestingly, the North American posters show all 48 discs (24 per poster) with this peculiar info at the bottom: "Discs are randomly placed in Throwbot sets. To buy extra Throwbot discs, in the US call: 1-800-453-4625." Does anyone have any idea what that was all about?
  4. Hey, did you happen to get around to checking those patterns? I stumbled upon yet another variation of the US canister: it's gunmetal but has the same pattern on the bottom as all of the European canisters. Pretty weird.
  5. You ever notice how this chord, this chord and this chord don't sound nearly as epic as this chord?
  6. So I'm looking into assembling my own Toa Krakua per John Dexter's original instructions. I had some fun compiling a BrickLink wanted list until I realized the set can't be assembled without having both dark gray and dark bluish gray parts and that's a huge pain in the neck. But it's still a childhood dream of mine to have the Toa so I'll do some experimenting until I find a color scheme that's as seamless as possible. IIRC Toa Krakua was the first Toa of a different element besides Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Ice, Stone and Light to be introduced into the canon, right?
  7. Thanks for looking into it. Can you look at the bottom of each canister and tell me what types of patterns you see? Is it just one type of pattern and does it differ from the pattern on Visorak canisters?
  8. Hi, I've reconsidered selling the whole lot. I'll be making the store public soon so you'll be able to pick whatever you like.
  9. Well it looks like that mystery is solved then. DragonMaster2050, I'm not sure I follow which CD you have? You have American releases of the Toa Metru, correct?
  10. Sup. I've got a beaut to sell on my BrickLink store: a nearly complete Toa Mata Nui, golden Kanohi Ignika obviously included. I rescued and washed this set yesterday; it's currently drying under the sweet sweet spring air (no direct sunlight). The mask has been thoroughly inspected and appears to be flawless. The set's missing a few pieces but nothing you can't part out for 10-15 euro, shipping included. Both instruction booklet are present with some issues: booklet #1 has a torn-off page (still whole but hanging separately) and a partially missing back cover; booklet #2's missing the first (and last) several pages. But don't let that distract you from the fact that the instructions are THERE for a change. I've listed this set for 100 euro as I think that's fair based on recent BrickLink activity but y'all are welcome to offer any other price that suits you. I'm open to negotiate. Cheers.
  11. So I was looking at my canisters and noticed yet ANOTHER discrepancy, lmao (2005 was insane). As it turns out early US Toa Hordika canisters (both light gray and metallic gunmetal) have a distinct pattern on the bottom as compared to EU releases of the Toa Hordika and Toa Hagah. I have no idea what pattern the US Toa Hagah or late US Toa Hordika have (the release where the instructions advertise the other 2005 sets instead of 2004 sets).
  12. JSYK the Copper Komau is also either opaque or translucent. Good luck.
  13. Can you tell me what the inventory number of your copy reads, Planetperson?
  14. Okay, I have another conundrum. Can anybody in the US (lol) tell me why some of the Toa Hordika appear to have light gray canisters (much like the ones in Europe), while others have darker, more metallic-looking canisters (similar to gunmetal), which stand about a millimeter higher than the other type? Are the darker variants an earlier production run or is this a matter of different locales? I don't really know if any canisters were produced in the US in 2005. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the reply, Peri! Can you tell me if the copy you have has this inventory number: 4229983? Because if so, we can safely assume only one version exists of the Toa Metru booklet. Speaking of which, I only found out about it recently as well; as it turns out, it came in canisters without a CD (while mine all had one). I'll go ahead and scan it sometime, although I'm 99% sure the "comic" part is identical; the only difference is the six pages displaying the Toa Metru sets instead of the Matoran.
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