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  1. Nice, I'm happy to help, @Peri. I actually managed to recover the original recorded clip on my old computer. The audio is near-nonexistent because at the time I couldn't figure out how to adjust the input so I literally took a mic to the speaker. That's why the sound is so buzzy in the subtitled version. But yeah, here it is in case you're interested in the recording sans subtitles; you'd have to crop out the other commercials and maybe amp up the sound. If there's anything else you could do to make it sound better, that'd be awesome. Meanwhile, I might reach out to the studio myself if you guys don't plan on doing that. :)
  2. Also why are they having breakfast when it's dark outside?
  3. Back in 2006, I caught a Bulgarian commercial of the Piraka/Inika Nestle toys on the air. I recorded it, had another member put some English subtitles on it and it made the BZP news. Just today, I stumbled upon a very similar video (in English) that appears to have been produced by the exact same studio, albeit for some slightly different Piraka/Inika Nestle toys. Perhaps someone from BMP may be interested in contacting them to see if they have a better quality version of the first video still saved somewhere? @JrMasterModelBuilder?
  4. This has been a fantastic read. I can't remember the last time I was so thrilled to read about Bionicle lore. While I'd read about the early store bible, I had no idea so many things were discarded and changed on the go. A cult of Makuta-worshipping Tohunga? I would pay to see this. I would literally pay to see this become a reality. Is it possible to modify the MNOG with new content? Can @Peri do that?
  5. Has anybody else noticed that Lerahk's render is flipped on the Shadow Kraata + CD box? I don't think I'd ever seen this done on a box until just now. It's a very neat irregularity.
  6. Thanks, that about confirms it then!
  7. Honestly, not as unambiguously as I would've hoped, but yes. Thanks.
  8. Illuminatus

    The Toa's Hideout

    Wow, I took long to respond, lol. Yes, I went by the name Bioni-Cool Jack back then. Do you happen to have any way of reaching Sean aka Kali aka Wise Whenua?
  9. Yeah, true, that was a bit convoluted. Never mind it. It's really not that hard to imagine an agreement (if not a contract) involving all three parties—Greg, TLC and BZP. Did BZP not do its absolute best to uphold TLC's interest? No leaked images, no direct linking. Pure good will could explain that, of course, but so could a set of terms and conditions, which no other fan site appeared to adhere to. Also, I never suggested a paycheck was the only reason Greg stuck around. The man clearly had devotion. All I'm suggesting is that he was given an extra incentive to participate, quite possibly as a regular donation either to him directly or via TLC. Obviously I'm not familiar with BZP's budget but if you were running this site and you had a financial surplus from, say, premier memberships, wouldn't you at least consider finding a way to give some of that to Greg? As a gesture, if nothing else. Anyway, I don't mean to push this subject too hard; clearly Greg has addressed this question himself at least once. I'm just not entirely convinced is all. If someone who was involved in the financial management of BZP could step up and definitely deny or confirm this claim, I think that would be pretty sufficient. Otherwise we're just throwing hunches back and forth.
  10. Thanks, that's helpful. ^_^ Although to be honest, it could very well have been part of his contract/agreement to say he wasn't being paid. Not to sound conspiratorial but I could very much envision it happening. If you ran the biggest Bionicle fan site and made every effort to set yourself apart from your competitors (which it was coincidentally forbidden to mention by name), it would make sense to not only hire the official Bionicle writer but also to create the impression that he was on here because he genuinely enjoyed it. And while I'm not saying he didn't enjoy it, remember we're still talking about answering literal thousands of member questions every day, every week, every month, for at least 5 years in a row, very often having to repeat yourself. I for one have sent Greg at least 50 messages over the years and he has not once failed to respond, up until 2011 anyway. And speaking of 2011, isn't it odd that he stopped coming online AND writing the serials altogether? Personal issues and official TLC age restrictions could be the explanation, but I can also imagine an end-of-contract situation being an additional factor. Here's what happened in late 2010 and 2011: Bionicle ended, Greg stopped coming online and writing serials, the ban on mentioning other Bionicle fan sites and YouTube was lifted, and there was also a prolonged downtime. Most, if not all of these things, could have something to do with an official contract involving BZP, TLC, and Greg. I never got to be BZP staff despite my best efforts years ago so I was never enlightened as to some of the inner workings of the site. And my question was mostly addressed towards the staff. If someone from the staff could chime in, that'd be really helpful.
  11. This question literally just popped into my head and I had no idea who to ask, so I just thought I'd post a topic. I hope the question isn't insensitive; it's just something I'm genuinely curious about. It makes perfect sense from a management and marketing perspective to commission the official Bionicle writer if you want to run the biggest and most successful Bionicle fan site. Considering the numerous partnerships BZP has had with TLC and e.g. our strict no-leaked-images policy, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Greg turned out to have been hired all along, with TLC's blessing of course. I don't seem to remember Greg being part of any other Bionicle-related board excluding LEGO's official message board, which would also make sense. And honestly, would anyone really spend years upon years replying to every single fan question out of good will alone? I find that really doubtful now that I'm no longer a teenager. Thanks and, again, sorry if this question is crossing any lines.
  12. To be perfectly honest, perception seems to play a key role in the amount of money a BIONICLE fan is willing to pay (or charge) for any given collectible. That said, I do believe a great many collectibles are not objectively rarer or harder to find than others. They are just more expensive because at some point someone decided that they were rare and everybody else just followed suit. *shrug*
  13. Let me clarify what I meant: the proper colors definitely were available in Europe, just at a later point. I would assume the general ratio between misprint and correct Matatu/Ruru/Kaukau masks was either 1:1 or 1:2 in favor of the correct ones. But generally, the misprint masks were very common. More common than their current price would suggest. And since this topic is about odds, I would say that your chance of getting a misprint mask in Europe was about 20% during the initial release of the mask packs and then maybe 10% after they were fixed, considering 14 of the 72 masks were initially misprints.
  14. Here's another fun thing to consider. Seeing as the original Kanohi were distributed in Europe first, the most common misprints, i.e. the six Matatu, six Ruru and two Kaukau masks, were most likely produced instead of their correct counterparts rather than in addition to them, as this LEGOLAND display seems to suggest. That means that not only are the original misprint Kanohi generally harder to find, but so are their correct counterparts, i.e. all the proper Turaga colors of the Matatu and Ruru as well as (wait for it) the trans-white and trans-orange Kaukau.
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