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  1. Hey everyone. Can anyone who owns Vezon & Fenrakk tell me if their set came with four pearl dark gray 2 x 7 axle and pin connectors for the hind legs or if those parts came in dark bluish gray like BrickLink appears to claim? I recently replaced my broken pearl dark gray pieces with dark bluish gray ones but I'm starting to suspect the BrickLink inventory may be wrong for this set; it lists the pearl dark gray pieces as alternates but I can only find images of the set with these parts and never dark bluish gray parts online. Thanks. :)
  2. Does anyone by any chance keep any parts of their original Toa Mahri boxes? Particularly the most disposable part—the plastic blister? I'm looking to replace a few of mine that have issues, as well as assemble full boxes for Jaller, Matoro and Kongu, if that's even possible. Thanks.
  3. IMO, the tease with the letters was just that. A tease. He spelled out "BIO/3IO" as if to refer to 3rd wave of BIONICLE but vaguely enough so that he can later say he'd meant the "spiritual" successor to BIONICLE in a much broader sense. I'm betting he'll say the whole thing stood for "bio" as in "biology" as in "environment" and the the "on" post just meant that that the whole thing was just on lol. I don't exactly blame him. You may have heard the stories about the origins of the Toa canisters? Faber was taking cancer treatment in the form of capsules which he imagined contained small warriors that battled the illness. Which is essentially the entire premise of G1. Warriors in capsules battling the internal disease of a giant sentient being. If he's starting from a similar point and building something altogether different, I could dig that. I could dig that a lot, in fact. The man seems very capable. But he's an art director and he'd definitely need a more experienced story team, no matter where he decides to take this new project/IP.
  4. In case this wasn't clear, btw, he already confirmed in the comments that this isn't Bionicle. He tries very hard to keep his replies as vague as possible so as not to explicitly deny anything, but he did at least once clearly state that this isn't Bionicle and that he isn't "bringing anything back" but rather "looking forward."
  5. To be perfectly honest Faber doesn't appear to be baiting the community out of deceptiveness but out of pure naivete. It seems to me like he genuinely believes we would be interested in his new projects, hence all the talk about "letting go of the past" and "fueling the future" and whatnot. Who knows, we very well may love what he has in store but I've got a feeling he's inadvertently setting himself (and the community) up for a lot of disappointment.
  6. Hey, everyone. Some of you may recall fifi2004 sold off most of his sealed sets a few years back. He had complete sets of the Slizer/Throwbot and RoboRider series for sale and while he attempted to sell them as bundles, I know for a fact that he ended up selling them individually. I'm currently trying to get a hold of him in case he still has any of them left unsold, but in the meantime I'd like to find out, if possible, who he sold these particular sets to: 8505 Amazon 8522 Spark The latter set has appeared sealed on neither BrickLink nor eBay since about the time fifi2004's copy was sold, which is rather discouraging as I bought his copy of 8521 Flare and would like to have uniform copies of both 8521 and 8522. Here's what his copy supposedly looked like. I'm almost certain these sets were bought by BZPers, as he hadn't yet listed them on BrickLink at the time. So if you are that person and still keep either set sealed, I'd love to get it off your hands for a fair price. Anyone who might know something is strongly encouraged to share whatever info they have. Thanks!
  7. Let's be honest. The Piraka Rap lyrics were absolutely awful. They're not even good for comedic value. But you know what? The instrumental is an absolute banger. I've always wanted to have a vocal-free version of the Piraka Rap. So I looked into how I could do that and it turns out there's a brand new tool that uses AI to isolate vocals, bass and many other components of a musical pieces into separate stems or "layers." It's called Spleeter and I immediately tried the Piraka Rap on it. Guess what? It sounds totally legit. Would anyone around here with a slightly better understanding of audio editing be able to sew all the different parts together that we have from teasers, commercials and this newly generated instrumental to create a cleaner, smoother version that has all the proper sounds, riffs and effects?
  8. Hello, everyone, I'm looking to buy a #8746 Visorak Keelerak canister from the early international production run: one that is all green (like this one) and has a shorter Rhotuka slot on the lid (like the brown and black canisters in this photo). If you're from Europe, Asia or Australia and bought sets from the shelves in 2005, it's very likely that your Keelerak is of this release. I can offer up to €10 for the canister, plus shipping. Cheers.
  9. Your comment got me thinking if I could find that US catalog, xccj. Would this happen to be it by any chance? Page 63 mentions "#8508 Extra Discs, Ages 7+, 5 randomly assorted discs, $2.50," but doesn't feature a picture of the box and explicitly states "Not available in any store." You might just be right that they used the European release to fulfill those orders.
  10. That's exactly what I suspected too. I'm really curious if anyone was ever able to obtain any 4-7-pip discs in North America by calling that phone number. Thanks for your reply!
  11. If there are any fans of the Throwbots still around, perhaps someone can tell me how (or if) extra discs were distributed in North America? I've only ever seen a European release of the #8508 set and in hindsight, I've never actually seen a North American eBay listing featuring anything other than the regular discs that came with each set. Interestingly, the North American posters show all 48 discs (24 per poster) with this peculiar info at the bottom: "Discs are randomly placed in Throwbot sets. To buy extra Throwbot discs, in the US call: 1-800-453-4625." Does anyone have any idea what that was all about?
  12. Hey, did you happen to get around to checking those patterns? I stumbled upon yet another variation of the US canister: it's gunmetal but has the same pattern on the bottom as all of the European canisters. Pretty weird.
  13. You ever notice how this chord, this chord and this chord don't sound nearly as epic as this chord?
  14. So I'm looking into assembling my own Toa Krakua per John Dexter's original instructions. I had some fun compiling a BrickLink wanted list until I realized the set can't be assembled without having both dark gray and dark bluish gray parts and that's a huge pain in the neck. But it's still a childhood dream of mine to have the Toa so I'll do some experimenting until I find a color scheme that's as seamless as possible. IIRC Toa Krakua was the first Toa of a different element besides Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Ice, Stone and Light to be introduced into the canon, right?
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