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  1. Awesome! What's the plan for this when it's done? lifesize gali plz
  2. It was apparently November 3rd 2008. http://www.bzpower.info/story.php?ID=3935
  3. Cuz of the coronavirus, presumably! Lots of studios and publishers have been giving away games for free since the pandemic started.
  4. So, in all the pictures I can find of Metru Nui's skyline, the coliseum is depicted as three segments next to each other. But in all the close-up pictures I can find of the Coliseum, it's always depicted as a single conical tower (although sometimes with small fins at the top). Has this ever been addressed? Obviously, Bionicle has a habit of depicting the same objects/locations differently in different media; especially when it comes to central locations like Kini-Nui and the Coliseum. But it seems weird that all the skyline versions of the Coliseum are pretty much the same, and all the close-up versions of the Coliseum are pretty much the same... but the skyline and close-up versions don't really match at all. Also, what is the skyline version of the Coliseum actually showing us? Are we seeing a central tower with two triangular pillars either side? Or are we seeing three triangular pillars and the one in the middle looks rectangular because we're seeing it from the front instead of the side? (And if that's the case, are there only three pillars or is there a fourth one hidden behind the central one?) EDIT: The closest answer I can find to the latter question is that there are four pillars, based on the images from this post by Faber.
  5. I seem to remember thinking - based on a scene in the first comic - that the Toa put newly-found masks on top of their existing mask, even though I knew this wasn't possible with the actual sets. Still not sure if that's what the comic artist was going for or not? Is that canon? :S Not a misconception as such, but I remember seeing the Bohrok for the first time and being very confused that they didn't have masks. I thought the Krana were called 'Kranka' for at least a year or two. After seeing the whole population of Le-Koro getting krana'ed in the comics, I briefly thought they'd all turned evil and started wearing Krana intentionally. After seeing the Nuva for the first time (I think just Tahu and Onua), I initially thought they were sidekicks to the Toa and the pictures I saw made them look like they'd be smaller than the original Toa. I was quite disappointed when I realised they'd transformed the iconic Toa Mata. I didn't really understand the epilogue of Mask of Light at all. I thought they'd somehow awakened Mata Nui, and I had no idea we were getting a glimpse of Metru Nui at the end. (I don't think I was the only one!) I don't think I realised til about 2003 that Kini-Nui and Amaja-Nui were in the same place. I saw the 2006 set leaks back in the day and somehow got it into my head that Brutaka was wearing an actual Kakama, or a updated version of a Kakama (still can't remember which one of these I thought at the time!). I've gone back and looked at that prototype pic several times, and it doesn't match with my childhood memory of it at all. I also thought Axxon was a Toa for a while; again based on those protype pics. For a while I thought the Piraka microsite and marketing was all canon, and I was super upset about it. 2006 was a weird year for Bionicle's marketing, y'all.
  6. this is peak early 2000s aesthetic Loads of great responses here, but my vote goes for the whole Piraka marketing campaign; especially the website. It was so odd that Lego spent five years maintaining absolutely flawless worldbuilding, only to throw it all in the bin with all sorts of incongruous real-world details. A police lineup? Cringy rap music? A bucking bronco? A couch? Less bizarre but still worth mentioning are the intro video from Bionicle Heroes where Balta addresses the player (all the camera movements and character animations are really uncomfortably weird), and the various test animations which were supposedly pitches by various animation studios for the Mask of Light movie (all pretty awesome, but I find it weird how little we know about them!). - -
  7. I'd say the only thing that really gave me the creeps in Bionicle was the music that plays when inspecting the telescope in MNOG. It's surprisingly forebording and anxiety-inducing even listening to it today; like you shouldn't even be messing with the prophecies this thing can show you in the constellations. Plus the telescope interface itself feels very alien; too futuristic-looking to feel like it belongs on a primitive tropical island... There's also the Draw a Piraka and Barraki introduction thing on Bionicle.com, but they were more jump-scary than genuinely creepy.
  8. Lego decided not to go ahead with the theme. https://brickshow.com/2019/12/lego-forma-81000-will-no-longer-be-launched-further
  9. From my vague memories of regularly visiting Ghost's website back in the day, I believe they made the animations in Maya.
  10. Untitled spider tank Untitled rover for Febrovery Matilda (of Robot Wars fame) Gallery VIC-R 'The Officiator' (part of a collab with some other hot boys & gamer girls here's the gallery) (yo is there a way to centre-align images in blogs)
  11. To add to Mister N's post above; the Vahi was the first mask to be created by Lego and was used as a placeholder in other media, including this early test video posted by Advance:
  12. Research & Development - click to view the gallery
  13. Hey folks, not sure if this is allowed here so feel free to close this topic if necessary. I'm making instructions for a couple of MOCs but all the digital building tools I've tried seem to be lacking certain pieces. I'm after set-accurate, size-accurate 3D models for these pieces in .obj, .dat or .ldr file formats: Turaga Vakama staff Turaga Onewa hammer Kohrak shield Nuhvok shield Models with connectivity already assigned are preferable, but I can set up connectivity myself if need be. Any help you folks can offer will be much appreciated. Thanks!
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