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  1. Aoran

    Comedies Contest 2?

    Jimmy, doing comedy? You're a riot! Best of luck, should you participate, mate.
  2. Aoran

    Google Search Win

    Something about jiggawatts?
  3. Aoran

    Blog Title

    No longer a bio of a BZP Admin.
  4. Aoran

    Long Live Makuta!

    Gee, I wonder who made that incredible image...
  5. I'm scared. And I love whoever made those awesome eyes.
  6. I've always been cool. You just never knew that.
  7. Aoran

    Blast From The Past

    My question is this: Do you know the people that produced those images? And if they were saved as .psd, please, release those too. It'd be most delicious!
  8. Aoran

    Grenouille Attaque!

    Lies! There is more to it! Spill the beans, ol' chap!
  9. yayyyyayayyayay! you're bach!

  10. Aoran

    The Brick Is A Lie

    Since when did we throw submarines? That was the question asked by the Roman General, having been hit by a fish to the cheek. War was declar'd, and that's how Troy was lost in a day.
  11. Oh, if only I had the moneys for a set :c Still nothing from 2009 :c
  12. Well if it is not the person that has achieved the status of being 'awesome'. Greetings to you sir.

  13. Report on how amazing it is that I'm semi-back on BZPower?
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