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  1. Hi Kepora, thank you. Glad you liked it. Yes, there is this one. And yeah sure, share some designs!
  2. Sure! I think I added the yellow spacer shortly after I took the first photo.
  3. Hi Huichelaar, I mainly just wanted to share this model with people on BZP. I don't know what feedback there is to add to my model as I built it for myself, in my own free time, at my own volition. What would this feedback be based upon? Is it how you would like to see my model based on your own fantasy? Fine. Replicate my model and expand on it then. Share the pictures with me. I'm all down for it. But, don't whine and complain to me about how you wish the model I built of my own volition and free time should look like. I won't follow your wishes. Has anyone on this sub-forum ever catered to other peoples' wishes for how they wished the OP's model looked like? Why on earth would they do that? I wasn't surprised by the first comment, because I have both seen them and made them myself when I used to frequent this site eight to twelve years ago (good times). It's then disappointing to see that this pointless type of complaining is still around here. Personally, back then I did it just to up my post-count. And it's fine if you want to do that but, please have the decency to do it in some other way than complaining. To conclude: it's not feedback I'm looking for here. Did you like my model? Great! Do you want to expand on it? Go right ahead. Feel free to share some pictures with me. Did you use any of my ideas on your own model? Then show me! I'd be delighted to see it. Now that I've mentioned that, I guess I should say that my model bears its influence from this model made by nacatumi some years back...
  4. Very cool model. Congratulations with the feature
  5. Hi The Invisible Noob. Sorry I could not pleasure you. This model was not made for you, though. Yes, I agree. The models' (his) head has a tendency to look a bit big. I think that depends on how you take the photo, though. His character also has a tendency to change depending how you photograph him, which is a bit unfortunate. Oh well. I prefer the photo on the left. I'm all open for suggestions, though. If you feel you have a better understanding for how the model I built of my own volition, for myself, should look like, by all means, give me the illustrations necessary for me to consider it and maybe I'll do just that! EDIT: Hope I didn't overreact here, but c'mon son!
  6. Nice to see LEGO going for more original names than what we've been seeing before. Black Phantom is very original indeed.Thornraxx is also a nice touch.
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