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    Graods, Mars Awesomeness: 100/100 Member No.: 2 Totalyniceness : 95
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    I love reading and reading Bionicle books, and I love to build LEGOs in my spare time, I love bionicle I have every single bionicle book realesed(including the cronicles series) yet exept for the stiker book <br><br>silly coming ahead!!!!!!!!<br><br>(I dont like stikers)(when they get on your toungue they dont tast good, but I eat the kratta now)(the shadow kratta tast good)and I dont have book 8 yet(my mom wont take me to books a million) OK I'm done telling you what I like.<br>oh yeah I like to play BIONICLE the game: its so cool but I'm stuck fighting the green rahkshi with onua nuva(that guy is so hard to beet)"you are just another of makutas minions" Quote by Onua Nuva, WOW he just beet the rahkshi all by himself without me even touching the keybord<br><br>do you want to know what bionicle sets I have... oh well to bad I'l tell you anyway, there not alot. ok so here we go, I have lewa nuva(he is missing his leg and I made a new one for him:)I am smart), kopaka nuva(my all time favorite), gali olda, brown vahki, white vahki, red vahki, yellow vahki(just jokeing), blue vahki, takanuva and speeder thing, all the rahkshi, pahrak kal, nuvahk, hahli(matoran), matau(toa), toa lhikan and kikanalo, and I think thats all the sets of bionicle, you want to here all my star wars lego sets... good here goes. naboo star fighter, jedi starfhiter, jango fetts slave 1, boba fetts slave 1, gungan sub, snowspeeder, the new set of the tie fighter with the glowinthe dark litesaber darth vader thing, and a costomized snowspeeder. I think thats all the star wars things. and now for computer games. bionicle the game(duuuhhhh), age of empiers expansion pack, age of empiers 2 the age of kings. lego island, lego island 2,those are the important ones if you want to here te rest of the 3000 to bad. and I have a dreamcast, never herd of it, it was made by sega then sega went out of buisnes and stoped making things.<br>have I bored you yet, not that its my job I just like to bore people stiff with long misspeelld monologs, why you say, I dont know I think its just fun to bore people stiff with long misspelled monologs, did I say that twice, why you say, becouse you asked why ok I think I will quit doeing that, I got bored of saying those long words over and over.<br>my fave forum is storeline and theris(S&T)because its so fun to talk about the future(you didn't notice im a toa of ice, you saw my sig and avatar)if I could, i would go to a forum that talked about things we now because all the things in S&T(allmost all of them)are just thereis, and when there wrong it bugs me.<br>are you bord stiff now I hope so because it took me 5 hours to write this*falls over from screen glare* oww, I have fanted atleast 23 times and I have pleanty of brouses from falling of my 4 foot high chair<br>ok I think Im done I'm going to sleep(my moms been calling me for 3 hours to come to bed) so by if you want more PM me BYEBYEBYEBYEBYE*falls down on ground from no sleep and all 5 limbs start twitcing*(yes I have 3 legs, didn't you read that I'm from mars, the city graods, and did yall know that there is this little thing with wheels going around, 1 time it came up to me and then zoomed out of the crater, thats some jittery rahi if you ask me)<br><br>KToI says bye<br><br /><br />Well, thats my old version, I now own lots more stuff, but to add on I now http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=42628 ALL A MISPRINTS!

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  1. wow! its lukos! and he is first on the member list. haha

  2. yeah, he was a member before bionicle zone and Kanohi power merged, he therefore was glitched into 2. But he is one of the first

  3. *begins to cry as memories of cee and the good old days flood back into my head* ~ KToI

  4. happy new year! can you please clear your inbox? I need to talk to you.

  5. are you refering to EXO or awsomeness as in coolness?
  6. Do you know if Holmes will still be around in 08? Aslo when is it supposed to go away and when will it stop being so bright?
  7. no, I don't think so, because there are many IPB websites without IPB admins, wither that or those websites just make the username not visible... ask an admin.

  8. exo, no wonder I never really know who you are, but no doubt about it you are what you say you are. lol

  9. do you have the comics planned out or are you still looking for a idea?

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