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    KD here! I'm not really super active on here anymore, but I come back and creep around occasionally. Recent college graduate/starving artist + recently married make for little internet time.

    Been a fan of Bionicle since day one, and still a die-hard fan to this day. Also into fantasy stuff, especially dragons. I'm an artist too, recently graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree. I'm busy writing/drawing out my headworld 95% of the time anymore it seems. Dragons everywhere, man. D:

    I go by Sky-Shifter elsewhere if you're looking for me.

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  1. Hey, KD. It been awhile since I seen you online. How are things with you?

  2. I like this version of Okoto a lot more than the one in the animation. And everything is so 2001-esque. This just keeps getting more and more awesome looking!
  3. I think it's because a lot of early characters had Maori based or sounding names and Teridax deviates pretty far from that. Also because we knew him as Makuta for so long, so it just seemed strange to suddenly start calling him something else.
  4. Hey, KD. How you been lately?

    1. Kanohi Dragon

      Kanohi Dragon

      Hey there! I've been super awesome, how've you been?

    2. Jedi Master J.

      Jedi Master J.

      That's good to hear. I been pretty good myself.

  5. When I first heard it was going to be a reboot, I was terrified. I was afraid it was just going to be a disaster, that I would constantly be comparing it to the original Bionicle, that it would ruin the memory of it... I was so wrong. This looks absolutely amazing, I can't get over how well done it seems. I love that it has that mysterious vibe that the early years of the original gave us, while still managing to be its own story. It's just the right blend of old and new. And while I don't think it will ever be able to replace the original Bionicle in my heart, I am for the first time genuinely super ridiculously excited about this.
  6. How bad is it that I literally screamed when I saw this? My wallet is really going to hate me in a few months though... Dx
  7. I like all of the songs, but it's definitely a tie between "Hero" and "Gravity Hurts" for me.
  8. Someone else has already asked for Tahu Mata, sorry! All of the 2004/2006 Matoran, Tahu Star, and the masks are still available though.
  9. Someone else is considering buying Pohatu Mata right now, but the rest are available and I have canisters for all. I believe I have all of the instructions for them, except for Tahu, but I'll have to check.
  10. Certainly! I've been a bit delayed with taking pictures, but I'll be uploading them tomorrow. Uh, but what is this? I never received a pm about a trade. Were you trying to sell him your Pohatu in my topic, or I am just looking at that wrong? Yes, I think there has been a bit of a misunderstanding here. I was trying to sell him Pohatu in his topic, and when I saw his post about taking the picture of Pohatu, I thought he was talking to me. I guess you offered him Pohatu as well then. Sorry about that. Ah, I see. I was wondering if it was something like that, XD. EDIT- added the link tot he picture of the collectibles to the first post for those who had wanted to see.
  11. Certainly! I've been a bit delayed with taking pictures, but I'll be uploading them tomorrow. Uh, but what is this? I never received a pm about a trade. Were you trying to sell him your Pohatu in my topic, or I am just looking at that wrong?
  12. $40's a little low, how about $45 for those three? And I don't have pictures of the collection as a whole, but I can provide individual pictures of sets if you want to see any. I can upload pictures after I get home from work tonight, though I don't get off till 11pm so they'll be up late. And if Mask Collector doesn't want Titan Mata Nui, he's yours.
  13. Old topic died, so I'm restarting it. I'm moving out likely in mid-August and I'm a bit short on cash for apartment necessities, and so since I won't really have room for them in the apartment, I'm selling off what's left of my Bionicle collection as well as the majority of my manga collection. If you're looking for a certain set and don't see it listed, please don't ask. I either don't have it or it's one of a handful of my favorites that I'm holding onto. I will be adding a few more for sale late tonight or tomorrow though, so check back. Rules: -I am more than willing to haggle; if you don't like the price then make me an offer* -I accept paypal, money orders, and cash; paypal is preferred -You pay for shipping (I am not shipping outside of the USA this time unless I get really desperate, sorry!) -You send payment first, unless you're a trusted trader -It may take me a few days to get to the post office, but I will pm you to let you know when I ship (busy work schedule, sorry!) -I am willing to hold sets for one week -I can provide pictures, so if you want to see something just ask -I have canisters and instructions for the sets if you want them *About the haggling, please make reasonable offers. I'm selling my collection not because I don't want them anymore, but because I need the money; they're still important to me and I'm not willing to part with them for next to nothing. I get that people want a deal, but please don't ask if you can have your whole order for half price and things like that. For Sale: black means available, green means on hold, blue means pending, red means sold 2001-> Tahu Mata $6 Gali Mata x2 $6 each Kopaka Mata $6 Onua Mata $6 Pohatu Mata $6 2002-> Tahnok $5 Gahok $5 Kohrak $5 Lehvak $5 Nuhvok Va (dark grey piece was missing, replaced with lighter grey piece, no Krana) $2 Pohatu Nuva $6 2003-> (Rahkshi have no Kraata) Turahk $5 Guurahk x2 $5 each Panrahk x2 $5 each Kurahk $5 Vorahk $5 Jaller and Gukko $15 Takua and Pewku (Takua is missing his mask) $10 2004-> Nokama Metru x2 $6 each Nuju Metru x2 $6 each Whenua Metru x2 $6 each Matau Metru $6 Onewa Metru $6 Bordakh x2 $5 each Nuurakh x3 $5 each Vorzakh $5 Rorzakh $5 Keerakh $5 Zadakh $5 Ahkmou $2 Nuhrii $2 Vhisola $2 Orkahm $2 Ehyre $2 Tehutti x2 (one has black shoulder pieces instead of grey) $1/$2 Nivawk and Dume $15 Krekka $15 2005-> Whenua Hordika $6 Onewa Hordika $6 Vohtarak $5 Keelerak $5 Boggarak $5 Oohnorak $5 Roporak $5 Iruini $2 Kaulus $2 Gaaki $2 Bomonga $2 Pouks $2 Keetongu $15 Battle of Metru Nui (believe it's complete, but not 100% sure, missing Kahgarak) $20 2006-> Kongu Inika $7 Nuparu Inika $7 Hewkii Inika $7 Matoro Inika $7 Avak (eyes no longer light up) $5 Reidak $7 Zaktann $7 Vezok $7 Thok (eyes no longer light up) $5 Garan $2 Balta $2 Dalu $2 Kazi $2 Piruk $2 Velika $2 Axonn $20 2007-> Kongu Mahri $7 Nupary Mahri $7 Hahli Mahri $7 Mantax $7 Ehlek $7 Defilak $2 Morak $2 Thulox $2 Gadunka $12 2008-> Kopaka Phantoka $7 Gali Mistika $7 Onua Mistika $7 Bitil $7 Solek x2 $3 each Tanma $3 Photok $3 Vultraz $15 Mazeka $20 Toa Ignika $17 Rockoh T3 $25 Axalara T9 $45 2009-> Stronius $8 Tarix $8 Gelu $8 Vorox $8 Malum $8 Straak $8 Vastus $8 Berix $3 Metus $3 Stars Tahu $4 Tuma $17 Titan Mata Nui $25 Fero and Skirmix $20 Baranus V7 $25 Thornatus V9 $35 Collectibles-> http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Moomoomaru/lolhi/dscn0839.jpg Konoka $0.50 each Rhotuka $0.25 each Gold Vahi x2 $7 each Disc of Time x2 $2 each Manga-> all manga are $2 each or 3 for $5, willing to sell them for $1 each on orders of 10+ Inuyasha #2-11, 18, 20, 22-26, 45 Ruroni Kenshin #1-13 Fruits Basket #1-10 Wild Ones #1-10 Deathnote #13 Shaman King #1-7 Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy #1-3 Samurai Champloo #1 Shakugan no Shana #1-5, missing #3 Claymore #1-4 Otomen #1, 2 Dragon Knights #1-7 Trinity Blood #1, 2 Ravenskull #1 Saiyuki #1 Gurren Lagann #1, 2 Magic Knight Rayearth #1Zombiepowder #1One Piece #1xxxHolic #1, 2Trigun #1 Kamui #1The Best of Pokemon Yellow #1The Best of Pokemon Red #1 On Hold: Titan Mata Nui, Jaller and Gukko, and Takua and Pewku for Mask Collector Tahu Mata, Pohatu Mata, Nokama Metru, Nuju Metru, Oohnorak, Kopaka Phantoka, Onua Mistika, Malum, 1 Gold Vahi for Akaku94 Tahu Stars, all 2004 Matoran, all 2006 six Matoran, Gold Vahi, Blue Kaukau Nuva, Tan Komau, Blue Avsa for Kahi
  14. Yes, but he's one of the ones I'm keeping. Sorry! Dx
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