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  1. Sorry to be that guy, but the primary colors of light are red, blue, and green - add lights of those colors together and you get a white light. Red, blue, and yellow (or, more specifically magenta, cyan, and yellow) are subtractive primary colors, used for inks and dyes - paint with those three colors and you'll get black. To unruin this theory a bit, I could imagine this symbolizing the light trapped inside Takua - radiant inside, but all he or anyone else sees is the black... Or maybe he was just always different.
  2. I remember vividly a rather disturbing scene from one of the 2006 books where a Zamor'd Matoran working on the volcano just slips and topples in, and doesn't even react on the way down. That pretty much set the mood for that arc.
  3. Bit late to the party... vast improvement over the Year 1 storytelling, if only because it actually has time to tell a story. One episode being longer than the entire Year 1 animations is a good start! I seem to be in the minority here, but... I miss Batpohatu.
  4. Wow. Just those few pages make you wonder how much interesting character drama we missed out on in G1 due to the "no romance or reproduction" rule...
  5. Well, I mean, the way the game works, it's linear, so even if you go to another level you can't advance until you beat the oh wait that's a regeneration joke isn't it
  6. I had mine freeze up a couple of times on the Wizard of Oz (read: first) level on Wii U, but I haven't had any problems since. It seems like it does have some technical issues, but nothing that can't be overcome by just being a little careful while playing - if you're in a spot that tends to freeze, avoid rapidly adding/removing characters or vehicles.
  7. Not to be petty but isn't this more of "laser vision" a completely seperate rahkshi power? (although why we didn't just get a single rahkshi of beam-vision i have no idea, oh well.) pretty sure heat-vision fires beams of, well, heat, however that works? microwaves? :0 I'm imagining something like the heat vision from Man of Steel that basically has beams of fire shooting out of Supe's eyes. Not terribly realistic, but definitely cool-looking, and it seems Bionicle usually follows the Rule of Cool for this sort of thing.
  8. Or maybe it's as simple as heat vision emitting light of some sort (as sci-fi heat/"laser" vision usually does so the audience can see it), and you're basically staring at a light source taking up your entire field of view for a few seconds. That'd weaken anybody's vision. Alternatively, the heat vision power actively makes your eyes less responsive to light in the short term to prevent this from causing permanent damage.
  9. If we're gonna try to name the two stars in the middle of the system rather than (or maybe in addition to!) the nebula itself, how about some more iconic, albeit more abstract names: Mata Nui and Makuta. Those names were around since 2001, mortal enemies, yet united brothers. I'm not too good with symbolism but I feel that kinda fits two stars in the middle of a nebula. (Assuming they actually are in the middle of the nebula. Three dimensions and all that.) It's not even too much of a stretch! Both were on Bara Magna, about in those relative positions - possibly even visible from space - during the final battle of 2011.
  10. I saw this at the store yesterday and I could almost feel the money trying to leave my wallet. This is dangerous stuff, folks.
  11. For me, it's a toss-up between the BIONICLE: The Game theme and the defeat of the Bohrok Kal (better audio here from BioMedia project).
  12. You know, come to think of it, we still don't know exactly what the G2 characters are. I think it's a safe bet that they're biomechanical, but they already seem more organic than their G1 counterparts; the Protectors have family-like relationships, and their corpses appear to be able to decompose to some extent (hence the skeletons). Slightly more on-topic point: early on, it seems like there's not much interest - in either generation - in explaining exactly what these characters are. I do find it interesting that many commenters in this topic can't remember assuming that they were just robots, yet we can't seem to find any official material early on suggesting they were biomechanical. LEGO may have won an award for implicit clarity here...
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