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    Here, inside your mind, auuughhh! being crushed by tinyness!
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    Top 10 Cool Things (or at least what popped into my head at the time):<br />10)Old People (They have good storys, usually)<br /> 9)Sleep<br />8)Music ( I love my iPod mini)<br />7)TV<br />6)Computer<br />5)Video Games<br />4)Halo PC Demo, just google: halo demo, download it (I'm good, so I'll play you...sever: BZPower, password: BZP)<br />3)School (I like school, wanna fight about it?)<br />2)Bionicle (really, most aspects)<br />1)ME!!!, no seriously......>-><br /><br />10 Most Uninteresting Things<br /><br />10)Emptiness. And Dark.<br />9)This face: */*?<br />8)Fannypacks, take that Omi!!!!<br />7)Dust.<br />6)This list.<br />5)VHS (DVDs are wayyyyy better)<br />4)The number 4.....you never thought about it? Think about it!!!<br />3)Daytime, Late Night TV, and reruns.<br />2)you?....sure you.......<br />1)Me, ya me!!

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  1. biolysis enterprises

    Off To Tru

    Yes, but you're the GregF.....well I'm a bit diappointed because I'm going to NYC and the TRU there tommorow, three days before you're there. Aw, man.
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