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  1. To a degree I view the 2010s as a decline. Not necessarily in a business performance sense, but in a creative one. The 2000s was a bit of a perfect storm. Creative pressure to survive. Media that was mature enough to reinforce story and physical toys, but not ubiquitous enough to eclipse them (i.e. smartphones). I'll agree with @Darth Jaller above that Lego has/had a strength in giving you a framework, but not the fine detail, though I think themes like Rock Raiders and Alpha Team benefited from the extra lore their games provided. For lack of a better term, their business matured (not a unique-to-Lego problem). They figured out a formula and expanded on it until the magic left. The 2010s were the era of licensing, which is great for the bottom line for a time, but eventually that spins down too. You see the same thing in the tech industry. The 2000s were years of discovery after the 90s ironed out the technology. Transmedia storytelling (i.e. MNOLG), smartphones, social media. All new and engaging. The 2010s saw them all mature into...what we have now.
  2. Perhaps a bit late to reply, but Bionicle (and BZP) significantly influenced my own career trajectory. I build directly upon the skills I picked up on this side of the internet every single day.
  3. Since it's all in Flash, running it on a Mac/PC shouldn't make any difference. You're probably running it in...Quicktime, right? I'm not too familiar with the patched version that's available these days, so I can't speak to whether any glitches still exist. Are you using the version on BioMedia?
  4. Minor tangent. You have no idea how happy your choice of domain name makes me. Nice call. Carry on.
  5. Any chance of pinging the BS01 folks to remove the login requirement? Happy to participate, but not crazy about having to dredge up a Google account these days.
  6. Late reply, but I'm also playing a ton​ of Overwatch (healer/tank main). Send me a note and I'd be happy to hop on sometime.
  7. Can you only enter one?
  8. This was actually the entire premise behind the weapons in the old Insurgent game I wrote circa 2009. Lightstones were clips for energy weapons, and I believe heatstones powered a flamethrower. In hindsight, I see why Lego never leveraged the premise themselves.
  9. Along the lines of the CD question--anybody found a FLAC or other lossless version available for purchase yet?
  10. Side note that customer service seems pretty good about applying this deal retroactively if you ask them. Made a big order the morning before the deal started and they were kind enough to give me double points when I sent them a note.
  11. Told them I really liked the canister designs from 01-02, haha. Don't collapse well for storage, but they interlock and had significance beyond holding pieces. No idea how to jive that with their push for sustainability, lol.
  12. Side note, where is said Greg QA topic? Didn't realize we were still getting occasional bits of canon, now I'm curious.
  13. Some are still running around on Brickshelf (here's a big Rayg one, and an incomplete Razor). I'll poke at some of my old Biotech backups, might have sheets circa 07-09 in there.
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