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    Bionicle, Dragons, Writing, Computers, Suspense novels, Star Wars, Video games, Chineese mythology, Relient K, Swords, Digimon, Sleeping, Memorizing useless information, Reading walkthroughs for video games regardless of weather I have them or not, Daydreaming, Taking road trips, Trying to cram as much stuff as I can into a backpack that is too small, Thinking, Playing chess, Posting stuff on my blog,Contemplating the Universe, Sitting here for hours trying to think of more stuff to put on my interests list, PMing my friends (I think I'll go do that now), Playing Megaman games for hours trying to beat a level, Looking for Bionicle news to send to BZP, and I think thats all of them!

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  1. Coob

    Then I hope you are aware of the Unofficial German Bionicle Magazine. If not, here is a link: http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=302675

  2. Dulon

    Nan Desu Kan

    I spent this last weekend and Nan Desu Kan, an anime convention in Denver. I had an awesome time and ended up coming out of it about 200$ poorer, though heavily loaded down with DVDs and merchandise. With any luck I'll get to go back next year and hopefully to some some other conventions in between. On a side note I finally got a pair of anime goggles; I've been looking for some place that sells them for about ten years now. I had the chance to buy some back then but opted out for some reason or other, its taken me till now for that opportunity to come full circle. Of course with my awful luck they'll probably start giving goggles away on street corners now that I finally got some...
  3. Dulon

    *blows Off Dust*

    I suppose my presence on BZP has almost completely faded the last few years. I still check in every now and then, but I rarely post and only read a couple topics. Once upon a time I was able to keep up with literally every topic on here, that's pretty much impossible now for obvious reasons. Anyway, I guess an update is in order, so much has happened since my last entry that this could be fairly long. First off I graduated high school this summer. My first year was great and I easily had the potential and drive to be the best, though, after I moved to Germany I kind of lost my will to succeed. Something about losing everyone you know along with hard won friendships and leadership positions will do that to you. How I stayed sane is beyond me. Possibly the best part of the whole mess was that I learned of some critical flaws in my own personality and fixed them; no one will ever hurt me that way again. The next three years kind of dragged by; I was almost constantly depressed and looking back my mind was in a kind of haze the whole time. I had a few good memories, but mostly I've mentally blocked out the experience. If anyone cares about what I was up to the last three years PM me, I don't feel like recounting it here. That pretty much brings us to today. I'm currently in college studying video game design and Japanese and am much happier than I have been in a long time. Hopefully me and my family will stay where we are for a while, but I am now of age and can never be forcibly moved against my will again. In any case I hope that no one who reads this has as bad a time as I did
  4. Dulon

    (Reply to comment on my profile)

    Until very recently I lived in Germany, This summer I moved to Colorado

  5. Coob

    Are you really from Germany, as your profile flag implies?

  6. Merry belated Christmas Dulon! Hope to see Onua's Kitchen rise uncannily like a phoenix once more!

  7. five stars for you.

  8. Happy-B-Day

    Dulon. ^_^ I gave you 3 stars.

    BTW Nice pic of the Dragon.

  9. Dulon

    Dulon The Lurker

    Well, I finally got around to posting something new here, and now I'm having some Deja Vu since my last entry sounded just like this. Anyway, I just thought I would comment on my own "ultimate lurker" status; my post count when compared to my join date is almost unbelievably low. I guess its partly my laziness and partly BZP feeling less personal to me that have made this possible. Despite my promises to do more around here I am sorry to say that I haven't really done anything for this blog, or Onua's Kitchen in a long time. I was about to make the same promise to do more again, but I don't think I'll do any better this time than the last. Perhaps saying something like "maybe someday" or "eventually" would be more appropriate here instead of empty promises I've given in the past. So, sorry to anyone who is still a loyal reader of Onua's Kitchen but it looks like the original kitchen comedy (Onua's Kitchen was the first, I checked) may be going into stasis again for an undetermined time. I think I just depressed myself and my readers writing this, Dulon Edit: I wrote this some time ago but apparently clicked the save as draft button, most of the info is still good though; except for the part about Onua's kitchen, I definitely plan to do more on that
  10. Dulon

    Its Alive!

    Well my blog has been inactive for some time now so I figured it was time I got off my duff and updated it. The halt of entries was partly due to my move to Germany (now about 10 months ago), partly due to a lack of readers and partly due to my own laziness and neglect of it. Anyway I'm going to bring the blog back (hopefully for good) right after I get back from my week long Italy vacation which starts Thursday. Onua's kitchen will likely remain in stasis for a while longer but I have plans to resurrect it with (hopefully) a few viewers. I likely won't update again for at least a week, probably longer because I have another vacation to Reno right after the Italy one but rest assured, Dulon's Blog is far from dead.
  11. I just noticed that my 666th post was some how the 66th reply to Onua's Kitchen. Wonder if that has anything to do with the lack of replys to it... Anyway, I really posted this blog to see if anyone knows a way to make CGed water bubbles in photoshop CS2, I'm working on a poster of Gali and havn't been able to find any good water effects to use in it. Dulon
  12. Sorry I havn't posted a blog in so long guys, I've been really busy getting ready to move and didn't have time to post any blogs. I'm also finally going to take my trip to Reno after it was delayed by all the commotion at my house. I have a new Onua's Kitchen almost done, with a little luck I'll have it up by next week. PM me with your suggestions. Dulon
  13. I was just noticing today how much I miss the old Bionicle. Maybe its just because I've been around since it started and still long for the adventures of the original Toa, or maybe I've lost interest in the story since it became too complex, it could even be that I've gone crazy, but I still like the old mysteries of Bionicle, many of which were never answered. Hopefully the new story line will bring back some of the mystique that the story has been lacking since the deluge into Metru Nui history. I think that the biggest reason that I didn't care for Metru Nui was that the whole story had happened a thousand years ago, none of it made any impact on the characters that we had all come to love. It seemed especially meaningless that the Turaga could have summed up the whole story in one sitting, but instead wasted countless meetings telling the Toa stories of their glory days. While this was an obvious ploy by LEGO to drag out the story and sell more sets it would have been nice to have some story justification other than there was nothing better for the Toa to do while on break from building boats then to listen to the Turaga tell them a bunch of useless information. The biggest slap in the face though was when LEGO ditched the old Toa that many of us old fans had been eagrly waiting to see return in favor of a totally new team of Toa. I wouldn't mind if LEGO just dumped the original Toa for new ones, but when they pretend that they're appeasing fans of the classic Toa by sticking them on the same island where the big events of this year are going on and having them do nothing it just bothers me. Either dump them or give them bigger roles. Seeing the old Toa get creamed by the Piraka is another thing that really, really bugs me. It doesn't seem right that they should get beat so bad after all their experience fighting countless enemies on Mata Nui. Them getting beat also causes the Metru Nui saga to lose even more merit. All the lessons the Turaga taught them while telling them about Metru Nui's past didn't help them one bit against the Piraka. The feeling is akin to seeing your childhood superheros getting beat up by some ridiculously pumped up baddie, only to have some new guys that you've never heard of show up and rescue them, destroying the baddie with the ease that you feel the original team should have had. Anyway thanks for listing to my rant guys. With any luck I won't have another for a while. Dulon
  14. Wow, I got mentioned in a blog, wonder if that's a good thing... Anyway, nice search and find pic the only really hard one was the builders guide though. And there's another reason you'll never find THX-1138 in the movies, all the clones are computer generated, the inscription only appears on the real models that the special effects team used to create the clones in the film.
  15. As it turns out keeping up with a daily blog isn't as easy as I once thought. I'm rapidly running out of ideas and have begun to look through the other blogs for inspiration. Starting tomorrow I'll have a section for my thoughts of the moment and some deep contemplations on the universe. If anyone has any better ideas pleas PM me with them, I need any ideas I can get. Dulon
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