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  1. they're getting smaller and more insular all the time. the days in the mid-aughts where you could come on bzp and see like 800 people online? that's gone forever and we've replaced it with twitter and reddit, which are both awful sites that i hate but continue to use because i've become addicted to content and they're the only place i can get my fix anymore you can play mnog on bluemaxima's flashpoint. don't think it has the piraka animations though
  2. everything that was ever interesting and good about the internet is on its way out
  3. considering that this is in the top half of the first page of gd despite being long-dead? yeah
  4. can't believe i'm seeing a leetspeak news title on bzp smh my head
  5. unfortunately i was too late for the brick I think I bought it mostly because I wanted to start topics in the Games & Trivia board. Back then that was restricted to premier members. (Note that you could ask a premier member to open a thread for you, but that was a hassle.) Keep in mind that the rules for G&T were way more broad than they seem to be now; it allowed roleplaying games.
  6. i swear i didn't do this on purpose and i have no idea why it's happened
  7. metal gear 2: solid snake; going on a kojima kick while i wait for the death stranding pc release just finished snatcher, and before that, metal gear next in line is policenauts
  8. i like to check back occasionally and reminisce about days when the internet was actually good
  9. i bought premier membership before you got a blog for it
  10. Canama


    good god was this really after my very first infusion? thinking back i'm pretty sure it was. still getting em more than eleven years on. the more things change...
  11. mite b cool i've found myself coming back here occasionally lately. over the last year of my life or so i've spent a lot of time revisiting stuff that was important to me when i was younger, like an incredibly lame quarter-life crisis. and i guess it would be fun to reevaluate my taste in media circa the time i was 10 years old, especially since i didn't start being a sentient human being until i was, like, 16. i joined this site when i was 8. thankfully my childhood forum posts have been lost to time, but you can still see years of awful blog updates.
  12. currently playing baldur's gate: enhanced edition, as one of my periodic attempts to make myself like crpgs. there have been specific ones i've liked in the past - planescape: torment, which uses the same d&d 2.5 ruleset as baldur's gate and is built in the same game engine; as well as fallouts 1 and 2, both by planescape developer black isle - but the broader genre is something i've bounced off of. part of the problem is that i'm just not particularly smart, and i have neither the patience nor the desire to pore over the rulesets or come up with optimal builds. honestly i'm mostly killing time waiting for the halo: the master chief collection pc release
  13. i remember, back when bzpower had its strident "no advertising" policy, there was a particularly strict rivalry with mask of destiny. in fact, "mod" was word-filtered (even though there was nothing stopping you from, like, writing out the full name of the site, and the word "mod" had other applications)
  14. coward. i for one will be jumping on the pyre Why would I kid? A friend asked if they could run Gameboy games on their calculator, and so I tried to find out how.While the capabilities of Casio calculators proved incapable of running Gameboy games, the forum stuck around in my mind because it seems to use the same forum software we do. A strange phenomenon: One of the most active hours, from my view, at least, is 10 o'clock EST. It's rather strange. reminds me of how back in the day (by which i mean like 10th grade) i installed a gameboy emulator on my ti-84 so i could play pokemon there were graphical issues, since the ti-84 had a much lower res than the gameboy (96x64 vs 160x144), but it basically worked all right Was it a TI-84 Silver Edition? From what I remember, the ROM for Pokemon is rather large. yes it was
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