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  1. Nukora

    Drop Tables

    I think little Bobby may have taken his middle name a little too literally. Didn't quite understand its true power. Love it.
  2. Nukora

    Autocorrect Story

    I love doing this with predictive text around a group of people and seeing what each person's does. Mine just repeats "I am a beautiful person." ad infinitum, as if I have to constantly reassure myself about my looks.
  3. Such a pain. I'm sure that downtime for that particular upgrade was well worth getting the report button working.
  4. Recently, while going through my browser bookmarks, trying to organize my life, I stumbled across a folder of "BZP Work", which includes mainly set reviews I did back in the day, in case I ever wanted to show them off (hint: I don't; it turns out my writing has evolved in the last 5 years). What discovering the bookmark folder did, however, was launch one of those infrequent reminiscing sessions where I log onto BZP (often invisibly, though not this time) and see what's happening. I was shocked to find very many things had changed since the last time I visited. Bionicle is re-booting. Whaaat. Almost every single forum has moved, and COT has a friend forum The home page had links to web sites that would have been considered "advertising" in the now distant past. My profile now says I'm nine. That was a lot more comical when it said 2. Now it's just weird. ​In a community where even people's names can change, making it difficult to determine who you know and who you don't, change is to be expected. But in the middle of this, I've found so many things that surprised me more that they hadn't changed. There were no new posts in BlogAlert since I was last here. Black Six's blog still has the same name. I still remember all kinds of BZP-related things, like the acronyms we use to refer to the forums or the hex code of the color I post in. But this isn't exactly it, because the rich text editor confused me.
  5. Nukora

    Hurdles 2012

    Apparently you can cheat by pressing down both arrow keys at the same time, if that helps any of you. It got me down to 11.9 (which evidently earns you three stars).
  6. Can't I go to any corner of the internet without being asked what's on my mind?

  7. Nukora

    Hurdles 2012

    It's so hard to keep your fingers rolling on arrow keys.
  8. Nukora

    Hurdles 2012

    What are your best times on today's doodle? I ran a 13.8 once.
  9. Yes! I'm not alone.
  10. When I was little, I always used to get Lake Tahoe confused with Tahu. Yesterday, though, I took it to new extremes and tried to have a conversation with someone about Lake Hau. Needless to say, they had no idea what was going on.
  11. Hey there! Nice to see you're back, even if retired. :) How are you?

  12. Thought I'd drop by since people always get our names confused anyway. I had quite a bit of dust on my blog as well.
  13. Nukora

    The New BZP Skin

    True. I guess it could use some sprucing up, but it's nice for people like me who have been away for a few years to see something familiar.
  14. Nukora

    Name of Month Puns

    What are your favorite puns involving the names of months? Mine at the moment is the following: February can't March, but April May. Share yours, if you dare!
  15. Did you know they're coming out with a re-launch in 2013? I'm not sure whether there will be an English dub, though. I'm not even sure if I want there to be an English dub, considering what happened last time (was that really two decades ago?)
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