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    Slotavania, of course.
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    Music goes at the top of my list. I love music and music loves me.<br />Few of my favorite bands:<br />The Strokes<br />Pink Floyd<br />The Mars Volta<br />The Doors<br />Nirvana<br />Modest Mouse<br />Queens of the Stone Age<br />The Killers<br />System of a Down<br />Blink 182<br />The Kinks<br />Anything Eric Clapton has ever done (that includes Cream, the Yardbirds, Derek and the Dominoes, and his solo career)<br />Red Hot Chili Peppers<br />Led Zeppelin<br />And a lot more.<br /><br />Secondly, Guitar Hero. I'm like, addicted<br />But I'm not too good at it >.<<br />I will be one day though :D<br /><br />I also spend a great deal of time playing flash games. Dunno why, I just think they're really addicting, especially puzzle games.<br /><br />Also, RPGs. They're like, quite possible the most addicting thing on the planet. I've been able to sink up to 100 hours in some of them.<br />Currently playing: Chrono Trigger DS<br /><br />And I also like comics. Not like, the type of person to collect them or anything though. I just read whatever people recommend me.<br />Read Watchmen, please D:<br /><br />I read books and stuff. The useful kind. Like, The Zombie Survival Guide useful. That book can save lives.

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  1. I say bring it back. It gives the older members nostalgia and the younger ones (like me) a fun look at classic Lego sets. Slota
  2. Slota


    You don't give computer names. Because once you give them names, then they expect rights, then they think they're superior Then they nuke as all and enslave us all! Do you see what you've started?
  3. Slota

    Classic Set Spotlight #49

    I'm too young to recall anything in the Classic Set Spotlights D: Slota
  4. Slota

    I Wish...

    I wish I could look into the future to see what you were about to say and scare you by guessing it right >: D
  5. None. Been meaning not to learn either guitar or bass though.
  6. Slota


    Don't worry, I still love you I just don't go on MSN anymore, I'm sorry D: Get on AIM
  7. Slota


    Well, it's all thanks to you. You're the one that got me to really enjoy music. So thanks dude And it's always fun to discuss music with you, my friend.
  8. Slota


    "Become a Fan." That is all.
  9. Slota

    Hooked On Advance Wars...

    I've always been tempted to try those games, but then I remember how much I suck at SRPGs and just decide "Not worth the hours of anger." Slota
  10. Slota


    Congrats then Slota
  11. Slota

    Dsi Get!

    For me, it's more like DSi want!
  12. Slota


    Sure is an awesome stache.... Slota
  13. Slota

    I Should

    Dude. Go for it Slota
  14. Slota

    Baking Cookies

    It's been two days, and I've yet to receive them by mail. Slacking off? Slota
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